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Monday 19 September 2016

Momentum Kids Hitler Hypocrisy

While Jeremy Corbyn and his followers do not always help their cause when it comes to communicating their message, the sheer wilfulness of many in the press to ignore reality and portray anything Jezza-related as being the product of totalitarian ideologies from the darkest periods in history is becoming just plain silly. And peak silliness appears to have been achieved with the launch of an idea called Momentum Kids.
Don't mention the Dickhead

What that? Well, two Mums in Stroud - note, not Islington, but a small town out in Middle England - set up facilities for “single parents and sole carers” to get access to “breakfast clubs, after school sessions and child care” to “facilitate their political engagement”. Most of those involved in politics, as Adam Bienkov at Politics Home has pointed out, are “middle-class, middle-aged men”. Women and single parents getting involved must be A Good Thing - unless it happens to be related to Corbyn and Momentum.
Which brings us inevitably to those out there in the right-leaning press, who decided even before the Momentum Kids announcement that they were going to rubbish it, notably the Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent”, the flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, who took to Twitter yesterday evening to tell “An embargo will be lifted at 2200 that is going to have Twitter laughing a lot”. Objective reporting? You wish.
Instead, Cole was there at 2200 hours to fraudulently tell “Not a joke. Momentum launch socialist "kids" wing for "children’s involvement". Includes education program #TrotTots”. Laugh? I thought I’d never start. And there’s no education programme. But his sneering attitude was duly copied by other like minded hacks, with Kate McCann of the no longer upmarket Telegraph gleefully echoing “Oh that's GOOD #trottots”.
It got worse. Lynn Davidson, also from the Sun, offered the hashtag “#tinytrots”. James Lyons, of the supposedly upmarket Sunday Times, chipped in with “MiniTrots (bit '80s but then that works)”. And Master Cole went full pants on fire with “While denying they're a sinister organisation run by hard left children, Momentum launch socialist indoctrination course for kids”, despite there being no indoctrination, or indeed any course.
So giddy with self-congratulation had Cole become that he then Retweeted this comment: “Kinderpolitics! God, guys, this is the best joke I've ever made. Sheesh”. You know, sounds like German, and you know what that means - yes, the Third Reich! Er, hello Master Cole, remember “Last Saturday Ken said he wasn't going to do any more interviews about Hitler. He's onto his second live TV of the day”? And there’s more.
Ken, it's not just what you were saying about Hitler. It's why and when you keep saying it … ‘No the Labour Party didn't check their facts…’ says Ken Livingstone... while on TV discussing.... you guessed it... HITLER”. Banging on about the Nazis is A Very Bad Thing if you’re in the Labour Party, but it’s fine when Labour is getting slagged off.

Two Mums from Stroud setting up a childcare co-op - just what the cream of UK journalism needs to show the world that it is nothing of the sort.


Man From Atlan said...

I like the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner ad that just ran here:)

Anonymous said...

My fading memory recalls a doggedly right-wing pressure group calling itself 'Familes For Defence' in reply to CND. Lady Olga Maitland? Full of wealthy mums, darling children, nannies, Labradors, Range Rovers, etc. Does anyone remember this 'family-orientated' outing?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1901.

Gosh, that sounds WONDERFUL.

Not like all those nasty lefties threatening our tax subsidies and public school charitable status.

I'm all in favour of a Home Counties Jugend. If we haven't already got one.

Frankie D. said...

It's a bloody stupid name, for a start. Of course it's going to be portrayed as sinister.