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Saturday 3 August 2019

Latest Labour Anti-Semitism Scandal ISN’T

As the Jewish Chronicle has reported, the Community Security Trust (CST) has told in a new report that “Between January and June 2019, there were 892 incidents of anti-Jewish racism recorded by the CST - a rise of 10 per cent on the first six months of 2018”. More worryingly, “The CST’s report, published on Thursday, confirms that social media accounted for 36 per cent or 384 of the incidents”.
Feared. But only by rickety furniture

The JC also notes that “The highest monthly totals seen during the first half of 2019 were February and March, with 182 and 169 antisemitic incidents respectively … These were months when issues relating to Jews and antisemitism were prominent in news and politics due to the continuing controversy over antisemitism in Labour”.
Stephen Pollard - totally OTT

That is the full extent of what the CST says about Labour and accusations of anti-Semitism. But it is enough for a JC leader - which, one has to assume, enjoys the imprimatur of editor Stephen Pollard - to rant “Are these antisemitism figures high enough for you, Mr Corbyn?” It gets worse: “the cause of this ongoing record increase in antisemitism is no mystery. It can be summed up in two words: Jeremy Corbyn”.
Another Fawkes pack of lies preserved for posterity

Evidence? Where Pollard’s going, they don’t need evidence. Nor do they need it at the Murdoch Sun, where readers are toldThe document also makes specific reference to the Labour Party, saying that 55 incidents related directly to the Opposition in February and March”. That’s not true (see above). Nor is the headline, “Labour’s anti-Semitism row led to record number of hate incidents in first half of the year”.
But the biggest lie came from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, where new boy Christian Calgie has quickly got himself up to speed on The Great Guido’s tradition of talking well, but lying badly.

Under the headline “Labour Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record Number”, he tells readersAlmost 20% of anti-Semitic incidents across the whole UK were linked to the Labour Party in March, with the CST report noting that Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis ‘clearly has an important bearing’ on the record-high number of incidents recorded”.
How many incidents did the CST claim were linked to the Labour Party? Have a guess. It’s a nice round number. It is, in fact, zero. No incidents at all were linked to the Labour Party. And after Tom Mills pointed out “There’s no breakdown of these incidents, so without more transparency from CST we can only speculate. But there’s no evidence linking any of them to Labour. Rather, these appear to merely be incidents of antisemitic abuse *related* to the controversy”, James Wright had bad news for the Fawkes massive.
CST confirms that no Labour members/ representatives are implicated in its antisemitism report: 'Other than the one... justified passing reference... to "support”, the report does not refer to Labour “supporters” or “members"...nor...perpetrators... “linked” to the party’ … CST also says 'The report repeatedly refers to incidents “related” to Labour’s antisemitism controversy. This is the terminology that appears throughout the report. Any suggestion to the contrary is entirely misleading and irresponsible.’” Fawkes pants on fire again.

And before The Great Guido pulls that post, or amends it, I’ve taken a screen shot and got the link. It’s not called a borderline Fake News site for nothing. Another fine mess.
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Anonymous said...

The antisemitism smear against Labour will now assume a tactical drip-drip form. This is necessary because of the lack of "suitable" evidence.

This will be particularly true of broadcast media, who will continue with the bullshit obligatory ad hominem reference to "The scandal that won't go away/persists." Not one of its manufacturers will have the guts to analyse the smear in detail because to do so would expose their own craven, corrupt participation.

Press media will, of course, continue with their far right imitation of Der Sturmer and Volkischer Beobachter.

Nothing can be expected from such "journalists" except rotten-to-the-core cowardly propaganda. Which is why they are so roundly loathed.

The New Labour right wing rump will be even worse. Most will skulk in the shadows like the quisling jobsworths they are - even when they know it is an orchestrated smear. Some of them will join in. They will never learn that they are expendable to their paymasters: As the hapless Watson found to his cost.

A much more relevant question is: Who started this and who are their fellow travellers?

Mark said...

All this goes to show that the establishment tried to smear Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser, it didn't work and it was proved to be completely false. They tried to smear him as a KGB agent, it didn't work and it was proved to be completely false. They are NOW trying to smear him (and the party as a whole) as A/S - fortunately anyone with any intelligence can see that it is completely false. Unfortunately they've press-ganged an awful lot of slebs to keep pushing the smear...because they believe the general public trusts and believes the words of slebs.

Anonymous said...

Pollard and his ilk are so stupid they don't realise (or don't want to realise) that their hate-filled lying diatribes have exactly the opposite effect to their intention.

Their sheer hysterical absurdity would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic for social decency.

Pollard and co are every bit as morally corrupt as the far right Murdoch/Rothermere gang. A cesspit of neofascist propaganda and fake news. A clear symptom of a society in precipitous decline.

Anonymous said...


Does the CST regard criticism of Israel and its supporters as being anti-semitic?