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Saturday 10 August 2019

Who Sent Tommy Robinson To My House?

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, remains in jail after being found guilty of contempt of court, and his faithful followers hold a series of pointless protests in an effort to have him released early - it won’t make a jot of difference - some of those who found themselves the subject of late night visits by The Great Man are starting to ask questions as to how he turned up when, and where, he did.
When Lennon began his “Troll Watch” series for Rebel Media, usually aided and abetted by his then sidekicks Caolan Robertson and George Llewellyn John, he appeared at the offices of a newspaper which had run a story about him. Finding those offices would not have been a big deal. But then he turned up at my house. And that would.

As Richard Bartholomew asked, “I would like to hear from [Caolan Robertson] how Tommy Robinson's doorstepping targets were chosen. In the case of [Zelo Street], Robinson didn't seem to know much about him, which suggests he was simply given a name and address and pointed in the right direction. But by and for whom?
The Zelo Street blog does not give out phone contact details, and certainly not address details. Lennon had been mentioned in the postSpectator Endorses Racist Bigot”, which was published in early April 2017. It took Lennon another 16 days to apparently see the post, obtain my address and turn up on my doorstep.

Who might have provided that address? Someone knows, and although Robertson is a prime candidate, there are other names in the frame when it comes to pointing Lennon at that provider. The Spectator’s editor Fraser Nelson was ultimately responsible for an article about Lennon published by his magazine. And the author of that article, James “Saviour of Western Civilisation” Delingpole may have been asked to help. Was he?
Remember, the Zelo Street address is not readily available. It does not appear on the publicly available electoral roll. It is not available on a landline phone number lookup. Note also that Lennon was convinced that I was using a false name, and that I was really known not as Tim, but Paul. Someone gave him that false information.

So now that Caolan Robertson has split from Lennon, perhaps he would care to let everyone know how his former boss got hold of peoples’ addresses? Did Lennon, as I concluded at the time, get mine from a discredited former tabloid journalist who had managed to gain access to my NHS records? Or did the information come via those nice and highly principled people at the Spectator magazine?
Either way, it has to be concluded that The Dark Arts, as used by our free and fearless press for so many years, have been called on to help Stephen Lennon. So when he claims to be a journalist, he does, it seems, have one connection with the industry.

It’s only a pity that the connection turns out to be an illegal one. No surprise there, then.
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Anonymous said...

Tim, I'm not a lawyer......But surely it is illegal for someone to hack your NHS records?

And if that traces back to the Spectator surely there is the delicious prospect of stick-up-his-arse Nelson having his collar felt by overstretched but indefatigable Inspector Knacker?

Please, please answer Yes to both questions.