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Friday 30 August 2019

Dominic Cummings - He’s A Psycho

Why, some have mused recently, does Zelo Street refer to Dominic Cummings, now the power behind the rickety throne of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, as an amateur human being, paranoid, a psycho, and indeed, as a polecat? And why is the blog now adding “Control Freak” to the list? Ah well. For that explanation, we have the very well-informed Simon Walters, now at the Daily Mail, to thank.
Rumours began to fly overnight that a senior aide to Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid had been summarily dismissed, and that Polecat Dom was involved. As the Mail puts it, “A senior Treasury aide was frogmarched out of Downing Street last night after being accused of leaking Brexit secrets … Sonia Khan, who was the former chancellor's special adviser, was allegedly confronted by [Cummings]”. There was more.

He claimed Miss Khan, who worked for Mr Hammond's successor Sajid Javid, was helping Mr Hammond and other Tory MPs attempting to stop No Deal … When Miss Khan denied the allegations, Mr Cummings demanded that she show him her phone. Government sources said an angry exchange followed … Mr Cummings called police and Miss Khan was frogmarched out of the building”. And more.

The 8pm confrontation was witnessed by other special advisers who were attending a meeting in Downing Street”. It’s like the Spectre meeting in the Bond film Thunderball: Cummings perhaps imagines himself as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, telling his minionsI have satisfied myself that one of you is clearly guilty of embezzlement … the culprit is known to me … I have decided on the appropriate action” before executing the guilty man by having a lethal electric shock delivered through his chair. Stroke that white cat, eh Dom?

Walters tells his readers “According to one official, Miss Khan was told by Mr Cummings that she was dismissed on the spot, ordered to hand over her mobile phone and told that her Whitehall security pass was cancelled with immediate effect. 'The cops marched her out of No 10 while she protested her innocence. It was incredible,' the official said”.
You have disappointed me, Ms Khan ... you know the penalty for failure

The problem for Cummings is not only does this underscore his lack of fitness to serve in any Governmental role - and remember, we’re paying - but it also shows his paranoia to full effect. Ms Khan used to work for the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance, whose profile of her toldSonia joined the TaxPayers’ Alliance as intern in January 2014 and became our Campaign Manager (Grassroots) in March 2014. Sonia has had extensive campaigning experience, both locally and nationally. She has worked on a number of political campaigns, undertaking roles at constituency and parliamentary level”.

Given the sensitivity of her ousting, it is perhaps no surprise that the profile has now been deleted. But the idea that someone joined the TPA in 2014, and five years later suddenly became a Remain mole, is preposterous. Cummings has most likely got it wrong: interestingly, the Guido Fawkes rabble have keep schtum about it. Orders are orders.

An “Insider” told Walters “There are very good reasons this has happened. Reasons that were proved beyond doubt”. Well, they need to have been. Because this litany of sackings - Ms Khan isn’t the first - is going to get very expensive if Dom turns out to be wrong.

This isn’t a way to run a credible Government. And the sooner it ends, the better.
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Pat Martin said...

The Tax Payers Alliance has grassroots? Who knew?

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Might one yet draw a line from Ms Khan to the Sunday Times scoop on 'Operation Yellowhammer'?

Anonymous said...

I think m'learned friends who specialize in Employment Law may want to cast their eyes over how this has proceeded

Jonathan said...

It's all leading upto the Saj getting the boot, 2 advisors sacked, major speech pulled on Tuesday, now a major Education funding announcement by No10, without any input from Saj or Private Pike.
One is getting the impression that this is now a Dictatorship run by Bozza and Polecat Dom.
If a no deal does happen, these cabinet ministers like Saj, Amber, Hancock and Nick Morgan will pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Cummings just behaving like a modular tory.

No surprise.

If they can set out to deliberately destroy the economies of whole communities and cities - as they have - does anybody seriously think they'll hesitate over a single hapless mug?