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Tuesday 2 June 2020

Daily Mail Doxxes BLM Organisers

Some newspapers try to move with the time; others try hard not to. And in the latter category, always resisting any move that might take its worldview anywhere near the 21st Century, is the Daily Mail, along with its Sunday stablemate and website. The issues that keep the Mail anchored firmly in the past include an undercurrent of racism, and a judgmental and authoritarian streak. All this was on view today.
As the protests at gratuitous and racist Police brutality, which were sparked in the US city of Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd, swept across the North Atlantic, it was inevitable that the Black Lives Matter movement and its offshoots would make their presence felt in the UK, and especially in London, where the Metropolitan Police has never completely shaken off the taint of institutional racism identified by the Macpherson inquiry.

The Guardian report mentions one young woman. “Aima, 18, who did not wish to give her last name, was one of the organisers of a protest in London on Sunday. She said: ‘I started the #LDNBLM hashtag and it blew off. I didn’t expect that to happen. What inspired me was how much pain I’ve suffered while in the UK. I moved here from Nigeria when I was 10 and as soon as I came here I experienced a lot of discrimination from the police and from people around me. People need to understand in the UK, we’re suffering too.’

The Murdoch Sun also name-checked her in their report, and mentioned a colleague. “Aima, 18, and Tash, 21, helped coordinate Sunday's protest in London as demonstrators holding placards made their way over the River Thames and past the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye … In an interview on the BBC World Service, she accused the Metropolitan Police of being ‘institutionally racist’”. The piece also mentions Twitter.
Big Brother of Northcliffe House: always watching, always doxxing

But it goes no further. That isn’t enough for the Mail, of course. The inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker want to make sure you know that they know who you are, and if they can possibly find out, where you live. They wanted to make sure their mainly white and easily riled up audience had faces to put to names. They would doxx Aima and Tash.

So it was that Mail Online (no link provided, for obvious reasons) howled “'The police will kill me before corona kills me': Two young women organisers of the London Black Lives Matter protest make incredible claim that they 'risk their lives on a daily basis' living in 'so racist' UK”. And then comes the doxxing - by posting photos of them.

Two 18-year-olds Aima (left) and Tash (right) have been revealed as organising the London protests over the killing of George Floyd which sparked violence on the capital's streets. They've posted a series of hard hitting social media messages slamming Britain for being a 'racist country' and claiming that 'police brutality' will kill black people before coronavirus does”. Way to endanger them both for a few clicks.

It gets worse: both their Twitter feeds are identified. Then the Mail has the brass neck to add “Tash, a student from London, told MailOnline that neither her nor Aima are willing to divulge any personal details about themselves”. So the Mail did it for them.

The only surprise is that the Mail didn’t also post a photo of where they lived. After all, they’ve done that to so many of their targets in the past. Totally out of order.
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Anonymous said...

These far-right rags will one day face a reckoning that is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right . .. ...

Jonathan said...

Can't come soon enough .