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Sunday 14 June 2020

Mail On Sunday Self Awareness Fail

In a classic of news-free presentation, today’s Mail on Sunday front page has combined taking dictation (“As top restaurant boss warns of 2 million job losses … PM TAKES CHARGE ON 2 METRES”) with its stock-in-trade why-oh-why pearl clutching and curtain-twitching punditry as it asks “What has become of the tolerant Britain we love?
Asks where tolerance has gone ...

But the MoS would not be the MoS without playing both sides of the field, and so it has commissioned racist bigot Doug Murray The K to write for them, or, put more directly, pour some petrol on the flames. Doug says yesterday’s behaviour was bad, BUT. Yes, that’s a BIG BUT. “But the rioting was all too predictable from the moment the police, politicians and other prominent figures decided to indulge the Black Lives Matters (BLM) demonstrations all around Britain last weekend”. No-one “indulged” BLM.

Continuing his attempt at mass gaslighting, Murray tells “At the start, many of the BLM campaigners had a noble cause. Yet”. That’s “Yet” as in interchangeable with “But”. And on he goes. “Yesterday, the police behaved as they should … But where were they last weekend? The politicians were calling the protestors ‘peaceful’ or even praising them”.
... then runs a column by Him

That’s because they were overwhelmingly peaceful. But go on, Oracle of the increasingly alt-right Spectator magazine, tell us Who Done It. “What we are seeing is nothing less than an attempt to reshape Britain in the image of militant groups and the ideologues of the Far-Left. And to do so they are crushing debate and punishing dissent using classic tactics of moral intimidation”. No debate, except all the stuff in the MoS. And other papers.

What happened yesterday was bugger all to do with the “far left”. A load of fascist thugs got tanked up and kicked off. And what makes them think they have licence to do that is to hide behind the idea that they are “protecting our statues”. Yes, the MoS is playing that angle, too: “The Mail on Sunday today calls on our readers to help block any attempt to remove the statue of Sir Winston Churchill from outside the Houses of Parliament”.
No-one, but no-one, has seriously proposed removal of the Churchill statue. As The DM Reporter concluded, “This isn’t even a petition you can sign unless you’re prepared to download the poorly rendered image, print it off and send it to… your MP? The PM? There are no links and no instructions. It’s literally just sabre-rattling grandstanding to propagandise gammons”. What has become of “our tolerant Britain”, indeed.

James O’Brien added “Maybe ask why you chose this picture for your splash [white male punches black male] instead of one showing police officers being attacked & spat at or a man urinating on PC Palmer’s memorial. You’re trying to turn it into a race war when it’s really between what’s decent & what’s disgusting. But you know this”.
And Liz Gerard has posted a thread (see HERE) which shows in some detail the MoS’ daily stablemate’s “othering” of “Migrants”, “Foreigners”, a “Crowded” country, “Can’t Speak English”, and “Benefits”. Which both Daily and Sunday title make no effort to separate from “people who are not white”. Someone does indeed want a race war. Had it been otherwise, they would not have gone to Doug Murray The K for a column.

What has become of tolerant Britain? Ask some of your hacks. Then say sorry,
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Unknown said...

What's with that photo of Murray, is he trying to disguise incipient Sarah Vine style neck wattles ?

Arnold said...

" as it asks “What has become of the tolerant Britain we love?”
Not for the first time the Mail is confusing England and Britain. There were no right wing riots in Scotland or Wales. Just peaceful BLM protests.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, there is no debate outside the likes of MoS. Say or even be thought to be thinking the wrong thing and you are out of your job even if you are just a volunteer. Free speech is just not dead we now have compelled speech, silence is violence. Free expression, forget it, take a knee or we will condemn you. In others words stay at home and shut up, you have been cancelled by the dictatorship of wokeness, don't enjoy you life.

See the Hitchens blog . .. ...

Nigel Stapley said...

That banging sound you can hear is that of irony meters exploding from Shetland to Scilly.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

'See the Hitchens blog' must be least attractive recommendation I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

@ 13:27.

More than a bit daft, that.

You're "debating"* it on here - outside of the Heil on Sunday.

Then again, you gammons aren't the sharpest item in the tool box.

*Irony alert.

Anonymous said...

In the end, these rags are nothing more than tools of the establishment to preserve the status-quo. How long will it take for people to realise they have been taken for fools by them?

Unknown said...

I guess never, I mean Mark Twain warned up about them so if folk were going to wise up they'd have done so before now.

Anonymous said...

Shame you are so blinkered Bertie because otherwise you would have seen that Hitchens P. thinks all your wet dreams have come true!

Anonymous said...

"Just peaceful BLM protests."

Aye, Robert the Bruce's statue doth protest too much.