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Thursday 15 September 2016

Don’t Menshn Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, gave the State of the European Union address yesterday, and as is the custom nowadays, there was a Twitter hashtag for questions, #AskJuncker. This precipitated the usual lame convocation of ranters, bigots, and others of less than gainful employment, who posted their customary mix of cynicism and forthright abuse, to no effect whatever.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Joining in the fun - well, it must have seemed like that to her, at least - was (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who is supposed to be running the Murdoch-bankrolled website Heat Street, but appears not to be giving it her full attention right now. Ms Mensch was her usual obsessive self, giving her followers a nice warm feeling, but inducing little more than hilarity elsewhere. Except for those who ignored her completely.
The idiocy got off to a poor start: “Lightbulbs are banned #AskJuncker #Brexit means we can get the good ones back incidentally”. Obsolete technology goes not equal “good ones”. Have another go. Is Ms Mensch a hypocrite for applying to become a citizen of the USA? “WhEU says?” Er, everyone who asks. Not relevant here. Try again.
#AskJuncker do you remember when I wrote this story and it made it to @Drudge? Good times, noodle salad”. I do indeed remember it, and have not included a link as it is highly defamatory. Still, minor point, eh? “Who has less of a problem with alcohol, you or Father Jack? #AskJuncker”. Now that she no longer “self medicates” with the falling over water, Ms Mensch does get remarkably righteous about the subject.
 “#AskJuncker will you stand for election again so EU voters can decide on your candidacy? Oh silly me, you don't do votes, do EU?” Juncker is ultimately accountable to the European Parliament, but Ms Mensch has a problem understanding democracy. Then she loses it completely: “#AskJuncker how ya like me now, little man?”. He ain’t listening.

 Try again. “#AskJuncker why EU so obsessed with me?” See above, and Ms Mensch is the one who does obsession, as anyone observing this latest meltdown will see. “#AskJuncker what do you think of referedums where they don't vote again until they get it right (ie British ones)?” Like 1975? And some people can spell referendum correctly.

And for those not listening, she just jumped into the conversation, as Jon Worth discovered: “Oh no @jonworth @BrunoBrussels #AskJuncker is made of win. You need to hear our contempt, that's the EU public speaking”. Unfortunately, she did not include an English translation. And then she claimed to have started the hashtag: “I did. Well, I liberated the tag. A little earlier this morning. And a good morning's work it was #AskJuncker”. Whatever, just make it up and keep ranting.

Louise Mensch still knows hardly anything about the EU, except that she is irrationally opposed to it. And remember folks, they allowed her to become an MP.


Anonymous said...

Good God.

Does her keeper know she got out?

rob said...

I suspect she's been junckerting a bit too much in the New Yok Heat.

It's all in the mind you know!

joe said...

She reads like she is drunk...which is amusing considering her alcohol jab.