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Saturday 13 June 2020

Neo Nazi Violence - Cue Lame Excuses

Today in central London, several hundred almost exclusively white men, most under the influence of a variety of alcoholic beverages, congregated close to Parliament Square with the clear intention of picking a fight with Black Lives Matter protesters. But BLM were not there. So the assembled Gammonati picked a fight with the Metropolitan Police, because they were there. Missiles were thrown. Smoke canisters were set off.
Many had been drinking from cans and bottles; these too were thrown. Photographers and journalists were attacked because they were, er, photographers and journalists. Many of those who claimed to be defending the memory of Winston Churchill gave Nazi salutes. Later in Trafalgar Square, as one group tore up a makeshift BLM placard and tried to set fire to it, a voice could be heard shouting “Pour some petrol on the black c**t”.
What they show the world ...

Dominic Casciani of the BBC observed “Bottles, cans and smoke bombs thrown in the last half hour at police and their horses in Parliament Square by football firms/far-right protesters. Anyone who is thought to be media is also being threatened … We've been sitting in a quiet location filing our pictures back to the newsroom. Blokes from the protest wandering past us asking if we know where they can buy beer”.
... versus what they're really like

What would those out there on the right say? They had, after all, gone overboard at the small minority who caused trouble at last weekend’s BLM protests. But then, one Tweeter pointed out that folks like Brendan O’Neill of Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, had previously praised the Football Lads’ Alliance.
The FLA were at the heart of today’s violence. Sure enough, it was SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT. Who could be blamed? Dan, Dan The Oratory Man knew. “It is clear that [Sadiq Khan] has lost control of the streets. His cackhanded interventions and double standards make him unfit for the role he occupies. London needs a mayor who believes unambiguously in law and order. Step forward [Shaun Bailey]”. Yeah, right.
Chris Newton, who used to be a Tory Party advisor, wibbled “The optics in London this afternoon are exactly what Sadiq Khan wants. And the thugs and trouble makers attacking the police are too stupid to realise they've fallen into his trap and will taint the cause of true patriotism in the process”. Yes, it was SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT!
Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage declared “A very different level of policing today in London. More violence and thuggery. Pity our weakness has allowed this to become the norm”. What he means is that it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.
Amateur pundit and failed form filler Darren Grimes decided “Any attacks on our police. Whatever their politics or agenda, are wrong. It’s shocking that this even needs to be said. We have to stop selectively applying the law, recognise that all lives are important”. Dazza doesn’t know what he’s on about, but he does know it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.
And teaboy Tom Harwood declared “Interesting to see some of those who were silent (or blamed the police) over protesters pelting projectiles at police horses last week, are now correctly condemning street violence from these thugs”. SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.

The neo-Nazi thuggery was clear as day. But it was SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.
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Anonymous said...

Err...Tom isn't giving excuses, his observation is spot on.

Last week the police ran away from violence they could easily contained but today they want to take on the hard men of the right. Looks like in a week they either got braver or stupider or both.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should add an image of this shite pissing on the memorial of PC Palmer:


He has the same build and dress as the mush photographed with Paul Golding:


Anonymous said...

You could guarantee that the BBC would use the Kuenssberg/Neil Propaganda Module.

One voice clerk said it was "Protestors with some far right groups".

Anonymous said...

Last week plod ran away from ANTIFA's children, this week he comes mob-handed with riot shields, visors and batons. And the left have an issue with the police?

Anonymous said...

That image of a far right racist gammon pissing on the PC Palmer memorial tells you all you need to know about English Nazis.

All that's missing is a brownshirt, jackboots and a swastika armband.

Britain 2020 - Holding hands with the USA as they both slide down the shitter.

Stephen said...

18.43 The anti-fascists were not making Nazi salutes.

At least, if they weren't Nazi salutes they looked very much like it; and if I were going on a right wing march while knowing the right had had trouble with this sort of thing in the past I'd be very careful not to make any gesture that could be misconstrued, even in the sense of "Plausible Deniability".

grim northerner said...

'hard men', more like pissed up fat bastards.

grim northerner said...

I have no problem watching single digit iq fash being truncheoned in the face.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Assuming that anyone other than some of their shadowy sponsors could spell "plausible deniability" ?!?!!

Arnold said...

Bozo. "Racist thuggery has no place on our streets"
"Flag-waving piccaninnies". "wWtermelon smiles."letter boxes"."bank robbers". Conspiring to have a journalist beaten up. Still I suppose he keeps his racism and thuggery separate.