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Monday 26 September 2016

The Sun Is Back In Liverpool

The campaign to rid not just Liverpool, but the wider Merseyside area, of the Murdoch Sun has had its successes, not least the Total Eclipse Of The S*n initiative which is now advertised on several of the city’s taxis. But this has not stopped the Sun worming its way back into the city, as a quick look at this year’s Labour Party conference tells you.
How could it happen? Well, it’s not the paper we’re talking about, but the motley assemblage of overpaid and under-talented staff who work for it. Yes, despite the revulsion clearly expressed by so many in Liverpool at the paper’s continuing contempt for them, a delegation has still been sent to cover the Conference. And it’s not as if they have been hiding themselves away: three variously well-known Sun faces have been openly advertising their presence. So I will advertise it too.
First up is the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn, who was Live From Liverpool yesterday lunchtime on the BBC Sunday Politics. Newton Dunn is a loyal Murdoch man through and through, having been at the paper since 2004. He has had no problem in taking the Murdoch shilling, nor with the continued presence at the paper of disgraced former editor Kelvin McFilth.
And, just to round off the charge sheet, he supports Arsenal. But Newton Dunn is not alone at the Labour Conference; also advertising his presence has been David Wooding, political editor of the Sun on Sunday, who famously threw his rattle out of the pram with Byline Media head man Peter Jukes last year, rantinghow dare you question my integrity?” How? Er hello David, you work for the Sun. You figure it out.
Behold another Scouse hating buffoon

The BBC’s John Pienaar yesterday Tweeted “Live now at #Lab16 on @bbc5live with @DavidWooding & @Anoosh_C. Listen: http://bbc.co.uk/5live”. Wooding does have the benefit of hailing from Merseyside, although whether the locals know he’s a paid up Murdoch hit merchant is not known. But there is one Sun presence in Liverpool this week whom Scousers will have no problem rumbling.
That is because, in addition to Newton Dunn and Wooding, there is also the deeply unsavoury figure of the Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent”, Master Harry Cole, who was there yesterday evening to Tweet “Top Corbynista internet guru @GeorgeAylett chatting up some girls outside Labour conference: ‘you must know the Red Flag?’” As opposed to knowing the shortest way back to Lime Street without an armed escort.
And they're all pals with this specimen

Cole once accused MP and Labour Mayoral nominee Steve Rotheram of “using [the] death of innocent people to further his career” (those being the 96 Hillsborough victims). He was one of the Guido Fawkes team that smeared MP Luciana Berger not once, but twice. When the Hillsborough inquest verdicts were announced, he was penning a lame article about the Tory leadership using WhatsApp - to keep the 96 off the front page.

So I’ve included a photo of Master Cole, just to help anyone in Liverpool who encounters this singularly repellent individual recognise him. After all, he’s a believer in free speech, even if it’s of the dissenting variety, and bringing the one message - Don’t Buy The Sun.


Anonymous said...

This is deeply wrong, but......

If you're ever introduced to a Murdoch cunt, immediately punch him or her in the mouth. You'll only want to do it within a minute.

On the other hand......

Wouldn't it be great if one of those scum could work up the courage to go out in Liverpool on a Friday or Saturday night and announce to locals that he works for the Scum. One guess as to the likely reaction.

But when you think of the heroic dignity of Margaret Aspinall and the late Ann Williams and compare their courage to the cowardice of Murdoch jobsworths......you realise Cole and Co are best left to rot in their own gutless poison.

Paul said...

Watch out also for Corbyn hating Frank Field, who lost 7 constituents at Hillsborough, but that didn't stop him hooking up with Murdoch a couple of years ago in a bogus campaign against "Rip Off Britain". The story is here:

Anonymous said...

To Paul @ 13:36.

It's hardly surprising, though, is it?

Field is the one deselected by his constituency years ago - but reinstated by New Labour bureaucrats in London (before they were called New Labour). He's also the one who Blair instructed "Think the unthinkable" (read: attack our most vulnerable citizens in every evil way you can think up). And he's also the one the tories selected to tell Thatcher that she'd finally gone insane and it was best she shuffled off to a sanatorium - you must remember that one because she found tears for her own redundancy but not the millions she "helped" into unemployed destitution.

Frank Field stinks. New Labour (read: red tory) right through to his decaying marrow. The sooner he's out of the picture the better for political decency.

Anonymous said...

@3. Slight correction, my friend. It was thatcher who invited Field over to tell her what she should already have fucking known. She didn't trust one member of her rats' nest of a cabinet for advice.

Meanwhile, Tim, by posting the photo of weaselly gobshite Cole you could be accused of incitement (not that I mind, mind).

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 13:50.

Well, yes, maybe......but the last time I checked Thatcher was a tory. Given Field's "relationship" with, for example, Nicholas Soames, would you bet against it being a tory manipulation of Field? Especially since they knew perfectly well what he was. In fact everyone with a brain in their head knew what the fellow was - certainly his constituency officers rumbled him very quickly, which is why they binned him.

Sure, Thatcher "should have known." But she wasn't the brightest woman you could meet, nor was she sensitive to any anything outside her own crazy tunnel vision.

I'm also willing to bet the Americans had a part in getting shut of her when she finally went batshit and tried to tell Haigh he was "wobbly." Few people want to listen to a yapping poodle, and the State Department, the Pentagon and Langley are no exceptions.