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Sunday 25 August 2019

Stepford Daughters’ Clueless Irish Fantasy

After their obviously staged and glibly argued videos were loudly ridiculed recently, it might have been thought that Alice and Beatrice Grant might stop and think, and conclude that there were better things to do than making fools of themselves. But that thought would have been misplaced, because the Stepford Daughters have come back with the video turkey to end all video turkeys, as they lecture their followers on the subject of Ireland.
Beatrice kicks off “Since the beginning of time, the people of Ireland and the people of Britain have been united by their geography and their history. we share so much: our DNA, we love the same food, like Cheddar cheese and Guinness [yes, she really said that]. We share the same language [!]. We’ve such similar weather, and we’re both islands. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be divided by our politicians, who have betrayed us to the EU over the decades, and still continue to betray us”. And how do they “betray us”?

By putting this globalist, despicable project above us, the people, who should be their priority”. Christ on a bike, that’s desperate. But hold on for a moment, Alice has something to add. “The European Union has done Ireland and Britain so much harm morally, socially and economically [no citation]. We mustn’t let our deceitful political class and the EU destroy the relationship between our nations over the backstop”. There is more.

We mustn’t let them blow out of proportion this issue merely about the transportation of goods over the border, while forgetting the goodwill, the peace, and the prosperity brought to us by the Good Friday Agreement”. Yeah, right. She goes on to characterise Leo Varadkar, the elected Taoiseach, as an “EU stooge”, one of whom whose job is “to destabilise society with their lies”. The farce is strong with this one.
Ms Grant goes on to claim that these “EU stooges” “use the integrity of our union [what union, other than the European kind?] as a pawn in the agenda of their globalist, money-hungry agendas”. The EU, she asserts, “don’t care about the welfare of the people”, and has “sacrificed the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France”.

It only remains for Alice Grant (for it is she) to deliver her peroration. “Ireland! Stand up against your establishment and join the peaceful political revolution to regain your independence and your freedom”. This is total, fantasist, tosh from start to finish.

The history of the UK and Ireland is why the two are now separate countries. The Good Friday Accords were made possible by both countries being EU member states. The so-called “common language” was imposed by the UK on the Irish. Worst of all for the Grant sisters and whoever is working them, EU approval ratings in all the countries they mention suggests they will remain member states for many years to come.
Indeed, that approval rating in Ireland is above 95% right now. The country has benefited enormously from EU membership - the idea that the Republic will leave the EU is yet more fantasy. And the mildly anti-Semitic repetition of “Globalist” should worry even those on the Brexit-boosting side. This is another deeply creepy video.

But perhaps they should go on making them, just for the hilarity their crashing ignorance, and elitist entitlement, bring to the table. As it drives away their intended audience.
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Pat Martin said...

Wow, Globalist *and* money-hungry in one sentance. They've hit the Antisemitic jackpot!

RodJ said...

The crashing ignorance of Monty Python's Gumbies was hilarious once upon a time; the crashing ignorance of the alleged elite is merely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for two very silly girls there are substantial numbers in this group of islands who DON'T "Believe in Britain".

A fact which will haunt us for some years yet, and which could easily mean the end of "Britain".

One can only hope said girls grow up in the meantime and eventually reach the Age of Reason. But I wouldn't make book on it.

Steve Woods said...

“Since the beginning of time, the people of Ireland and the people of Britain have been united by their geography and their history."

So united my Irish friend Pat refers to Northern Ireland as the "occupied six counties".

Mark said...

Quickest way to spot an English idiot, ask them to talk about Ireland

Eddie said...

1: How could they forget to drag the arch-demon Soros into it? Since their 'friends' blame him for just about everything.

2: I so agree with Mark; so many English folks just don't have any idea what the Irish are like (or indeed why). Maybe a deeper discussion about why they speak English and just what happened to those who spoke Irish would educate the less-informed