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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Katie Hopkins LIES About Sydney Stabbing

Once again, one of the brains trust out there on the far right accuses Scary Muslims™ of terrorist acts, and once again the acts concerned turn out not to be terrorism, or indeed anything to do with Muslims. And it will surprise no-one that the brains trust member concerned this time is none other than pro-am motormouth bigot Katie Hopkins.
Viewers may still want to look away now

As the BBC has reported, “An armed man has been arrested after stabbing a woman in central Sydney and being detained on the street by members of the public … A second woman was found dead inside an apartment building on the same street …  ‘All the information we have at hand would link these two crimes,’ police commissioner Mick Fuller said at a press conference”. But one detail set Hatey Katie off.
Video footage shows the suspect jumping on a car wielding a knife, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘shoot me’”. That was enough for Ms Hopkins, who decided that the Muslims Done It. “6 people thought stabbed. One poor woman dead - throat slit. Another stabbed in the back … And naturally police say it’s ‘nothing to do with Islam’ or ‘terror’ despite witnesses reporting the attacker was muttering religious slogans including 'Allahu Akbar’”.
Yes, Katie had multiplied the number of casualties by three and invented at least one more “religious slogan”. And by now she was off and running. “Notice the speed at which: Norway mosque shooting became a terror act … Sydney Allahu Akbar stabbing became nothing to do with terror”. Because it wasn’t. And there were clues as to why not.
This from the Guardian: “Footage posted online of the man yelling reveals an indistinct pronunciation, suggesting he was not an Arabic speaker, nor familiar with the phrase [Allahu Akbar]”. Ms Hopkins wasn’t listening. “White guy goes on gun-rampage … The left: blame all whites … Knife guy shouts Allah Akhbar and goes on knife rampage … The left: blame mental health”. Note her paranoid obsession with “the left”.
But still the world paid no heed to Hatey Katie, and so she decided to just make it up. “Police confirm Sydney Stabbing terrorist was a Muslim convert with terrorist ideologies … To those determined to make this ANYTHING BUT Islamic terror YOU are part of the problem”. The Police had made no such confirmation. She’s just lying.
Having decided to lie, she then concluded “Islamist terrorist screams Allahu Akbar whilst stabbing innocents in central”. The reality was rather different. For starters, the man involved had the not at all Islamic name of Mert Ney. The Guardian carried a report including an unequivocal quote from one of Ney’s relatives.
I saw a lot of news articles saying it was about terrorism, but our family doesn’t practice Islam. Obviously, I know I am dark skinned and I look like I am from the Middle East, that’s going to be the obvious thing. But I’m not Islamic, my mum’s not Islamic, my sister isn’t Islamic, my dad is probably an atheist. We’ve got nothing to do with Islam at all”.

Also, Ney really did have mental health issues. As to the terror angle, the Police are yet to make a connection - but Ney did haveinformation found on him about other crimes of mass casualties and mass deaths around the world” - on a USB drive.

Katie Hopkins is a paranoid, delusional, ignorant racist liar. No change there, then.
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Anonymous said...

Hopkins ought to get measured for an SS uniform.

The woman is beyond salvation.