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Friday 19 June 2020

The Core Is A Racist Endeavour

Earlier this month, The Core, that mildly hysterical and increasingly paranoid alt-right Twitter presence, protested “Most of the racism I have witnessed in the past 24 hours has been anti-white”, thus demonstrating that whoever is behind it does not understand racism, yet is seeking to play the race card. The ignorance and paranoia increased this week.
After Peter Hitchens went to Oxford to perform his argumentative contrarian act for students and other interested parties, he nonchalantly walked back to the station on his own, some of the audience briefly following him. Two Police officers ensured he was OK, but there was clearly no danger to him. That wasn’t how The Core saw it.
WE ARE ONE STEP AWAY FROM OUR FIRST LYNCHING … We have seen a lot of ugliness during the past week but this should terrify you … A lone white man needs police protection as he is pursued by a baying mob of thugs, harassing him for his political views … Fascism at its finest”. Someone needs to research the term “lynching”.
But The Core’s specialist racism subject is anti-Semitism, either hinted at or indulged in blatantly, as in “The French Gilets Jaunes are fighting for the Nationalist [!] cause against the Globalist Elite … The mass of ordinary people are beginning to rise up against the EU, UN and the shadowy Globalists”. Femi Oluwole might run for Parliament? “You might actually have had a dubiously funded MP, allegedly backed by Soros cash”.
Globalists. Soros. And there is more. “The Remain campaign is funded by ‘very rich people’ including George Soros and the biggest banks … The thugs who do the dirty work are just the useful idiots. Look to the cancerous left, their media & the EU Globalists if you want to identify the real hooligans”. More Globalists. More Soros. More dog whistles.
As the 'Globalists' work to destroy nation states by preaching against them, the 'Populist' patriots are finally finding their voices to push back on the Merkels, Junckers, Soros's, Macrons and Blairs of this world”. What does this tell us, apart from “bad punctuation”? Whatever, on to No Deal Brexit. “To avoid a No_Deal Brexit Mrs May will have to: get Cabinet approval … get DUP approval … get Commons approval … get EU member states individual approval … maybe even get Soros approval”. Soros gets everywhere!
Maybe that’s because it’s code for “Jews”. As in “George Soros is not only interfering in Brexit. He's a global operator now. Remainers are being played for useful idiots”. He’s a Globalist too! “Arron Banks, a British bloke trying to do the best thing for his country, is persecuted for spending money during a Referendum campaign but George Soros (not British) can spend as much as he likes trying to get a second referendum to overturn the first”. Not British. The anti-Semitic trope of the disloyal Jew.
And then comes nailed-on confirmation of anti-Semitism. “Is Soros backing them? ‘The Independent Group’ has not registered as a political party, with many accusing it of deliberately doing so to hide the money man!” Soros. And a photo of Luciana Berger.
But just to make sure its followers Look Over There, The Core is ever ready to say stuff like “THE VILE ASSOCIATION BETWEEN BANKERS AND LABOUR ANTI-SEMITISM”.

Except its own anti-Semitic dog whistling is all too clear. It is a racist endeavour.
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Arnold said...

Arnold's law. Any statement prefixed by "FACT:" is bollocks.

Andy McDonald said...

Hang on, bankers, anti-semitism, commies...this is one weird alliance.

iMatt said...

Trump, Bannon, Murdoch! All pro-Brexit millionaires and billionaires who funded and promoted Brexit. None are British. Nor do they reside in Britain. Evidently, Hitchens fails to realise this!

grim northerner said...

Ukip youth wing?

grim northerner said...

The inchoate and incongruous ranting is classic fash. It reads like early 2000s bnp/nf Message boards. The new right are playing with fire.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hitchens, an amusing and perspicacious speaker and reporter, unlike some.

And for the information of the mouth breathers here, he is a long standing critic of the EU, but was against any referendum. It is actually the left on both sides of the pond that are in thrall to big business. Google your time is up!

grim northerner said...

Arse talker brands others as mouth breathers.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Hitchens may have moments of clarity but they are pretty much accidental. Congratulations on being able to spell perspicacity and utilise your nostrils simultaneously. Could you chew gum whilst typing this (would be patronising) dross.

Anonymous said...

@ 00:57.

Bit of a fart in a bottle, you.

Bwana Mrefu said...

This account seems to have migrated to Parler with virtually all the other hand-banging right-wing accounts. Who is coordinating this?