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Thursday 1 August 2019

The Brexit Revolution Is Eating Itself

While our alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson continues his mission to tour the United Kingdom and get booed everywhere he goes, his team begins its work to implement his foolish notion of bending the EU to our will, with the implicit threat of walking away with No Deal come October 31. Perhaps.
Squeaky impending irrelevance finger up the bum time

So Bozo The Clown and his entourage are in no need of heckling from their own side. But that is what they are now getting, as Brexiteers have begun to turn on one another. The opening salvo in this already enjoyable internecine war has been fired by Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. That Nige was about to blow his top was signalled earlier by Simon “Enoch was right” Heffer, in a piece for the Staggers.
The appointment of the combative Dominic Cummings as a senior No 10 adviser has alienated the Brexit Party, writes Simon Heffer” he warned. He was right: as Matt Chorley at the Murdoch Times told, “As so often in politics, this is not about the cause but the personalities. Farage’s priority is not Brexit but Nigel Farage”. Hence the outburst.
The increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph also had the story: “Nigel Farage has made clear his distrust of Dominic Cummings, the mastermind of the Vote Leave campaign. Some may be surprised, but there's a history of bad blood”. Mike Galsworthy added “There may be quite a bit of truth in this. Dom Cummings strongly dislikes the ERG, Farage and Banks. While he’s in No10, Farage & ERG have very little ability to influence Johnson - and will feel a lot of paranoia. Expect fireworks”.
Sure enough, Brexiteers were soon openly falling out. Iain Martin asserted “Farage, Banks and Wigmore hate Cummings, because he outwitted them and won the designation to be the official leave campaign and then won the referendum”. That did not find favour with Arron Banks’ oily sidekick Andy Wigmore, who was most indignant.
What is it with all you hacks brown nosing Cummings to try and get a job in No 10 - it’s pathetic [Iain Martin] - and as you well know the - VL Tories hated [Nigel Farage] but without him Brexit would not have happened - both campaigns needed each other”. This was rather restrained for Wiggy. But former Kipper Suzanne Evans didn’t agree.
What a load of tosh. If Farage isn’t careful, he and the Brexit party could be the ones that end up keeping us in the EU in the event of a General Election before we’ve left. Cummings is only not a ‘true believer’ in the sense he won’t worship the cult of Nigel”. Also, Cummings is looking for a solution to the Brexit issue - Farage doesn’t want a solution. He wants to keep on heckling from the sidelines.
And there isn’t going to be a rapprochement any time soon with Mr Thirsty ranting “He [Cummings] thinks we're all cretins and members of the lower order. He has never liked me. He can't stand the ERG. I can't see him coming to any accommodation with anyone. He has huge personal enmity with the true believers in Brexit”.
Someone sore at being left out? It’s Farage’s own fault, though - he and his Leave EU pals taunted and insulted Cummings in turn. And Dom clearly hasn’t forgotten.

So now the Brexiteer revolution is eating itself. Just rejoice at that news.
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Jeff Pickthall said...

Use of the expression "true believer" is revealing. It's the language of religions and cults. It occurs within belief systems that aren't supported by evidence.

Unknown said...

The thing is they are taking us down with them

mike said...

Not really a criticism but I've taken to calling him, bozo the nazi. Bozo the clown too easily drifts into the image the tories, and really right wing (bannon et al), want to instil in the public consciousness; that of the clever redeemer of great britain who uses his buffoonery to endear his (pragmatic) fascism to the public.

Anonymous said...

Odd, isn't it, that corrupt fraud Javid can "find" a couple of billion for Brexit but next to fuck all extra needed for our 14 million poor, the NHS, decaying infrastructure and education system.

Once we Brexit, keep your eye on the financial activities of all tories, which of course includes Farage. They'll fall over each other to collude with the Yanks in looting the economy.

Maybe we can rely on Bomber Benn and the New Labour rump to help defend working class interests. But I wouldn't make book on it - they'll be too busy whiney-snivelling at their own demise.

rob said...

Agree with Jeff above. Id(e)ology seems to reign supreme in politics at present, whether extreme left or right, with no tolerance of those outside of the "cult". Then there is also the case that ideology is used as the excuse for those of a more venal nature. Possibly the difference between Cummings and the Faragists?

Humankind being a complex construction it is easy to find something to find a fault with those you don't agree with and also easy to overlook your own.