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Saturday 17 August 2019

Who’s Afraid Of Jeremy Corbyn?

As the clock ticks remorselessly down towards the end of October, and the UK’s exit from the EU by default and without a deal, minds are becoming focused - and those with a fundamentally fraudulent or selfish position are being cruelly exposed. Those who have declared themselves opposed to a no-deal Brexit are suddenly willing to move ever closer to that state - providing they can block Jeremy Corbyn.
Those so doing talk about being unable to trust the Labour leader, even thought he has laid out his plan for putting down a Vote of No Confidence in alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, leading a caretaker administration, negotiating an extension to the Article 50 period, setting up a General Election, and then setting up a referendum on the terms of leaving the EU, with an option to Remain.
Everything that Remain backers have wished for is included in the Corbyn offer. Yet there are still some out there, perhaps swayed by those in our free and fearless press who really believe that Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman would command wider support in the Commons than Jezza, who say they will not work with the Labour leader. They are not making sense - and in increasing number of independent commentators know it.
The machinations of Jo Swinson, still claiming to lead the Lib Dems, have not impressed Sunny Hundal: “He offered to work with everyone else as we wanted him to. Now LDs can't dictate who gets to lead opposition. That's now how this works … There’s no one candidate who can unite everyone. Plenty of Lab members will be unhappy with being led by a Tory … Parties that can barely muster 10 MPs don't get to call shots”.
Jon Worth, giving the expat view, is on the same page: “if you’re someone who wants a caretaker / unity government for the UK, your route there goes via Corbyn whether you like it or not … Get Corbyn to table VONC on 3 Sept, thinking he can be PM. Give him 3 days to try, he fails, then Clarke/Harman/Grieve step in instead”.
And Mike Hind has reminded those still vacillating over whether they back Corbyn or lust let the clock run down “Parliament either wants to block no-deal or it doesn't. Everything else is idle chatter”. He has added “Cakeism. Saying you want to block no-deal but won't accept Corbyn doing it … Unicorn. An imagined fantasy figure, about to ride in & unite everyone against no-deal … Cognitive dissonance. A prerequisite of supporting Jo Swinson's approach to no-deal”. Cruel, but brutally honest.
As to why Ms Swinson is dragging her heels to the point of wilfulness, Jo Phillips has an equally brutal assessment: “Corbyn has outmanoeuvred her, ideologically she's more pro Boris than Jeremy, she's personally ambitious etc … Biggest one imho - this deal comes with a General Election … Jo Swinson will very likely lose her seat to the SNP”.
Well, she will if she continues to hold out against the Corbyn offer and runs down the clock towards the cliff edge that a significant majority in Scotland did not vote for.

But in the final reckoning, the behaviour of Ms Swinson and those of similar mind is mere posturing. And the time for posturing is over. She has to quit grandstanding. And now.
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Anonymous said...

She won't quit "grandstanding", Tim.

She's an utter arm-waving, shrieking loon. And a thatcherite to boot - she said so herself, which should endear* her to those generations who suffered the consequences of THAT far right corrupt harridan.

Swinson is just another ranting righty. Parliament has had too many of them for too long. No wonder even the building is rotting from the inside.

*This may be more than a little sarcastic.

SimonB said...

They’re worried that a Corbyn government of any sort will prove their lies about him to be wrong. Like the caretaker manager who gets the full-time job.

Anonymous said...

"Who's afraid of Jeremy Corbyn?" asks the author.

"Anyone with any common sense" say a multitude. A man as, if not more, divisive than Margaret Thatcher.

And... cue the raging fanboys worshipping at the altar of Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

But, Anon at 12:45, according to you everyone is 'far-right'. Your constant shrieking of this phrase makes you look childish and utterly ridiculous. I suspect you'd find Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro 'far-right' in your constant whine for ideological purity.

Sam said...

It wasn't Thatcher that was divisive- it was her ghastly ruinous policies that were cemented under Blair.
And that is what is so depressing and damaging about the state of British politics- bloody personalities and 90% of the media play them off against each other and the public like they are fools. It was bad enough when these creeps attacked Michael Foot over a frigging overcoat as if it mattered in the scheme of things. Now that's all we bloody hear exaggerated 1000 times with policy ignored. Utter claptrap.
Corbyn's policies are there for the world to see- they are voted on by the members. They are not extreme, they are not scary- they are policies that worked well for the UK for decades before Thatcher came along with her madness.

Anonymous said...

@Anon, 12.49 you say "And... cue the raging fanboys worshipping at the altar of Corbyn."as if anyone even bothers to try and debate with the crap you spout on here.

Mark said...

Nice to see people putting two and two together and drowning out the childish moans of the anti-Corbyn, FBPE crowd. No matter who leads a caretaker govt they will always be divisive, you cannot please everyone. The Lib Dems are a tiny minority. Labour got 40% at the last GE. How on earth do the LD's think they have a say in who controls govt? And Swinson's only against Corbyn because his temp govt comes with the promise of a GE and she'll lose her seat. The moral of the story? Never trust a LD.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17:54 - awww bless, did someone poke fun at Saint Jeremy? Well, I have news for you - it ain't the 1970s any more, your Bennite dreams are long dead and Socialism is now seen by everyone for the impoverishing totalitarian nonsense it is. Rage against the dying of the Socialist light if you wish, because it's dead and buried and no-one wants it any more except a few people lost in dreams of the past.

Anonymous said...

The truly amusing thing about Swinson is this: After she made a complete twat of herself she was obliged to meet Corbyn to discuss the proposal. The daft histrionic gett - her, not him.

With her "leadership" the LibDems can go back to their constituencies and prepare for, er......fuck all.

Oh how we larfed.

Mark said...

Anon @17:54, I'm sure you know it, but don't feed the trolls. Plays into their tiny hands.

Unknown said...

You sound like a paranoid US hillbilly with your brainwashed views about socialism

Anonymous said...

Is Swinson still here? How has she survived this long with Umunna hovering in the background?