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Saturday 24 August 2019

Adam Wagner - A Word In Your Ear

Barrister Adam Wagner is concerned. What appears to concern him is the view that others have of him. He clearly believes that there is an irrational dislike in some of those views. Yet he manages not to see not only that the adverse comment has nothing to do with whether others like him, but also that it is his own wilful behaviour, and indeed his unproven claims about others, which is at the root of the problem.
Adam Wagner

He mused earlier this week “a complaint was made to my regulator about me two weeks after I revealed I was acting in the Equality and Human Rights Commission investigation. It was by ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’. Thankfully dismissed as unarguable before I had to respond. Stressful few months!” Then he wondered why the complaint had been made.
And here is where he went wrong. “I have come to the sad realisation in recent months that there are people out there, who I have never met or contacted, who seem to have genuine animus towards me. It's a strange feeling, though I suppose part and parcel of taking a prominent position on a controversial issue”. Do go on.
Also, these are all just examples of the kind of abusive atmosphere which has developed around the Labour Party, which I have been talking about for a long time. These people don't realise they are proving my point for me … It's about the hostile denialism which developed in the Labour movement, epitomised by Chris Williamson, Labour Press Office, JVL and a phalanx of social media accounts”. And there is his problem.
Someone complains about him. The complainant’s name has “Labour” in its title. So it is the Labour Party’s fault. And this is a barrister - coming out with a wilful circular argument. It’s the same circular argument he applied when discussing whether the EHRC should formally investigate Labour over allegations of anti-Semitism, when he assertedthe Labour Party has a significant racism problem”. That’s for an investigation to decide.
It has nothing to do with animus: indeed, Zelo Street has applauded Wagner in the past for his stance on potential erosion of human rights legislation (see HERE), a subject on which, it seems, we must be eternally vigilant. But it does have to do, for instance, with his alliance with groups like the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, which has questions to answer over the behaviour of six of its Honorary Patrons.
Also, the CAA left several highly defamatory comments made about Jeremy Corbyn by signatories to a website petition live before eventually removing them. It also has to do with Wagner dismissing evidence seeking as “hair-splitting”. It also has to do with his being not only involved with the CAA, but also the EHRC: the potential for conflict is clear.
It also has to do with his assertion “I do hope that the EHRC goes ahead and investigates Labour as I believe it’s [sic] recommendations can be used for all political parties. Though labour also has some quite Labour-specific issues”. Once again, the impression is given that he had reached a conclusion before any investigation has taken place.

No, it is not about animus, but concern: concern that a barrister very close to the ECHR probe into Labour may be conflicted, concern that he is pre-judging the issues, and concern that he may be selective in what he takes on board. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Nobody with a modicum of commonsense would want to be represented by that moron.

The photo is bad enough. Imagine his appearance in wig and gown......

Anonymous said...

Is that what LSD does to you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was a wicked trip man. I spent three hours staring at the end of my nose and the inside of my eyelids.
Perhaps I should have put my glasses on?

'Enjoy this trip
Enjoy this trip
And it it is a trip..
Uno, Dos,tres,

Uno Dos Tres Quatro
Drop that Ghetto blaster!

Anonymous said...

re Anon link above.

"1. To encourage all Labour Clubs to invite their members to join the Jewish Labour Movement"

You don't have to be Labour or a Jew to join. You do have to be anti Corbyn and pro Israel though.

"Jewish Labour Movement was refounded to fight Corbyn"


"4. To express our solidarity with the ‘whistleblowers’ who appeared on the Panorama documentary."

If they are so brave why were their intimate links with the JLM not mentioned? Remember the appearance of two of them on 'The Lobby'?


As for the EHRC investigation, at this time it is just that. No conclusions published. Investigation driven by those with axes to grind about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, and the rabidly anti Corbyn Adam Wagner compiling the submission and acting on their behalf.