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Monday 22 June 2020

Helen Whately - Not Providing A Service

Some observers have concluded that Matt Hancock was rather less than what one might expect from someone who has attained ministerial rank. His appearances before Sophy Ridge on Sky News, and Nick Robinson standing in on The Andy Marr Show™ on the BBC, were distinctly unimpressive. But he was streets ahead of Helen Whately.
Helen Whately

The MP for Faversham and Mid Kent is a Minister of State at the DHSC; indeed, she is the Minister for Care. But it is not difficult to form the impression that she does not, and nor does she seem to be on top of her brief. The signs were there as early as March - the month after her appointment - when she was grilled by Nick Ferrari on LBC.

The subject was the Government’s apparent lack of preparedness for the Coronavirus pandemic, and why no action had been taken after Operation Cygnus three years ago. As LBC later told, “Nick pointed out: ‘They spent three days going through this exercise, which showed holes all over the place and nothing was done by the Conservative government. Instead the austerity continued. How do you defend that, Minister?’ Ms Whately insisted she was unclear where that information was from and that really frustrated Nick, who had read it in the Sunday Telegraph the day before”. From there, it went downhill.
By this month, the lack of preparation was being enhanced with significantly-sized gaffes, typified by Ms Whately’s appearance before Kay Burley on Sky News. “She told Kay Burley [at] Breakfast that there was guidance for care homes ‘very early’ in the Coronavirus pandemic … ‘At all points in this we follow the scientific guidance as to what is the right thing to do,’ Ms Whately added". And then she dropped the ball.

When it was put to the Minister that ‘you can’t stick this on the scientists’, she replied: ‘Well, I can’ … Challenged about the remark, Ms Whately then backtracked.” She wasn’t up to the job. It would only be a matter of time before there was another horrible howler. And so it came to pass, as Nursing Notes has now told its readers.
A Conservative MP has claimed that the government has ‘no plans’ to backdate a new £5,000 grant for student nurses as they ‘are not deemed to be providing a service’”. Who would say such a thing? Guess. “Helen Whately, the Conservative MP for Faversham and Care Minister at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) makes the bold claim while responding to a letter from Tom Pursglove MP calling for additional financial support for student nurses”. Yes, it’s wacko Whately once again.

Why this matters is not difficult to understand: “In April around 25,000 student nurses and midwives opted in to assist on the NHS front-line during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of unprecedented measures to ensure the health service was not overwhelmed … After just three months, the majority of student nurses were told earlier this week that [their] six month placement would be cut short - instead of ending on 31 July”.
Sue Perkins observed “Over 20,000 student nurses joined the fight against Covid. This is how this government views their invaluable contribution”. Her Twitter reach will ensure that many more people will soon know just how much the Minister for Care really cares.

Worse, the Tory talent pool probably can’t do better than her. I’ll just leave that one there.
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grim northerner said...

My mum has been a nurse for 20 years.
when the doctors and nurses went on strike a couple of years back, boomer patients stuck two fingers up at them and mouthed obscenities as they drove past the striking staff. This was on the way 'in' to the hospital before treatment. I have not forgiven these selfish old bastards for this and won't cry for them when the callous tsunami their greed and selfishness has created finally engulfs them.

Anonymous said...

Hold on there grim, I'm one of those so-called 'boomers' and feel as much contempt for those with that attitude as you do and can assure you there are plenty more like me who think the same.

We aren't all greedy and selfish, you know. After all, there's good and bad in all walks of life, even among your generation, so let's not tar everyone with the same brush, eh?

grim northerner said...

You're right of course, the subset of boomers who are selfish spiteful cunts is a more accurate description. My passions clouded my rationality for a moment.

Sam said...

Spent the last month in and out of hospital. Nurses often very busy but nurses aides & students always there to fill the gap. In fact every single hospital staff person was a joy from cleaners, cooks, food severs, nurses, doctors and yes, student nurses. A bloody pox on this woman. Screw her. Where did all these despicable Tories come from?