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Saturday 31 August 2019

Stop The Coup - The People Speak

At very short notice, rallies, marches and speeches were held today in protest at the decision by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, aided and abetted by his chief polecat Dominic Cummings, to prorogue Parliament and thus force the country to participate in the game of nation state-level chicken which they are playing against the EU, and which they will lose, thereby taking us all over the cliff edge with them.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

As the BBC has conceded, there have been protests not just in London, where many thousands filled Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, but in many other cities across the UK. Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton - all saw thousands come out on to the streets. In London there were a few counter demonstrators. Elsewhere there were hardly any.
But what was infinitely more moving - and very bad news indeed for Bozo The Clown and Polecat Dom - was that those protests took place away from the big cities. The people of Middle England joined those in the metropolitan areas. They passed severely adverse comment on those who would circumscribe their democracy. And when that General Election comes, whatever Dom’s focus groups say, they won’t be voting for Bozo.
The list of middling and small towns includes Shrewsbury, Bournemouth, Cirencester, Lichfield, Stroud, Colwyn Bay, Clitheroe, Oxford, Swindon, Middlesborough, Exeter, Southampton, Derby, Weston-super-Mare, Falmouth, Bangor, York, Poole, Leamington Spa. Cheltenham Spa, Chester and others. Places that do not usually do protests.
That so many have been prepared to come out on the streets and make their feelings known has not gone unnoticed with our political and media establishment. Following the sneering dismissal of popular feeling by the Honourable Member for times long past Jacob Rees Mogg - “phoney” was what he called actual people protesting - the rest of the anti-EU right-wing horror show has today been telling us to “look over there”.
Our media class reveal their true priorities

Among them has been the pointless presence of Darren Grimes, leering “The irony of all of these protestors attacking Boris for being a posh Old Estonian when most of them are the sort telling Leticia down the road that she needs to stock up on Waitrose ‘essentials’ to be no-deal ready”. Yeah right Dazza, I just got back from Farmfoods.
And over at Spiked, so-called because it should have been long ago, Tom Slater (who he?) has moaned “If you said nothing about Lords and millionaires trying to block Brexit, but you're now going crazy because Boris trimmed a few days off the parliamentary timetable, your moral compass is severely screwed up”. Yes, Spiked, that convocation of genocide deniers and terrorist sympathisers, is lecturing us about morals.
The only small mercy is that there has so far been no intervention from the likes of self-promoting pundit Julia Hartley Dooda. Because she is, as usual, making sure the world knows it’s all about Herself Personally Now. “When your 12 year old discovers she’s lost her boarding card right at the gate when you’re last to board the plane. That”.

You knew how little Bozo The Clown thinks of democracy. Now you can see how little his pals in the Pundit Establishment think of it, too. Keep protesting - and stop the coup.
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J said...

Tom Slater at Spiked seems not to know that normally gov business still progresses during recess's (such as conference). Legislation and scrutinisation normally continues even during conference, depts work as normal, its just the MP's that are having a jolly. In this case however its all stopped, for weeks (longest since 1945). I realise in the scheme of things it might seem a small descriptive point, but its not. Its much more than "an extra week"; it's multiple extra weeks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Yank mafia/CIA hoodlum and thug Pompeo is in there somewhere.

After all, he has made threats against Jeremy Corbyn. And "interfered" in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations around the world.

It's what the Yank Rogue State does and has done since its inception, all of it as usual conceived and controlled from Langley and the Pentagon. So Pompeo would "only be following orders", whatever the Nuremberg Tribunals said about that piece of criminality.

Mark said...

I see the BBC are doing their usual downplaying, claiming that the protesters in London are in the low thousands. I attended the demo in Liverpool (admittedly a little late thanks to Northern Fail cancelling the train that would have got me there at KO) and that was well attended and possessed plenty of passion. Remarkably our local ITV news (Granada Reports) did just report on it in the teatime bulletin, but they only filmed the event after the speeches, and much of the crowd, had left, thereby making it look much more sparse than it actually was.

Incidentally whilst on the train I overheard some dreadful middle-aged couple moaning that they hoped that the demo would not disrupt their day out; "it's us that suffer" wifey moaned, presumably having somehow removed herself from the general public these demos are here to protect. "They should send emails" Hmmm, yeah. "Boris is acting like a Labour Prime Minister" I heard her say, given that he's promising* money to public services and that they feel he was "doing a great job" and they'd vote for him. The guy was a copper (says a lot) the woman, a gobshite. I had to bite my lip so hard.

*promising of course being the key word that seems to have been overlooked by these two ninnies.

Anonymous said...

"as the BBC conceded"? The BBC reported it.As simple as that. They didn't concede anything.