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Thursday 22 September 2016

Rod Liddle - Still A Creep

What d’you think is the motivation for all those refugees coming out of Africa and the Middle East in the past few years? Famine, war, persecution and other upheavals would be at the top of that list. But names like Amal Clooney? How would comments by a human rights lawyer induce millions to up sticks and make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, and the overland trek across eastern Europe?
I've just had the one, honest

The answer is that they would not, but in the strange parallel universe inhabited by those who scrabble around the dunghill that is Grubstreet, all ills may be conveniently dumped on those they dislike, or in the case of Ms Clooney, envy. So it is that the Mail has gone after her today with “Spare us from these bleeding heart luvvies like the Clooneys who lecture us on migrants while jetting off from mansion to mansion”.

And over at the Baby Shard bunker, professional Miserable Git Rod Liddle, confirming the downwards career path of someone who once held down the editorship of the BBC Today programme, has waded in withAngela Merkel has finally admitted making a huge mistake on migrant crisis in Europe… if only our luvvies would do the same”.

And there was more: “Posh luvvies have done enough damage already and it is time for them to apologise as 2016 is now the worst year ever for migrants drowning in the Med, says Sun columnist”. Yes, Liddle clearly believes that “luvvies”, that increasingly loaded and pejorative term used to describe anyone more famous than him who he doesn’t like, have caused the refugee crisis in southern and eastern Europe.

Liddle claims, perversely, that no-one should have been saved from drowning in the Med: “We should have made it absolutely clear that no migrants crossing illegally by sea would be allowed in. None. Then more lives would have been saved”. Exactly how this works, we are not told. But we are told who is to blame: “Largely the posh luvvies and their tiresome wags. Moppety actress Carey Mulligan is the latest to wring her hands and say she’s ‘ashamed to be British’”. And then he lets loose at Ms Clooney.

The same goes for the hugely irritating and smug Amal Clooney, ticking off the British Government for not letting more migrants in … Amal, Carey, Simon [Schama]  and indeed, Angela [Merkel]. Please keep your traps shut … You have done enough damage already”. Two things here. Britain is hardly letting any refugees in. And policy is not made on the say-so of lawyers, no matter how well connected they might be.

What we have here is a washed-up has-been, eking out his career churning out hit pieces to order for the Murdoch mafiosi, trying desperately to divert attention from the approaching shit-storm that is Britain’s departure from the EU, something his paper, and especially his proprietor, wanted to see, and now dread the backlash when the readers figure out they’ve been had for mugs. Hence blaming someone well-known.

Stanley Baldwin was right: “The power of the harlot through the ages - power without responsibility”. And Rod Liddle is still a creep. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

The point about Liddle is not merely his employment as a Murdoch shill. It's that he was an editor at the BBC.

Anybody who thinks ranting righty crackpots are limited to the Murdoch-Rothermere axis simply hasn't paid attention to the direction taken by BBC "News" in the last few decades. From Gollum on Newsnight to Neil to Marr to ineffable crooked-mouthed Kuenssberg...it has become nothing more than right wing tabloid TV. BBC Radio is little better.

ITN is typified by Bradby, a shill plainly en route to Fox News. C4 News, now facing cutbacks, has the outright evil of Hilsum, Rugman and Miller on international "news" and the Yankified Frei trying to push Guru-Murthy to one side.

The total picture is of "news" organisations and front men and women who wouldn't know a principled broadcast or article if it jumped up and bit them on their bribed arse holes.

Liddle?......Just a chip off the same old corrupt right wing block.

asquith said...

I think I might have said this before but Liddle, in his pathetic tough guy pose and attempts to keep up with genuinely insane and sociopathic people like Delingtwat, strikes me as that loser in the playground who hangs round with the hard kids in the hope that he won't get picked on himself and he'll somehow become less pathetic by winning their acceptance.

This then is the Rod Liddle song.

Andy McDonald said...

Rod Liddle - what happens when you feed Littlejohn and Clarkson into that thing from The Fly...

Steve Woods said...

I always thought Angela Merkel was a politician, not a "luvvie" and therefore wish to thank Mr. Liddle for correcting my misconception.

Tiggy Pallas said...

I do agree with you but I'm not sure why you referred to Laura Kuenssburg with a comment on her appearance. I Also think she shows incredible right wing bias but I'm also of the opinion that that has nothing to do with the direction her mouth points.

Anonymous said...

Snowflake heads across the world implode, Liddle is not a creep, he's just doing his job.