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Saturday 6 July 2019

Tommy Robinson’s Inevitable Conviction

There have rarely been famous last words to match those uttered by clueless thug Ezra Levant of Rebel Media yesterday: “I’m back at the Old Bailey for Tommy Robinson’s trial. I’m optimistic - the last four judges in a row have sided with Tommy over Theresa May’s foolish attorney general. Maybe I’m naive but I think he’s going to win”. So it was that Stephen Yaxley Lennon was cursed by his own supporters.
Levant also demonstrates his crass ignorance of the law: he clearly has not read up on the law regarding Contempt of Court, and his constant attempts to claim that the judiciary is a tool of elected politicians is just plain flat wrong. Lennon got guilty yesterday, and he was always going to get guilty. It served his cause, and his supporters, to suggest otherwise. But only the deluded and ignorant could believe he would get off.
The arrival of Levant, along with two of his pals from North America and the inevitable appearance of self-confessed murderer Avi Yemini, was supposed to bring knowledge of Lennon’s trial to a wider audience. Instead, because none of them could be bothered to mug up on the law, it served only to propagate false hope and more ignorance.
The seriousness of what Lennon did in Leeds that day has now been revealed by Lizzie Dearden of the Independent (another of those real journalists who Lennon has attempted to intimidate): “Tommy Robinson has characterised his case as an establishment crackdown, but his Facebook live posed a real threat to actual victims”. Do go on.
The defendants had been split into three trials for practicality, meaning that evidence, witnesses and victims would crossover. Judge Geoffrey Marson imposed a reporting restriction under the Contempt of Court Act postponing reports of proceedings until the end of the last trial”. And then along came Lennon.
When Robinson broke it in such extraordinary fashion - a Facebook live video viewed by 10,000 people in real-time and millions since - it was at a particularly sensitive phase. The jury was out in the second trial, with first group awaiting sentence and the third yet to come … On the first day back after the weekend, five defence lawyers backed an application to dismiss the jury, arguing it was ‘inconceivable’ that jurors had not seen Robinson’s live stream or heard about it. One juror had mentioned his name as they re-started deliberations”. More than 20 men who later got guilty could have got away with it.
Got away with grooming, rape, all manner of abuse. Think about that. Stephen Lennon tells the world that he is protecting “his people” against all those predatory men. Yet his clumsy and selfish behaviour nearly did the very opposite. He’s a hypocrite.
And as for all the pleading by Lennon’s lawyers, this was pointless, as James Doleman, who knows the law, explained simply: “Breaching reporting restrictions is a ‘strict liability’ offence, like driving while holding a mobile phone, it doesn't matter what your intent was, or if you knew it was a crime, if you do it you're guilty”. Got it in one.
There was always going to come a time when Stephen Lennon’s little Wild West Show would encounter reality. Yesterday brought the start of that process. Next week he gets sentenced. And he’s likely to go to prison. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

The 10000th comment on TR and those like him exposing grooming, but so far none about the industrial scale abuse of young girls that has been happening in full view of authority since the 1960s. Why? I think we should be told!

In fact this blog has attempted to claim that Pakistani gangs are not the main perpetrators by laying into Masjid Nawaz. Yet I have lived through this and my eyes tell me it is true and what makes the courts is the tip of an iceberg.

Unknown said...

What a joke post this is there was no reporting restriction everything Tommy said was already in the public domain he was found guilty to shut him up those people he filmed going into court were already found guilty and were there for sentencing so how could he have jeopardized the case as it was already over one of the men is not even in prison he fled to Pakistan this is the biggest injustice in recent times and of the truth will always win

Anonymous said...

What, I wonder, could Waxy Lemons have stood to gain from the aquittal of these men?

Arnold said...

If he's not prepared to obey our laws he should leave the country.

Anonymous said...

"Got away with grooming, rape, all manner of abuse. Think about that. Stephen Lennon tells the world that he is protecting “his people” against all those predatory men. Yet his clumsy and selfish behaviour nearly did the very opposite. He’s a hypocrite."

Not to disagree with you needlessly Tim, but you are giving him far too much credit here.

SYL's biggest problem with his crusade against these groomers was that he invariably turned up after they'd been nicked and charged with grooming; he didn't expose anyone.

Now, if SYL were to make it his (lucrative) business to go around preaching the things he was preaching, how is it in his benefit to see the state/cops that he maligned locking up (and deporting) these scumbags? On the other hand, it would actually be quite beneficial to him to see them "get off on a technicality" or be let out by some bent liberal judge etc etc.

SYL could use that, and that is probably why he repeatedly tried to make that happen. He wasn't being clumsy.

Anonymous said...

He was always destined to do time in the slammer.

If he ends up in the same cell as Ali Sweet Pants I will be unable to control my mirth.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Oh dear. Grappling with the intricate workings of Stevie's mind, eh?
I think I'll watch the tennis.

Arnold said...

Unknown. While this trial may have been over, it was one of three linked trials. At least one was unfinished, and TR came close to it having to be abandoned.

Andy McDonald said...

Precisely. He didn't want people to be punished; he wanted people to be lynched.

Still, he may well come to have a Damascene conversion inside. Coming to see things from a new perspective. Having his horizons expanded. Or something, at least.