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Saturday 20 June 2020

Piers Morgan Nazi Uniform Story FLOPS

Nothing epitomises the inability of the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog to comprehend the industry that they have devoted so much time crawling up to than their most recent attempt to have a dig at former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan. Staines celebrated ten years of his appallingly overrated blog by inviting the great and good of the press to his side. Yet he learnt little from them.
Last weekend, The Great Guido told his loyal readersSS Nazi Uniform Shame Of Piers Morgan”, going on to claim “Piers Morgan, who condemned Justin Trudeau and said he should resign for blacking up his face when he was a student, is pictured here wearing the uniform of the Nazi SS. The SS were the Nazi Party’s military wing - ultra-loyal to Hitler, the members of the Waffen-SS were involved in numerous atrocities”.

Any more GCSE Modern History to dispense? Sadly, yes there is. “At the post-war Nuremberg Trials the Waffen-SS was judged to be a criminal organisation with direct involvement in numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. The SS ran the Nazi concentration camps responsible for the killing of millions”. Yeah, yeah. Get to the point.
Behold the arbiter of taste and decency

The picture - obtained exclusively by Guido - was taken at a party in East Sussex where, according to Guido’s source, Piers was goose-stepping around and giving ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes. The wearing of Nazi uniforms in itself is a crime in many countries that were the victims of Nazi occupation”. And that’s the sales pitch. Any buyers for the photo?
You jest. By last Monday, there were no takers. So there was a not-so-gentle reminder. “Piers is far from unaware of the story, anyone who asks him about the picture on Twitter is blocked”. Been blocked, have you, Fawkes folks? But carry on. “Piers is also uncharacteristically silent on a story about himself, which is after all his favourite subject. It didn’t feature in his Mail on Sunday column. Fortunately for him the tabloids that report his every rant are so far sparing his blushes”. It’s called press Omertà, Fawkes people.
Staines and his pals have apparently tried hawking their evidence round their press contacts and failed to get a bite. So the Fawkes blog has also made a pitch, and has also generated no interest. So by Friday came another desperate throw of the dice.

Make that two throws: first cameCampaign Against Anti-Semitism Demands That Piers Answers Nazi Uniform Questions”. Wow. The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. That’s the one whose Honorary Patrons included six individuals who have either exhibited racist behaviour, used racism for their own ends, or been singularly unwise in their choice of language in areas concerning race. One of whom was Tory MP Bob Blackman.
Bob The Bigot hosted hate preacher Tapan Ghosh at the House of Commons. He exploited the racism of the Indian sub-Continent for electoral advantage. He was caught sharing content from an anti-Muslim site called Hardcore News USA.

Then came another photo, this time also featuring a young woman. But, as an Old Media pro first and foremost, Morgan knows that his industry pals (he has a berth at Mail Online and Rebekah Brooks is a good friend) will have his back. This story is going nowhere.

All that crawling to the press and Staines still can’t figure it out. Another fine mess.
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Anonymous said...

And lest we forget, there’s little love lost between Piers and Tom Harwood after his embarrassments on Good Morning Britain

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much he paid and how much profit he was expecting.

Wonder too if the slimy organ was wearing the full uniform including stockings and suspenders?

grim northerner said...

Is Guido letting deceased comedian Freddie star off the hook?

Unknown said...

Sad old fatty Guido, synapses frazzled by MDMA on Paul Hart's tab and then the residue marinated in alcohol. Morbidly Obese health risks are an outcome to be devoutly hoped for - ASAP