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Saturday 3 August 2019

Tommy Robinson Appeals - IN HIS DREAMS

He may have gone to jail for less than three months, but even that modest stretch is too much for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. So he is planning to appeal. This is despite, as James Doleman told at Lennon’s trial, “Breaching reporting restrictions is a ‘strict liability’ offence, like driving while holding a mobile phone, it doesn't matter what your intent was, or if you knew it was a crime, if you do it you're guilty”.
Yet Lennon’s delusional nature means he believes he is in the right, and one of the country’s most senior judges is wrong. His thoughts have been relayed by amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas, as part of yet another campaign to have Lennon’s supporters pony up more money for their hero’s legal bills.
How serious is Lennon’s delusion? Have a look. “The judges who sentenced me went against the law, they judged AGAINST what the law says on their own website! [No they didn’t - see above] I’ve been having an inner struggle with the appeal … It’s because my appeal costs are £84,000!, Plus I’ve just paid £20,000 legal fees for the upcoming court proceedings against the Muslim lawyer who sent that red haired crackhead to livestream my wife and children, putting their lives in danger [this is not true]”.
Do go on. “I don’t know if you’ve heard but I also have to pay their costs from the Old Bailey at £31,000! So not only do they make me go to prison for something I haven’t done but they then make me pay for it”. But he had done it. There was more. “I had my legal meeting last week and instructed them to go full steam ahead on an appeal against the conviction and also a bail application”. And how much will that cost?
I had to pay them £42,000, they required 50% upfront to start with and the rest when we get the appeal/bail application launched … I felt that by not appealing I was giving into something that is quite clearly a stitch up. The lead judge on the Queen’s bench has dirty hands on this case, she lied about me encouraging vigilante attacks and it’s simply not in the video”. We’ll see about that later. Then comes the Ron Hopeful part.
Once the appeal papers are in, I’ll have an immediate bail application. Usually takes about seven days so I could or SHOULD be home earlier than we expected meaning I might get a few weeks with the kids in their summer holidays”. Ri-i-i-ight.
The BBC’s Dom Casciani is not convinced. “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the stage name Tommy Robinson and is currently in HM Prison Belmarsh, is on the beg for £84k to fund his appeal against his jailing for Contempt of Court … He's after cash because he claims he's been stitched up like a kipper by one of the most senior judges in the land”. But one piece of evidence showed Lennon’s problem.
And here is what the judges actually said with a link to the full 31-page judgement which explains the entire context (for the umpteenth time) of what Yaxley-Lennon did”. As to the denial of vigilante action, “One of his supporters recently shared the home address of the senior judge in the case on a pro-Tommy Robinson chat platform. Another has been seeking to drum up interest to confront the Attorney General at a publicised local event later this summer”. That sounds very much like vigilante action.

Stephen Lennon can appeal all he likes. But he was bang to rights. He’ll get nowhere.
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Anonymous said...

Suck it up, "Tommy", suck it up.

You had it coming.

And I'm willing to bet this won't be the last time you do chokey.

You useless racist meff.

Arnold said...

"So not only do they make me go to prison for something I haven’t done".
True dat. He hasn't kept to the law.