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Friday 12 June 2020

Tory MP Urges Anti-Semitic Desecration

As some statues are hauled down by a variety of means, and others are boarded up - note that the protests about the Churchill statue opposite Parliament do not extend to the similar treatment given to that nearby commemorating Nelson Mandela - some out there on the right have decided to have a dig at the Rotten Lefties™, suggesting that monuments which celebrate figures on the left should also be removed.
Henry Smith MP

One of those so suggesting, and in doing so demonstrating that he would be best advised to speak slowly, and thus not race ahead of his intellectual capacity, is Crawley’s Tory MP Henry Smith, who has targeted what he clearly thinks is the ultimate lefty monument. Sadly, all he has done is to join the list of Tories dabbling in anti-Semitism.
So it was that he told his followers “Mayor of London Monument Removal Application: Location: Memorial in Highgate … Subject: Karl Marx … Reason: Promotion of an ideology leading to mass oppression and the death of over 100 million people last century; anti-Semite … Comments: This must meet the criteria, right?”. Laugh? I thought I’d never start.
Marx was Jewish. Worse, what Smith calls a “monument” is in fact the site of Marx’ resting place in Highgate Cemetery. Moreover, it is also the final resting place of his wife Jenny von Westphalen, the couple’s daughter, and their grandson. Worse still, Marx was long dead when his name was used to promote what Smith calls “an ideology”. All he is doing is urging the desecration of a grave. A Jewish grave. So where is the outrage?
But then, this is a Tory we’re talking about, and so the likes of “Lord” John Mann, Ian Austin, Desperate Dan Hodges and the rest will not be saying boo about it. Despite the anti-Semitic overtones and the inconvenient fact that the cemetery is Grade I listed.
Ordinary Tweeters, though, were not so reticent, with Another Angry Woman asking “Desecration of the grave of a Jewish man, is it?” Matt Lodder had the same thought: “You're advocating for desecrating a Jewish gravesite, Henry. Do I have that right?
Adam Frankenberg wanted to know “Isn't that a grave rather than a statue? I get your point. But calling, in effect, for people to go smash up a grave is probably not a good idea. Especially as it's a grave of a Jewish person (albeit a non religious one) but people do have a tendency to smash up our graves”. Steve Analyst also had a question.
Are you trying to get more followers by being deliberately wacky, Henry? Are you that starved for attention that you've decided to be the class clown to get noticed? Or is this some Trumpish attempt to rise to prominence by saying stupid things? It's one of those, which one?” Mike Hinde concluded “You belong on 4chan Henry, not in Parliament”.
And Rufus Hound put it directly. Very directly. “You really don't care how big a bellend you look, do you?” Smith must have thought he was being terribly clever. But he wasn’t.

Tories do seem to get away with dabbling in anti-Semitism. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Rosie said...

It is not equivocal to desecrate a grave (which has been desecrated before with paint by fascists , anyway) and the removal of a slave trader's monument that had been questioned by Bristolians as being wrong but took ages to agree about.Too late. People reacted very understandably. But do not honour slave traders unless they repent, as the author of Amazing Grace did, a hymn sung at the funerals of black martyrs. He was a slave trader who repented. Monuments are usually of honour in public places, but the further back you go in History, the more one will find everyone who got a statue, was tainted. I think it would backfire to desecrate Churchill's statue, but his reputation is poor and whitewashed prior to WW2. His leadership during the War made up for a lot, and soldiers returning from War voted a Labour Government in in 1945, so he was not that popular as a PM for the postwar recovery. Attlee introduced the NHS with Bevan, but the Americans calling in our debt ruined Labour's chances of revitalising housing and the economy soon enough. History is what we need and not the kind of imperialist history that Churchill wrote himself.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

And until sniffer Osborne he was the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer in the last 100 yrs.

Anonymous said...

I know 'Rufus' personally, another gentlemen who cares little about how he may look.

RodJ said...

Rosie; my mother was 15 in 1945. She was interested in politics so went to watch Churchill giving an election speech in Battersea, where she lived. The crowd greeted him with boos - they knew very well what sort of man he really was.

Anonymous said...

Marx has been directly responsible for the worst murderers of the last 100 years Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, - 100,000,000 dead. There is no one less deserving of commemoration, Herr Hitler included, and for this and his racialism he should be top of the BLM/ANTIFA/Extinction Rebellion to be toppled list. Instead they seek to emulate him . It will end badly for them.

Red Star said...

Anonymous @ 02:16 : "Marx has been directly responsible for the worst murderers of the last 100 years Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot"

Directly responsible ? Come on, they were the kind of people they were by nature, and would have sought to do what they did to some extent even if Marx had never existed.

And I'm not sure I recall any part of Marx's writings that advocate the mass murder of the population.

Watch Chaplin's Great Dictator said...

Marx was not a revolutionary. Marx stated that people would realise just what capitalism is and reject it.
Marx wrote about the industrialised countries and he certainly didn't include Russia.
If you want to point blame for Lenin, point at Kaiser Bill and his advisors for it is they who took Lenin out of exile in Switzerland and put in on a train bound for Russia.

grim northerner said...


Anonymous said...

@ 02:16.

Bit short on truthful history there.

Still, never let truth stand in the way of gammon crackpottery ey?

Sam said...

Marx is not responsible for any deaths but if you want to go down that route do we blame the millions of deaths caused by that bastion of Capitalism the USA or do we sheet blame for slavery home to Henry Smith MP seeing he is a Conservative as was the ghastly murderous slave trader in Bristol. How do these people become MPs?

Anonymous said...

There is a direct link from Kaiser Bill's Germany to the current EU Germany, it's what Prussians do, and you weep because we left?

Marx, and Lenin, believed anything including mass murder was okay if the end was the revolution.

"There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror." Marx 1848

Anonymous said...

@ 15:55.

Christ, it was only a matter of time before some Little Englander gammon lost his/her piss yet again.

And there you are, right on cue.

Anonymous said...

@17.55 I bow before the irrefutable power of your argument and your powering intellect.

Well someone has to do up your shoe laces for you before you trip and knock yourself sillier.

Anonymous said...

@ 03:06.

It's not an "argument", any more than your Daily Heil bullshit is.

So swallow it. I hope it sticks in your far right racist gammon throat.