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Thursday 22 August 2019

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Nazis

He was barred from her country; they were both barred from the UK. But far-right love has won through in the end, and the knot duly tied between Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner - in his home country of Austria, which was also the home country of, er, we won’t go there right now, thanks. The wedding reception was apparently wonderful, except there are no photos going the rounds. Some attendees were sensitive about being snapped.
How do we solve a problem like the Nazis?

And despite the area around Vienna, Sellner’s home city, being rather flat and featureless - especially east of the Danube - the happy couple have managed to put out a wedding photo which suggests they are in Sound of Music country. But there will be no guitar singalongs, even if there are plenty of Nazis and their hangers-on.
The happy couple congratulated by Nick Monroe ...

Sadly, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, and flew out to Vienna to interview Sellner after he was barred from entering the UK, was not there, having been unavoidably detained at one of those hotels Her Majesty runs. But his on-off sidekick Lucy Brown was there. And so was career saddo Nick Monroe.
... and a blissfully happy Lucy Brown

Monroe has discovered that Vienna is an excellent city to just chill out and wander around, but hopefully he won’t be on this side of the North Atlantic too long. Meanwhile, the new Mrs Sellner is now an immigrant in a place where they speak foreign. How will she fare if hubby gets his collar felt over his proximity to the Christchurch shooter?
It was telling to see who sent their congratulations, with many of the most unsavoury individuals out there on the far right featuring, not least phoney Imam Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, who appeared on Zelo Street recently. But he does allow the Sellners to claim that they have at least one Muslim on board, even if it is a fraudulent one.
Who else has congratulated the happy couple? Well, there’s Scott Greer for starters, one of the Daily Caller team. That’s the same Daily Caller that is linked to white supremacists, has indulged in climate change denial, and recently faked a nude photo of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Greer tells his followers he’s “Just a white guy on Twitter”. Indeed.
Then we arrive at Ian Miles Cheong. He’s a creep. He featured in the GamerGate ruckus. He also features at the Daily Caller. He doesn’t like to be called Alt-Right. He’s featured on the now-defunct Heat Street site run by wacko former Tory MP Louise Mensch. He has opinions, providing you pay him in money to have them.
And bringing up a toxic quartet of well-wishers for the Sellners is David Vance, one of the least savoury citizens of the United Kingdom. Vance runs Alt News Media, and has been a staunch defender of Stephen Lennon. He is also virulently Islamophobic, and happily sprays around terms like “globalist”. So a little deniable anti-Semitism, too.

The new Mrs Sellner has updated her Twitter bio to read “Author. Wife. Catholic”, so we can no doubt expect the appearance of lots of little Nazis in the future. After all, the hordes of Scary Muslims™ have to be prevented from replacing white people somehow, eh?
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