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Saturday 24 August 2019

Amateur Kidnapper’s Owen Jones Harassment

Just to show the intellectual level of which some of those hangers-on who have hitched their wagons to that of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, one of them has decided that, while claims of assault and actual bodily harm are being made against him, his cause is best served by engaging in a little self-publicised harassment.
Wake up Danny, you just broke the law. Again

And to no surprise at all, the brains trust member so doing is Daniel Thomas, aka Danny Tommo, the amateur comedy kidnapper whose behaviour at a Warrington campaign event for Lennon’s abortive European Parliament campaign has come under scrutiny after he was alleged to have violently assaulted a member of the public for no good reason.
Thomas saw that campaigner and pundit Owen Jones had been assaulted outside the Lexington pub in Islington, and fancied a bit of that action for himself. So he pretended to be the pub landlord, and called Jones up. “For someone that has been attacked he sounds very surprised that something has been found on the CCTV. Owen had a call from the landlord of the pub (me), shocked when he finds out something has been found” he told.
Jones wasn’t shocked at all. And the call proves nothing, other than that Thomas has already decided that Jones’ account is somehow wrong, and that him calling Jones has proved his point, even though it has not. And anyway, what was his point? Well, Danny doesn’t think the Jones assault happened. Because CCTV.
He had already signposted his conclusion by first Tweeting “[Owen Jones] is ‘Trending’, so lets [sic] all have good laugh shall we. Remember when [Tommy Robinson] was assaulted, they all celebrated. Now its [sic] happened to the [sic] [Owen Jones], the left are standing in solidarity”. What does he mean? Who knows, and, indeed, who cares?
Then Danny finally gets to the point. “5 CCTV cameras outside the pub, where [Owen Jones] says he was attacked. If he was attacked it would of [sic] been caught on one of these. Im [sic] thinking of visiting the pub to show you all this has been totally fabricated, he is soon to be a UK version of [Jussie Smollett] … [Tick Tock]”.
Thomas’ problem is that not only does he know nothing about the Police investigation into the Jones assault, he has interfered with it by making that call. It is, as might be expected from someone of his intellectual calibre, an appallingly stupid act. As Jo Phillips has pointed out, “Please report this to the police [Owen Jones] his name is Daniel Thomas. The police will have his details given he is a convicted kidnapper. Malicious Communications Act and Protection from Harassment Act, with added intent to promote homophobic abuse (which it has)”. Danny thinks that is funny. Because he’s an idiot.
One Tweeter pointed out the interference angle: “Isn’t it also interfering with an ongoing investigation”. And another helpfully added “Daniel Thomas, Danny Tommo, was convicted and received a two year prison sentence in July 2016 for an attempted armed kidnap that took place on 5 December 2015”, tagging in Havant and Portsmouth Police, just in case.
Daniel Thomas thought he was being clever by phoning Owen Jones and pretending to be a pub landlord. He was not. And the Police know where to find him.
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Get Out Of That said...

I would imagine all who follow that leader will be on a watch list. Certainly those with a known history of abuse.

Otherwise, the law wouldn't be doing it's job.

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