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Monday 19 August 2019

Guido Fawked - Conned By Twitter Joke

What many already knew about the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog - and many more are about to find out - is that this is an operation that does not function on the highest intellectual plateau. Staines is not merely a vindictive bully, he is also a vain and basically stupid individual, as his latest faux pas has shown.
The Great Guido wanted the idea that a Celtic supporter had enjoyed a pro-IRA singalong with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be true. It was, as such things tend to be, too good to be true. But in he waded: “The Celtic supporter who said he had a pro-IRA sing-a-long with [Jeremy Corbyn] has protected his account... too late”.
Yes, the Fawkes massive had struck once more! But one Celtic supporter knew that Staines had been suckered by a Scottish Twitter joke, and said so. “Alexa : Show me a gullible moron … This is fantastic stupidity and absolutely highlights why you should never listen to idiots like this”. And there was more in the same vein.
Richard Chambers of Virgin Media News replied “So you *actually* think Jeremy Corbyn did a bass line air-guitar solo? You've been sold a cod here. Do you fancy buying some magic beans?” Hannah al-Othman of BuzzFeed UK warned “You’ve been had mate. You’ve dipped your toe into Scottish football twitter and you’re already out of your depth”.
And talking of Scottish football Twitter, it was not long before someone lapsed into the vernacular: “ya tadger, done up like a kipper by Paul the Tim”. Kieran Hurley added “delete your account you embarrassment”. Bill Bain put Staines straight: “Are you seriously suggesting Jeremy Corbyn performed an air-guitar bass solo to the final verse of Broad Black Brimmer while chanting along merrily in public with some random guy he’s just met? DB is having a laugh. We do this in Scotland. If we didn’t, the tears would never end”.
Well, quite. Another Scots voice advised “Jesus Christ, delete this before anyone else sees it”, while another couldn’t quite believe the level of Staines’ gullibility: “This is getting quite funny. I'm amazed at the amount of eejits that are believing it”. Staines’ past also got a mention, but not how he might like: “Paul, why did you get involved with Acid House?
Alan Shaw tried to let Staines down gently. “Aw no Murdo. You’ve not fallen for this either. The guy in the picture is Paul … The owner of that twitter account is not Paul … Jeremy Corbyn was at the game and no, he did not do an air guitar solo to any song … Paul asked Jeremy for a photo after the game”. Perhaps it was sinking in now, as one Tweeter reminded The Great Guido “The empire’s gone Guido, get over it”.
The Fawkes rabble has been conned by a Twitter joke, such is the desire to find dirt they can use against Corbyn. And now that their level of gullibility has been so handsomely demonstrated, there will be plenty more queuing up to con them rotten.

It’s not Woodward and Bernstein - more Dumb and Dumber. Another fine mess.
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Stephen said...

This will still turn up at the next general election though, and it will stick no matter how many times it is debunked.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm......Let’s see what the tories, New Labour, and their corporate media have lied about when trying to attack and smear Corbyn or to unseat him from the leadership of the Labour Party:

1. He’s a totalitarian communist.
2. He was a spy for the old Soviet Union.
3. He’s anti-semitic.
4. An unprecedented poisonous propaganda campaign in monopoly owned private and public corporate media, some of it outright neofascist.
5. Two leadership elections.
6. Coordinated resignations of front bench ministers on the hour every hour on an appointed day.
7. Coordinated resignations of some backbench MPs and their refusal to re-stand for election.
8. Political treachery by the likes of back bench traitors Benn, Cooper, Mann, Hoey, Harman and Hodges.
9. Propaganda attacks by thoroughly discredited New Labour prime ministers Blair and Brown and discredited New Labour cabinet ministers like Straw. Plus the same from gross failure Kinnock and propaganda clerk Campbell.
10. Propaganda attacks by a racist far right USA government led by Donald Trump in liaison with far right tories in Britain.

All of it has failed, and despite it Labour Party membership has increased now to about 500,000 to make it the largest political party in Europe.

Under Blair-Brown and their New Labour betrayal Party membership declined from over 400,000 to almost 200,000, an inevitable disgusted reaction to New Labour craven warmongering and continuance of despised far right socioeconomic policies.

Jeremy Corbyn is still in place and stronger than ever. Thus demonstrating decency is not yet dead in Britain. But it is a near-run thing. If Labour lose the next general election this country will have volunteered to go down the same cracked shitter as the USA.