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Monday 26 August 2019

Bozo Demands Trump Level Media Obedience

Another day, another blatant falsehood from alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is exposed: this time, it is his claim that Melton Mowbray Pork Pies are exported to Thailand and Iceland. Bozo The Clown used this as a means of suggesting that his new best pal, Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, would like to allow said pies access to the US market, as part of that mythical US-UK trade deal.
An absolute Muppet. And Elmo from sesame Street

The problem with Bozo’s claim is that it was, like so much that passes his lips, not true, and the BBC has now reportedThe PM queried why British-made pies were exported to those countries but not the US because of trade rules. But Matthew O'Callaghan, of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association, said as far as he knew, the claim was wrong …’Because of the short shelf life it is not really viable economically’”.
This is whose playbook is being taken on board ...

Also mentioned in the Beeb’s report was Bozo’s equally untrue claim that EU regulations “require kipper suppliers to keep their products cool with ice pillows when they are delivered. However, the EU rule covers fresh fish and not smoked products, such as kippers, and it is for national Governments to set any rules”.
... and this is who is implementing it

So far, so routine, but here a problem enters: Bozo, we know, is a congenital liar. The problem is that he is now taking the Trump playbook as his model to counter this problem - by excluding parts of the media, bullying others, and disseminating his message via obedient cheerleaders. Zelo Street regulars will already be familiar with the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, his online cheerleaders.
There is also the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, for which hacks like Christopher “No” Hope are prepared to sacrifice journalistic credibility. But some parts of the media have decided to report on the Bozo dishonesty, warts and all. So they are being punished, with Channel 4 being first invited out to the G7 to interview The Great Leader, before the event was cancelled - because one of their people dissed poor Bozo.
Then we have the BBC put in the stocks over TV licences for over-75s. Bozo has told the Corporation they must “cough up” the cost, while the Beeb has observed in its report, “In June, the culture secretary at the time the settlement was reached, John Whittingdale, said ‘it was understood that this [free licences only for those over-75s on low incomes] would be a possible outcome’”. If in doubt, do a Trump - and blame the MSM.
ITV’s political editor Robert Peston, on the other hand, has been rather kinder to Bozo, and so has both secured an interview, and seen his employers escape censure. But as one Tweeter has put it, “New Year's Honours: R Peston, OBN”. Pesto may find himself featured thus in the pages of Private Eye magazine sooner rather than later.
And although this tactic is disturbing - with the claims of “fake news” to no doubt come along later - the Brexiteer faithful are lapping it up. They consider Channel 4 News to be “traitors”, “quislings”, “unpatriotic”, and more in the same vein. But Afua Hirsch is calling it out for what it is: “This is straight out of the Trump playbook. Penalise media organisations which are critical of you and limit their access, while denying that's what you are doing”.

Bozo The Clown and Polecat Dom don’t want to be held to account. They think they can bully the media into submission. So let’s make sure they fail.
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Anonymous said...

Won't be long before Bozo openly tries to sell Britain to Yank spivs and thieves. After all, the Greenland bid fell through......

Arnold said...

I'm sure I've seen the pies in Iceland. Or possibly Tesco.

Anonymous said...

Cummings isn't "a polecat".

He's a shivering kitten shit scared to come out from hiding. I've seen fiercer slugs.

Stephen said...

If he's not a liar it should be easy to go on C4 News and make them eat their words - it would make them look pretty silly as well.

rob said...

No 10 still having a go @Channel 4

Robbie Gibb
‏Verified account @RobbieGibb

It remains one of the great mysteries of our age how Channel 4 news is not drowning under a sea of complaints to the watchdog Ofcom so flagrant is its political bias.


Well he's not going to disturb the BBC's so called balance is he?

nparker said...

And all his little fans supporting his fascist bullshit. No 10 needs to
be fumigated.