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Monday 8 June 2020

Lennon Loss Lacked Lockout

The far right operates at maximum volume, but, it is clear from today’s developments, at less than maximum intelligence. This can be readily deduced from the latest video pronouncements of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who has made the kind of open admission that law enforcement authorities around the UK will view as manna from heaven.
We already knew that Lennon had been apprehended by Cumbria Police while on a lockdown-busting trip to the Barrow-on-Furness area, and that the cops had seized his car, his phone, and his camera, although not perhaps his boots. But they still needed to access all the information on that phone for their confiscation to be of any use.

Now, Tommeh has told them what they need to know, openly. “I ain’t got a phone … I’m one of those morons who … I don’t remember any of my passwords, so my email, internet banking, I ain’t got a clue. Anything … I just always have it logged in on my phone … this latest Police joke, seizing everything. They seized everything, footage wise”.

Anyone who wasn’t paying attention before that paragraph - you are now. And there’s more., as the ranting begins. Black Lives Matter protests are, in his mind, the work of “Antifa, a far-left, fascist organisation”. Anthony Joshua urging black people not to spend their money in white businesses he denounces as “racist” and “black supremacist”..

Joshua, Lennon claims, “takes his money from Saudi Arabia”. BLM is, he claimed, supported by “the media” and “basically, the whole Remain movement”. He had been harassed so many times by the Police that he challenged any black man in the UK to match what he had suffered. People were being radicalised, “by a load of Antifa, socialists, Marxists, communists, activists”. And every few seconds, Lennon had to break off.
Because he had a persistent cough. He was perspiring. While he was telling everyone that BLM was “identity politics brought in from the United States, funded from the United States and communism and Marxism”. Maybe he should be self-isolating. But instead, he is planning a trip to London. He’s coming to London next weekend.

It’s not an anti-Black Lives Matter protest. Many people were there for the right reasons, but you’ve been hijacked by Antifa, you’re being used … on Saturday, many non-white people will be standing with patriots [patriots can clearly only be white, then] cos we cannot rely on the Police”. Except we can rely on the Police.

Because, as he already admitted, he left everything logged in on his phone. The phone that is now in the hands of … the Police. And by next weekend, if they’ve got into that phone, and the rest of his electronics, the Met might just be waiting for him. Remember also that he was subjected to a stringent list of bail conditions.

When Stephen Yaxley Lennon told the world he was “one of those morons”, he was dead right. Will he get any further than his chosen railway station next Saturday? Maybe not.

The freedom of Stephen Lennon was for a time, but maybe not for all time.
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Julian said...

I really hope so. You'll hear my laughter where you are!

Jonathan said...

He's toast now, long jail sentence awaits Lennon..

Let's hope he gets on a deradicalisation programme.

Anonymous said...

A far left, fascist organisation?


He does know what it means, doesn't he?
I guess not...

Anonymous said...

In this leftist banana republic if the authorities will not protect us from predictable disorder and lawlessness others must step into the breach.

A monument in my town is being watched over day and night, not by the fuzz but young fit hard men with back up available on speed dial should any misguided, ill educated but woke individuals think they have a right to desecrate public monuments.

The people of England are ready to speak.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 00.28
And all under the command of Captain Mainwaring i assume

Anonymous said...

I hope put the mighty " TOMMY "in a cell with a migrant Muslim with no ability to speak English. He would be suffering the torture of the damned.

Anonymous said...

Planning for a revolution, or the ruin of England?

If you can't get what you want, you destroy?

It seems you are driven by envy.

If the silent marjority speak, they cease to be silent said...

Are you the prat who posted about that fraudster / con artist / ponce Farage?

grim northerner said...

Which town?

Anonymous said...

From videos I have seen, those "young fit hard men" look more like overweight, balding, foul-mouthed gammon in tracksuits who are suffering from Wetherspoon withdrawal. Low class scumbags.

Anonymous said...

@00:28 and 10:25.

U OK (Nazi) hun?

grim northerner said...

The fatal flaw in far right reasoning is the inability to recognise that people have agency and volition. If a group of people think a certain way then it'must' be the result of conditioning by soros or whomever else. They just can't imagine that free thinking people may not agree with them. Soros just facilitates what already exists, he does not create it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 13:00
@10:25 was a reply to @00:28
I should have made that clearer.

Anonymous said...

To 19:32.