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Thursday 11 July 2019

Tommy Robinson JAILED

After all the delays, all the adjournments, all the excuses - and all the intimidation, threats, bullying, late-night visits, doxxing, and other highly creative behaviour by himself and his fans, the day has come for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, to face justice. Last week, he was found guilty of three counts of Contempt of Court: today at the Old Bailey he will have his sentence handed down.
Lennon has already asserted that one of the judges who heard that Contempt case last week “lied”, thus perhaps not endearing himself to her. He is today wearing a top which proclaims that the UK is equivalent to North Korea, but then, if that were the case, he would not be given the luxury of a trial. Instead, if reports from the country are to be believed, he’d have been strapped to a field gun and blown to pieces.
Thus the ridiculous hyperbole that is the Lennon roadshow, and which has continued this morning, as Dom Casciani of the BBC observed: “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is in court in jeans and a black t-shirt and carrying a bag. He expects to be jailed. His barrister, Richard Furlong, is apologising for SYL's late arrival due to supporters outside. ‘It's not a great start,’ says the lead judge, Dame Victoria Sharp”. Not good, indeed.
Mr Furlong, though, “accepts the "custodial threshold has been passed”, so he moved on to another Lennon chestnut, the idea that the Scary Muslims™ will get him if he is jailed: Casciani again: “Mr Furlong seeks to raise the matter of the prison conditions that Yaxley-Lennon will face - segregation for his own safety. Dame Sharp says that's a matter for the prison authorities, not the court”. Not much sympathy from the Judges.
So it is worth considering, while the Judges retire to consider the mitigation, if any, the array of supporters who have turned out for Lennon today. Apart from amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas, Ezra Levant of Rebel Media has once again flown in from Canada to lend his pointless presence. Also in attendance is Avi Yemini, self-confessed killer and Australian export this country could easily do without. And Katie Hopkins.
They may all consider that, in addition to all the delays, Lennon’s trial has incurred considerable costs. As Casciani has told, “The Attorney General thinks the legal fees amount to £31,000 - but they'll settle for £25,000”. That’s £25k on account, mind.
The Judges, Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Warby, had retired for over an hour before returning to give their decision: there had to be an “appropriate sentence”; the Leeds trial was an “important one”. The custody threshold had been passed; nothing less would reflect the gravity of the offence. The maximum penalty was two years; Lennon could not claim any credit for pleading guilty. He had eleven previous convictions.
As Gaetan Portal has told, the verdict was “Six months for the Leeds offence - not suspended, total penalty for both Leeds and activation of Canterbury offences 9 months minus 138 days”. Lennon is going to prison for probably two and a half months, given he will be released on licence after 10 weeks and the total sentence less time served comes out at 18 weeks. He is fortunate that the Judges did not make that sentence longer.

Stephen Lennon is facing the consequences of his actions. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

Get the Vaseline ready, "Tommy".

Oh how we larfed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tim, but there's very little to rejoice about. He'll be back on the streets in no time at all, waving his martyrdom credentials and looking to pollute communities wherever he can.

With any luck he'll be spending most of the 10 weeks getting fisted up to the elbow by Edward Scissorhands. One can but dream.

Unknown said...

Please tell me someone shouted this at the wee tosser!

"Your verdict you got your prison bag with you got your bags with yer, you got your bags with you how you feeling about the verdict..."

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of the brave boys in blue in full riot gear standing behind crush barriers batons above their visored helmets clubbing unarmed harmless looking middle aged men dressed in t-shirts and baseball caps. The absent ANTIFA couldn't have done a better job. Congrats to the counter demonstration of 9 people, forced to stand behind their own personal crush barriers by our police state.

And whatever happened to the real offender on that fateful day outside the court? The Pakistani man seen on film threatening a female bystander, who was allowed to walk away into the court by the policeman present even though she complained to him about the threat.

Gonzoland said...

@Anon 15:53
Tommy Robinson supporters attack BBC film crew and hurl smoke bombs after EDL founder jailed for nine months

Are you serious? said...

Anon at 15:53
England = North Korea?
Your posts wouldn't look out of place in The Pyongyang Times.
Even The Sun has pictures of thugs attacking a BBC film crew, throwing smoke bombs and threatening a Pakistani woman.

Neil said...

The Freedom-of-Speech-and-Press loving Gammonites expressed their displeasure of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas of Luton by moving on and attacking, er, the press and broadcasters.

Anonymous said...

Yeahbut, at least we weren't throwing milkshakes like you leftie scum!