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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Karen Danczuk Delusion Exposed

Today’s Murdoch Sun, deliberately ignoring the Labour conference to go after football stories - as if you need to know where the paper’s priorities lie - has also brought us another instalment in the media soap opera that is the dysfunctional Danczuks. Yes, there on the front page is the former wife of (still) nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk and her latest love interest, in all its shameless and money-grubbing glory.
Will the smiles survive departure of the gravy train?

Picture exclusive … KAREN SNOGS HER TOYBOYtells the headline, as readers are treated to several snaps of an increasingly tubby Karen Danczuk looking momentarily happy as she lies back and thinks of the currency symbols. The headline is a mild exaggeration, too: her pal is 26, and an age gap of seven years hardly qualifies him as a “toyboy”. Nor does the Sun touch on the impending harsh reality facing Kazza.
While the Murdoch doggies have flashed the corporate plastic to secure the photos from Kazza’s favoured Sleb snap outfit Fame Flynet, she faces a significant challenge over an unpaid bill back in Rochdale, the prospect of no longer being able to tap Spanker Si for dosh once he is ejected from the Labour Party - thought to be imminent - and his media work starts to dry up, and the loss of that apartment in Spain.
You think I jest? A Tweeter who goes by the name of Anthony has claimed Kazza failed to stump up the readies for the work on her bathroom. “@KarenDanczuk nice bath. Bet this cost you a bit. Or would have if you had paid for it” he told. Was he the one who did the work? Well, no, but she’d already blocked him. Did she still owe money for the work? “Yes. She just keeps making up excuses and going on holiday to Spain”.
And after Kazza Tweeted that she’d been doing some cleaning, he replied “very nice bathroom you could [have] afforded a cleaner with the money you never paid to have it done”. Someone may be getting another of those court judgments against her pretty soon if that continues. And then there is Spanker Si and his tenure as an MP. I hear that the rubber stamp will soon descend on his expulsion from Labour.
That will mean Danczuk is less marketable, even when he gets caught leaving the Lowry Hotel with another (as yet) unidentified young woman, as happened last weekend. And finally there is the impending bad news about the apartment in Algorfa, south of Alicante, where Kazza has been staying while she continues her relationship with the bloke seen in all the photos. It apparently isn’t hers, and soon it may not be his either.

My information is that Simon Danczuk is to sell the apartment, a move that would confirm that he has rather less dosh to throw around. It won’t exactly fetch a king’s ransom - apartments in Algorfa, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa are plentiful and cheap right now - but it will need regular payments for local taxes, insurance, maintenance - and all the energy Kazza uses entertaining her new beau.

Exactly how enamoured he will be of Kazza when there is no apartment is not known.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the two young Danczuk boys are in Rochdale while Karen is in Spain. How much do they actually see of their mum? And after the domestic incident with Simon in Spain, which must have been distressing for them, how much do they see of dad? Where are the kids? Who is acting as surrogate?

Great parents, what?

Blackout said...

"increasingly tubby" is bit cheap Tim, you're better than that ;)
Especially since the rest of the post is spot-on as usual.

Anonymous said...

She IS tubby, and really rather plain. This is a woman who spent two years telling others how she's gorgeous, how she's lost lost weight, how she's now slim, with help from personal trainers, and, importantly, being rude to other women about their weight and breast size. Hers are of course implants. She used slimming apps for those selfies, and photoshop was used for many of the bikini clad shoots and set up pap shots of her hanging out of tight dresses the gutter press splashed over their pages. Those who pretend they are something they are not in order to gain 'fame'(notoriety?) should be prepared for exposure and fair comment.

keith said...

If Danczuk is to eventually get the boot from the LP, taking far longer than a host of other people recently, he will become in the media's eyes the first of the so-called MPs to be purged by Corbyn. I can see the headlines now.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. There's a thought:

Should New Labour Danksuck be deselected?

And, if he is, what about all those New Labour spivs who fiddled their expenses but "Did nothing wrong"?

And what about all the same gang who voted (a) To engage in an illegal war, and (b) Against an inquiry into said war? Or who offered themselves as "A gun for hire"? Or who ignored long available evidence of criminality in the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath?

Now tell me.....Where does Simple Simon figure in the above list? And who are the New Labour others?