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Saturday 10 September 2016

Sun Tinfoil Hat Hypocrisy

You may not have heard of Sarah Douglas. This is not an uncommon state of affairs: very few people have heard of Sarah Douglas, and thus the problem for Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun. Because Ms Douglas is the Sun’s Social Media Manager. Yes, a newspaper that gives the impression of terminal social media ineptitude actually has a Social Media Manager.
Daniel Morgan

Ms Douglas’ priorities, after food, drink and the kind of observational humour that suggests she would be unwise to give up being an inmate of the Baby Shard Bunker any time soon, have of late included sneering at playwright and journalist Peter Jukes, in a way that suggests either that she has not had the message from Rupert Murdoch, or that Rupe was less than sincere in his response to Jukes’ friend Alastair Morgan.

I will explain. Morgan’s brother Daniel was brutally murdered in the car park of a South London pub 29 years ago. The case has sparked numerous investigations and inquiries, trials have begun and been abandoned, and still the Morgan family do not have the answer to the straightforward question - who killed Daniel Morgan and why? The killing, along with the involvement of the Murdoch Screws, is now the subject of a Panel Inquiry.
Rupert Murdoch was asked by Alastair Morgan if he would cooperate with the Panel Inquiry. His response was generally positive. So it will have taken all concerned aback to see the Sun’s Social Media Manager indulging in the kinds of cheap and vicious smears for which the paper tends to call out others - against those publicising the Daniel Morgan case. When Ms Douglas said “Peter Jukes is making a podcast”, she included a video of someone making a tinfoil hat. This was not an accident.
She also took to Twitter to tell “I assume Peter Jukes is going to accuse me of something fucking mad again now. Worried his tinfoil hat is too tight”. They’re all charm at the Sun. Why should this be? Ah well. She has now told the world “I blocked Peter Jukes and Byline after he tweeted me from both of them for about 12 hours. Good to see he's using his podcast account now”. She doled out crude abuse and then blocked the target.
Worse, that target was publicising not some kind of conspiracy theory, but bringing an actual unsolved murder case to a wider audience. And it gets worse still: while the Sun’s Social Media Manager is calling “tinfoil hat” on others, her own paper is promoting, er, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. About the September 11 attacks on New York City.
There it is: “TWIN TOWER TRUTH? Conspiracy theorists believe this video is proof the Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled explosion on 9/11 … People have come up with a new theory on who was to blame for the horrific attack”, with the article ending “Could this latest theory be enough revive research into the events of 9/11?” QTWTAIN.

The Murdoch Sun, folks: facing both ways on tinfoil hattery, while employing someone stupid enough to let us know exactly how sincere Rupert Murdoch’s response to Alastair Morgan really was. And the social media side still ain’t making it. You’re welcome.


Anonymous said...

There's certainly many reasons to be concerned about USA and the fact they do naff all about Roops is one.

rob said...

As La Mensch goes from absurdity to absurdity in the summer Heat of New York perhaps Duggers is showing off her undoubted trolling skills in the event the absurdity of one leads to a vacancy?

Or perhaps she is just another Murdoch jobsworth under orders from The KavNaff?

On the other hand according to her own website

"I get drunk and post nonsensical tweets that I then promptly forget about which you can read here"

So it's take your pick time. Perhaps all onf the above?