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Saturday 17 September 2016

Don’t Menshn Globalists

Out there on the right, the need to smear those at the other end of the political spectrum appears to be increasingly urgent, especially so if the level of desperation being applied to the smearing is anything to go by. One reliable recent smear dumped at the centre-left, and especially directed at the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, is to make accusations of anti-Semitism, whatever the reality of the situation.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

This has meant taking on board the idea that a party whose leader until May 2015 was Jewish became anti-Semitic in the space of less than four months, which is creative, but not in the least plausible. So there is now a search for more faux anti-Semitic memes, and here we encounter a supremely wrong-headed idea from (fortunately) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, for whom reality is a concept of great flexibility.
This means she has no problem in inventing new ways of smearing anyone anywhere near Labour with the taint of anti-Semitism, her latest wheeze being “‘Globalists’ is, like ‘zionists’ or ‘zios’ the new antisemitic code word for Jews”. Got that? Anyone calling “globalists” on anyone else is being an anti-Semite, and targeting Jews.
Here goes, then: how about this example from last June? “it would be if Vote Leave did any of those things. Which we aren't. We are globalists. Yours from NY”. Does this mean Vote Leave are Jews? Is the person calling them out an anti-Semite? That’s strange, because that person is Ms Mensch, and she backed Vote Leave.
Still, never mind, I’m sure it was an isolated occurrence. How about this Tweet from two days after the referendum? “#Brexit was our globalist movement”. It’s, er, Ms Mensch again, calling the movement of which she was part out for being, er, Jews. And calling herself anti-Semitic. Can it get any worse? It certainly can.
Fast forward to last month, and there she is again: “Lol … I am enjoying all the sad Pepes watch the globalist neocons kick Trump's flabby orange arse. Too much fun”. So by her latest reasoning, she is once again being anti-Semitic and calling someone else Jewish. She’s got this one totally wrong, hasn’t she? And not for the first time.
Just to really put the lid on it, here she is from the same day she was advancing the pretence that saying “globalist” was anti-Semitic and code for Jews. “Ed Balls is a neoliberal/neocon/globalist/elitist traitor to working people”. Er, Ed Balls is C of E. He worked alongside Ed Miliband, but that does not make him Jewish. Unless you’re a crackpot conspiracy theorist who’s not in touch with the real world.

Not that any such suggestion is being levelled at Louise Mensch, you understand.


Anonymous said...

Has she finally sorted the difference between 'fabric' and 'Brexit'?

Arnold said...

Or she's confusing Ed Balls with Ed Miliband. Who knows? Or cares?

Concerned of Weybridge said...

She's so out of date! The really new antisemitic code words for jews are 'right wing' and 'tory'. You hear Labour supporters using them all the time and Labour supporters are antisemitic so they must be racial/religious slurs. 'Blairite' is the next new anti-Semitic code word for jews but it hasn't been cleared by the BBC/Trotskyist/Remain clique currently running Labour yet.

Anonymous said...

The deeply unpleasant Mensch (plastic face, plastic voice, plastic soul) lives in a country which has just signed off a $38 billion "gift" to Israel to buy even more arms. People like Mensch will presumably find religious fulfilment in the thought of all those new weapons to murder Palestinians (500 children plus dead in the summer of 2014 alone) but many of us simply find it all extremely disturbing.......The reality is that Mensch and her ilk are desperate to see opposition to Israel outlawed completely, and so they tell lies about religion. Just look at the report into "anti-Semitism" among Labour Party supporters at Oxford University. Evidence was far lower than "he looked at me in a funny way" grade, and yet it was blown up into a "crisis" by shrieking propagandists like Mensch. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

"...working people..."?

Aren't they "Only little people [who] complain" as typified by the same arse wipe who's never done a day's work in her life?