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Friday 5 June 2020

Tories And The Far Right - AGAIN

The Tory Party does have an unfortunate habit of getting too close to the racist far right: not long ago, Jacob Rees Mogg, the member for times long past, attended a gathering of the Traditional Britain Group, sitting next to its unfeasibly pretentious main man Gregory “Lauder” Frost. He tried to brush off that minor mis-step, but now, another MP, who once worked in Rees-Mogg’s Parliamentary office, is in the news for similar reasons.
Dehenna Davison

Dehenna Davison, who won Bishop Auckland for the Tories at last December’s General Election, has let it be known that she has been allowed to sit on the Immigration Bill Committee. She has told that this gives her an “exciting opportunity to help shape this landmark bill and deliver the end to freedom of movement”.

But here a problem enters: Ms Davison was exposed by Hope Not Hate last February as having been rather adjacent to two far-right activists, one of whom had been so far off the scale that the Tories kicked him out. As the Guardian reported at the time, “Dehenna Davison was pictured holding a County Durham flag with Andrew Foster, a man described by anti-racism campaigners as a ‘Muslim-hating extremist of the very worst kind’”.

There was more. Rather a lot more. “The images … show the MP with Foster at a party celebrating Brexit in a pub on 31 January. At the same event she was also pictured with Colin Raine, a former Tory activist banned from the party after allegations that he was behind a far-right protest and made Islamophobic comments online”.
Just an innocent misunderstanding ...

Matthew McGregor of HnH “said the campaign group had been following the activities of Foster and Raine, a former Bishop Auckland Conservative council candidate, for some time. Describing the pair as ‘extreme individuals' who ‘should be unwelcome at any mainstream political party gathering’, he said they appeared to ‘move closely with the local Bishop Auckland Conservative Association and the new MP’”.
Moreover, “Hope Not Hate claims Foster also attended rallies organised by the English Defence League and Britain First … it is claimed that Raine organised a protest outside the former Labour MP Helen Goodman’s office, which included members of the far-right groups the Democratic Football Lads Alliance and the North East Infidels”.

McGregor clearly did not buy the innocent explanation line which Ms Davison has been offering. “The controversy surrounding these two men means that it is hard to believe that the local party did not know who they were. Davison must explain why she was associating with these two individuals”. But she didn’t. Nor did the Tories.
... just like with her old boss

It’s a strange and interesting coincidence that not only Jacob Rees Mogg, but also someone who spent a year working as his Parliamentary aide, have been singularly incautious about associating with the far-right. Anyone could draw the conclusion that the Tory Party takes such matters rather too lightly. And they may be right.

Dehenna Davison should not be on the Immigration Bill Committee. End of story.
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Anonymous said...

Ask mark Francois he he can get her a loan of Helgas old uniform


Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
This is an absolutely typical great expose of Establishment hypocrisy and , Zelo , long may such continue . I wonder what the opinion of the readers of this blog is as to my hope and feeling that a left wing establishment is growing up with sufficient reach finally to begin matching and even threatening the Establishment consensus machine . My hope is that the independent and principle minded left wing is displaying a broader practical support base than the ‘paid’ tools of the MSM , who’ve never believed in the causes they’re paid to espouse anyhow .
The marketeers and professionals behind the Establishment must know they are losing this battle , and I fear they will soon reintroduce censorship . Wouldn’t it be wise for Impress or a similar organisation to fund raise on setting up for members a platform accessible and not subject to the dictates of Zuckerberg , Google , Apple and the oligarchs of the MSM , or what will be called ‘Fake News’ regulators ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks the current government is anywhere near far right is at the far end of the Overground line from Gospel Oak. The Tories are the main left wing party in this country, they have engineered a reverse takeover from New Labour. I ask you, what is conservative about Boris? A man who doesn't understand the first thing about traditional Tory concerns like family values.

This is great for lefties who love the Blairite programme of fervent, intolerant political correctness, a continuing war on the last vestiges of the married family, hopeless egalitarian state schools and ultra gigantic public spending and borrowing.
But not for true Conservatives.

This might not be enough for some old Trots, but does Sir Keir offer anything different? Keep going left and eventually you'll end up going round the back to the far right, cue the fascist intolerance by the authoritarian "progressive liberals".

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid Anonymous at 16.18. Family values were always for the plebs. Our rulers could do what and who they liked. As daft as your idea that Lefties support Blairism.

Anonymous said...


Keep going around in those circles and sooner or later you'll disappear up your own arse.

"Tories are the main left wing party...."?.....Jesus wept.....The "logic" of this far right mad house.....

grim northerner said...

The antisemitism stuff was basically 'labour crashed the economy part 2'. The hypocrisy of the tories knows no bounds and I'm starting to think that their supporters know it's a pack of lies but don't care.

grim northerner said...
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Anonymous said...

No fault divorce? Very far right!

I notice how NOBODY has managed to actually counter my argument that Boris is not a conservative or that Sir Keir's so-called Labour party is any different.

The labels are irrelevant today, both parties occupy the same ground on the left and seeing that the Tories won a landslide at the GE it logicaly follows they are the main left wing party!

Are the Tories stopping legal immigration, no they provide a taxi service and free masks. Are they clearing the streets of illegal protests, no the police are encouraged to take a knee, unless you are protesting about lockdown you can break lockdown laws to protest. Just two examples of the far right government in action!

Meanwhile OAPs, supposedly traditional Tory votes after a lifetime of being let down by Labour, are left to die alone of Wuhan flu.

Okay we are leaving the EU, so what? The EU is not a left wing institution, indeed the left can only flourish free of such strictures.

Some of you need to open your eyes and deal with issues instead of merely lobbing personal insults at everyone you percieve has being against you. You're losing big time because the quiet majority are agin you when they mark their X, and no amount of intimidation or violence will change that, in fact the opposite.

grim northerner said...

Surely the left is 'winning big time'if Boris's administration is left wing?

Anonymous said...


Oh fuck off.

Like pastor Diterich Bonhoeffer, I stopped arguing with Nazis like you when they became too stupid to argue with.

Anonymous said...

In other words l have no argument only swearing and the utterly devalued nazi insult, ridiculously stupid!

Yep, the left wing globalists are winning big time, Soros, Gates et al. Boris, the entire cabinet and the majority of Tory MPs are left wing globalists dancing to their tune.

Who do you think finances the likes of BLM? They need their useful idiots in the hood as well as on the campus. And what are are a few more deaths from Wuhan flu by defying lockdown? We can blame it on structural racism!

Anonymous said...


There's no counter-argument because you've posted nothing, absolutely nothing, of note or value.

A tirade of Gates, Soros, Fammly Values, Freeze Peach, Globalism - does not constitute an argument, just a litany of "call the whaambulance" dog whistles.

You'll get more sensible engagement when you stop acting like a badly programmed 'bot.

grim northerner said...

Some white women like black men, , soros isn't forcing anyone to do anything they don't already want to do. People choosing not to marry is not an attack on marriage, neither is extending marriage to gay couples. And 'globalism' is just free trade.