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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Brexit Party Presents The Stepford Daughters

Some bemusement has been caused to many on the left, and who are not fans of driving the UK economy off a no-deal Brexit cliff edge, at a video recorded earlier this month by two young women who are ardently right-wing, and ardently pro-Brexit. The two are also, to no surprise at all, equally ardent fans of the Brexit Party.
Alice and Beatrice Grant

Alice and Beatrice Grant are two highly privileged individuals on whom a no-deal Brexit will have most likely no effect at all. They are unlikely to struggle to put food on the table, or find somewhere to live (and, should they lower themselves to such demeaning behaviour, work) in the near future. For them, the world is excellent.
One mildly creepy video ...
... is very much like the next one

So they put together their videos, all too obviously cut and spliced to allow them to read from a script, where each of them in turn declaims a series of unsubstantiated claims about the EU, Socialism, the UK Constitution, and their beloved Brexit Party. The effect is mildly creepy. And because they are so obviously privileged, it convinces no-one.
The impression is given that the two are mere I-Speak-Your-Weight machines for easily persuaded Brexiteers. Notice the blank look on the face of the non-speaker in those videos. Note also the mindless slogans they Tweet. Take, for instance, Alice’s response to the EU concluding the Mercosur trade deal. “This EU deal is an ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER for Europe & South America. It leads to further deforestation of Amazon Rainforest for cattle farming & soy bean growth, it's an attack on the vulnerable Indigenous peoples of the Amazon & it's a betrayal of Europe's farmers & agriculture”.
Citation? Where she’s going, she won’t need citations. And here’s shameless Beatrice to back Alice up. “As usual the GREED and selfishness of the EU imposes itself using their trade ‘deals’ in the name of cooperation and fake prosperity. The indigenous tribes of the Amazon need our protection not deforestation”. Environmental concerns? A party headed by Nigel “Thirsty” Farage? Get out of here. And, er, there’s more.
Here’s shameless Beatrice again. "Lammy being pathetic as usual. The chains of slavery can be intangible, as amply shown in China, the Soviet Union and the EU; to deny that just shows your ignorance and petty hatred for the truth”. Two things here. One, best not tell a black Briton he doesn’t understand racism. And Two, the EU isn’t the USSR. It really isn’t.
Back to Alice, who pretends she knows all about the Labour Party, but doesn’t. “Labour has abandoned & INSULTED the pillar of this country, the working class, by fully endorsing an anti-democratic 2nd Brexit vote. The party that was once home to Eurosceptic legends like Tony Benn now only caters for the immoral, money hungry London elite”. A vote is anti-democratic! Ignorance is strength! The logic of this is Doubleplus Ungood!
And so to Beatrice telling her followers “The most elementary and insidious type of censorship is self-censorship. People are becoming afraid of speaking out & saying what they think or believe for FEAR of the consequences. We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be intimidated. Freedom of Speech Fascism mustn’t be tolerated”. You tell them, eh? That censorship is why they are free to churn out this mindless drivel.
Which brings us back to Alice, and that Socialism obsession, even though they probably wouldn’t be able to identify it if it jumped up and shouted BOO at them. “The EU have adopted a toxic socialist model designed to control & oppress the individual by centralising ALL economic and social power to the EU superstate, at the cost of civil liberties and economic ruin for all but the multinationals”. They have? When did that happen?
Anyone find that one racially tinged?
A campaigner for freedom RTd this. Yes, really

What liberties did I lose through the UK being part of the EU? But enough; there is no loss of individual liberty through any country being an EU member state. There is no EU superstate. There is no centralising of economic and social power. And Alice and Beatrice Grant give every impression of there being no-one at home.
RTing Breitbart. RTing Kate Hoey's made up quote

Which may explain the Retweeting of Breitbart and Holocaust denier Peter Imanuelsen, Alice Grant’s racially-tinged “Why doesn’t [Sadiq] Khan try to make ALL British Londoners feel safe and welcome in our own city, not just EU newcomers?”, and the frequent mentions for the Leave EU Twitter feed, with which Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice was so keen to disassociate himself recently because, it seems, of its recent bigotry.
RTing Peter Imanuelsen ...
... and InfoWars' Paul Watson

The poster children of the Brexit Party talk of freedom. They Retweet authoritarian intolerance. They talk well, but on the subject of the EU at least, they lie badly.

But they smile nicely for the camera, so that’s all right, then.
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Arnold said...

"The chains of slavery can be intangible, as amply shown in China, the Soviet Union and the EU"
Strange. It seems that the Soviet Union didn’t cease to exist in 1991 in their parallel universe. So it's quite conceivable that their EU is actually evil unlike ours.

Anonymous said...

"The EU have adopted a toxic Socialist model."

Er, no. Ask the victim nations bordering the Med. Or Yanis Varoufakis.

0/10. Must try harder.

Mark said...

Reminds me of those two young girls from about a decade ago who were extolling the virtues of Nazism and proclaiming Hitler as their hero.

Anonymous said...

That stuff about The Amazon made me Laff.........as I'm sure they look up to Bolsonaro as a "strong leader"

Wildswimmer Pete said...

Presumably those mentally deficient bimbos use the (socialist) NHS? Looking and listening to them they'd be hard pushed to construct a cogent sentence. Obviously reading from rote cards or from an autocue.

Unknown said...

Best puppet show on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Modern slavery? Ask Ghislaine Maxwell.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Thanks for this, Tim. Circulated it to everyone I know. Best bit of unintended propaganda I've seen for a long time. (And very popular with the inflatable plastic doll community I'd imagine).

MikeD said...

The real test of the new crop of extreme right wing commentators out their in social media land is; do they subject themselves to scrutiny in public? I've yet to see AJ, PJW, Tommy Ten Names or these two idiots subject themselves to a real grilling by a serious journalist in the media. It's easy to bat away or selectively answer critical Tweets with strawmen and bluster, but they all avoid any kind of televised interrogation. I know AJ and Tommy have appeared occasionally, then blamed the MSM for misrepresenting them (yawn), but the most of their daily online BS goes unchallenged in any forensic sense. it seems to me that 'new media', with it's absence of balance, is just simple propaganda.

The Toffee (597) said...

They're not real.

They're CGI with nigella doing the voices.

Anonymous said...

highly privileged for sure, since their grandfather was Multi-millionaire businessman sir alistair grant a former chairman of the bank of scotland

and their parents are also very successful businesspeople and extremely wealthy, so i agree about alice and Beatrice not gonna struggle at all in case of a no deal brexit, they were already born with a golden spoon in their mouths, privately educated and also hypocrite of these girls to criticize ''young rich kids who have not worked their lives'' since they themselves are the super rich elite who don't have to work in their lives

also those posh voices of them, not everyone in britain talks like that, only rich elite

zojo said...

They have followers?