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Sunday 11 August 2019

Boris Ex-Wife Rains On His Promo Parade

The prospect of a snap General Election became yet more real this morning after a slew of carefully-orchestrated and placed propaganda supporting the Supreme Leader of the Press Establishment, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Bozo The Clown was going to be tough on crime, tough on criminals, and best of all, tough on foreigners.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

Hurrah for Bozo! He was all over the Mail On Sunday, penning a column telling readers exactly what they wanted to know: “Left-wingers will howl. But it’s time to make the criminals afraid - not the public … When Police catch a violent criminal, it’s vital they receive the sentence they deserve”. Hurrah for Bozo!
"Virus Johnson"? Many a true word spoken in jest
Our alleged Prime Minister froths “When you look at the spate of violent crime on the streets of this country, I think you will agree that the time for pieties is over. The time for action has come. We have knife-related homicides running at their highest level since 1946. We have seen a 34 per cent increase in stabbings of young people in the past five years”. And whose party cut 20,000 Police officers, Bozo? That would be yours.
This drivel was backed up by a fawning propaganda piece from the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, still pretending to be a journalist, in which he tells “he has put his staff on red alert for an Election this autumn … Mr Johnson and Chancellor Sajid Javid today unveil £2.5 billion to update the creaking prison system with 10,000 extra prison places”.
The problem is, this announcement is for electoral purposes only. No joined-up thinking is required. We know this as expert witness Sam Raincock has pointed out “No point having more police or prison places when cases are no longer going though the courts.  If not careful, in a few years there will be few barristers left willing to take on cases too!
What he means was explained by Neil Wilby: “Tomorrow: Bradford Crown Court has criminal trials listed in only 4 of its 8 courtrooms. Court 5 sitting as a County Court (not unusual). Leeds has 2 courts empty, but 4 trials listed as floaters (recipe for misery)”. That is why no joined-up thinking is involved. This is just a Bozo promo.
Also no more than a Bozo promo was the talk of longer sentences, as Zubaida Haque pointed out: “These policy announcements are being made in an evidence-free context. Stronger sentences are not a deterrent for crime and stop and search does not reduce violent crime in the long term. Why is Boris Johnson not being challenged more by journalists/MPs?” But he was being challenged - in a subtle yet brutally effective way.
The Murdoch Sunday Times has an article headlined “Prime Minister’s wife: I’m cancer-free after two ops”. Marine Wheeler, who Bozo abandoned when he went chasing after Carrie Symonds, has been treated for cancer. As Ben Fuller put it, “This is understandably very pointed from Marina Wheeler: I had wonderful support from my sister & children … Everyone knows what husband Boris was doing”. Well, quite.
And Pauline Lane added “As if we didn't have enough reasons to despise Johnson. Now we find he abandoned his wife while she was undergoing treatment for cancer”. The Bozo show is always, and solely, about one person - Himself Personally Now.

All that effort made by the MoS undone by a reminder - that Johnson is a complete shit.
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Steve Woods said...

If joke PM Johnson was serious about being tough on crime, he'd place himself in the caring hands of Mr Plod at the nearest police station for multiple offences of misconduct in public office.

Anonymous said...

An "increase in prison places".

I bet that has profiteering private prison companies spivs rubbing their hands in anticipation in the City of London and Canary Wharf.

Typically in the USA the accountancy term is "bed spaces". Where, by no coincidence whatever, they have the highest pro rata prison numbers in "the civilised world".

Might be an idea to check which MPs have shares in private prison companies......