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Monday 12 September 2016

Sun EU Visa Rant BUSTED

Into every world a little rain must fall, and a most unfortunate heavy downpour has just inundated the Baby Shard Bunker, where the obedient Murdoch doggies cobbling together the Sun newspaper have suddenly realised that if Britain leaves the EU, the Government will have no say on future EU laws, directives, policies or anything else they might dream up. They might even charge us to enter the EU - paid visas.
Not surprisingly, this has gone down like a lead balloon, especially as the paper wanted the result this way.  So to make sure their equally obedient readers don’t come looking for them, the Murdoch mafiosi have decided to strike first, and blame the EU for, er, being able to make their own future decisions without our say-so.

Under the headline “Fight EU spite”, readers are informedFIXING Britain’s immigration system is this Government’s biggest challenge … Yesterday Home Secretary Amber Rudd discussed the prospect of work permits to restrict the flow of jobless EU migrants into the UK … This is welcome and would be more effective than the points-based system rejected by the PM last week”. The same points based system the Sun had championed - until Theresa May, their new hero, rejected it.

So far, so predictably stupid, but then the mood darkens. “However, the prospect of a new cost to travel to the EU is far more concerning … It’s no surprise spiteful Brussels wants to punish us for Brexit”. It’s got sod all to do with punishment. We want closed borders and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, that costs more and the EU - now without Britain - is free to charge for that.

Anyhow, do go on. “But charging ordinary Brits to visit the Continent when countries such as Germany and France have had wide-open borders for decades is simply absurd”. Not wide open when travelling to or from Britain, though, so that is irrelevant.
In any case, what is the Murdoch press going to do about it? Well, very little, other than to say that someone else should do something: “The Government should fight any such proposals and will find allies in the millions of businesses across Europe dependent on UK tourists”. The Government will no longer have a place at the table. It can ask nicely. And then be told to push off. And the idea that businesses across Europe will miss a few Brits is delusional. Other countries go and do tourism, you know.

Then it gets worse: “The EU may hate to see Britain regaining control of immigration, but it needs our trade and tourism”. The EU, such as it will be, won’t give a flying foxtrot about the dopey Brits cutting off their noses to spite their faces. And it’ll still get our trade and tourism - we’ll just have to Pay The Two Euro for a visa.

The PM must stand firm” demands the Sun. The PM doesn’t have a say in the matter. Because when you leave the club, you no longer have member’s rights. You jack in your gym membership, what said gym does after you leave is none of your business. Likewise any other club. Like, oh I dunno, the EU.

The delusional Murdoch goons think we can leave the EU and still tell the other member states what to do. Now they have to deal with the harsh reality. Don’t buy the Sun.


Anonymous said...

If I was at the EU I'd charge every Brit £1,000 at passport control. No cough up, no come in.

This is called "free trade."

Or something.

Richard T said...

So when the wee geniuses of Murdoch's mouthpiece realise that the freedom to bring in drink and fags ceases when we are out I suppose that the whining will reach deafening levels.

Anonymous said...

That's assuming the cheap flights to get them across La Manche to load up on duty free still exist.

There are complex rules about where airlines have to be based to benefit from EU open skies policies - all these rules need renegotiation - and these rules also apply to flights across the Atlantic.

Drip drip, reality dawns!

Anonymous said...

Has it sunk in that a Brexit might not be beneficial to media?

There's a growing concern about how information gets so easily passed across borders.

The latest Hillary episodes and the catalyst which is the conspiracy world will seal it.

Good luck

You will need it.

Anonymous said...

When will people realise the EU needs us more than we need them, as Merkel has twigged, but none of the bEUrocrats have twigged?!

It's the EU that NEEDS access to the *UK* single market.

And they ain't going to get it charging Brit tourists more than "refugees" to spend their money in bankrupt Med countries!!!