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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Milo Banned By Twitter AGAIN

A recent highlight in the world of fringe politics was the permanent Twitter ban handed out to blubbering Breitbart man-baby Milo Yiannopoulos, an event which was not only richly deserved, but that had been coming for some time. Yiannopoulos, an appallingly immodest individual with much to be modest about, had already lost his Twitter “blue tick”, but his combination of bravado and stupidity meant he was unable to take the hint.
The real Milo Yiannopoulos: a mere vapid creep

Yiannopoulos was momentarily down, but not out for long, and back he came with a weekly podcast imaginatively and modestly titled “The Milo Show”. Despite his suggestion that Twitter was sliding into irrelevance, the podcast was duly advertised using, er, a Twitter account. But this campaign to return via the back door has turned out not necessarily to Yiannopoulos’ advantage: Twitter has banned this account too.

After affording themselves a brief moment of celebration, all those people who rejoiced at Yiannopoulos’ original ban, while wishing it had happened a lot earlier, found themselves regaled by The Man Himself via the platform provided for him by the batshit collective otherwise known as Breitbart, where readers were toldThe twitter account for Milo Yiannopoulos’s weekly podcast has been suspended, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey continues to wage war against conservative media”.

Baloney. It’s not been just suspended, but banned, and it has sweet stuff all to do with political orientation. But do go on. “The podcast has been a massive success since its launch, with Milo talking to high-profile guests including conservative commentator Ann Coulter, pharmaceutical tycoon Martin Skhreli, and TIME journalist Joel Stein. The show debuted as the 21st-most popular podcast on iTunes”.

Wow. Ann Coulter! Like no other right-wing meathead ever got her on his show. And 21st most popular podcast! Just behind “Why chartered accountancy is not boring” by Arthur Putey, perhaps. Someone is clutching at straws here. But the most guffaw-inducing part of the whole saga is Yiannopoulos’ sad attempt to inflate his own importance.

This is from his excuse note: “Twitter is clearly stupid as well as biased. As election day nears, they’re doubling down on attempts to influence the result … there is no escape for Twitter on the question of political bias now … I suspect this ban is like the last one — part of the company’s desperate attempts to appease left-wing celebrities … It’s the end of the road for Twitter”. Sob! Sniff!! Blub!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!

Breitbart continues the pretence that there is some cachet attached to Yiannopoulos, telling readers “We will update this article as the story develops”, but there is not going to be any development. Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter career is over. It’s dead. Morte. As for his increasingly desperate attempts to grab the limelight, those too are now fading away.

The Curse Of Zelo, placed upon him in January 2013, continues to hang over Milo Yiannopoulos. His downward spiral does likewise. Twitter made the right decision.


Anonymous said...

"Left wing celebrities."

Good God, where has that moron been for the last 37 years?......Pluto?

In case he missed it - it's been in all the papers and all over broadcast news - this country has shifted so far to the right a mass-murdering war criminal like Tony Blair (plus apologists) can be described as "left wing." Sort of. By those standards, so can Bomber Benn and NHS Privateer Milburn.

There are no "left wing celebrities." Not in a country verging on McCarthyism......possibly a better term being McTernanism.

He's right about Twitter, though. Ninety five percent of it is utter shite. It's only constructive use is as a virtual rallying point for the disenfranchised and physically lazy......Which, funny enough, is what numbnuts like him are actually scared of. Him and the lower middle class cowering behind their curtains and burglar alarms.

Anonymous said...

Please......somebody tell me Yiannopoulos wears that jacket for a bet.

I can't believe even a card-carrying crypto fascist like him has that much bad taste.

Then again......the Vicar's daughter always looks like she's dressed by Andy Warhol after a bad night on the Colombian Loony Marching Powder.

So maybe there's some consistency after all......

LiamKav said...

"And 21st most popular podcast!"

Milo is a massive, massive, self-important arse, but isn't that actually an impressive achievement? If he had the 21st most watched TV program, that would be impressive viewing figures. The 21st most popular podcast on the UK charts is, for comparison, Kermode and Mayo's Film Review.

That said, it's not true. It's debut position in the US charges was #58 (23 March 2016). It did peek at #14 3 days later, but dropped down to #95 on the 23 July and then disappeared off the top 100. If he's talking about the UK chart, it's a similar story... it debuted at #89, rose to #24 at the same time as it peaked in the US, dropped down to #97 on the 8 July, and has also now disappeared off the chart.


Anonymous said...

"...but isn't that actually an impressive achievement?"

Er, no.

Except to other arse holes.