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Wednesday 31 August 2016

Sun’s Lily Allen Obsession BUSTED

Singer Lily Allen was at the Notting Hill carnival last weekend. There, she drank some cider, had a swig or three of JD, and may have smoked a roll-up. And, so what? Well, for one newspaper, this was a big deal. A big deal that has spilled over from Sleb interest into the creepiest kind of obsession. Because Lily Allen has incurred the displeasure of Rupert Murdoch, a man with no discernible sense of humour.
Lily Allen

After the Sunreported” on Ms Allen overdoing it at the Carnival - that’s “reported” as in the online copy of the article featuring a video clip and Twenty-Seven photos - complete with the obligatory “an onlooker” (code for “someone in the Sun newsroom who’s good at making stuff up”) and graphic description of events, which involved an obsessive pursuit of her and her friends, has come another hatchet job today.

PICKLED LILY After carnival carnage we look at the debauched decade that’s turned Lily Allen from budding star to tortured soul … Mum-of-two pop star is partying harder than ever as her marriage falls apart - leaving pals fearing she's headed for an almighty fall”. Which “pals” would those be? As if you need to ask: we get one “source close to the singer”, which means a Sun hack who once met her.

Then there is “a source”, which means roughly the same as “an onlooker”, and just for good measure “a music source”, which probably means a Sun hack who knows how to download stuff from iTunes. All of those not-really-pals of Ms Allen agree that her life may be “spiralling out of control”. But it was an incident where Ms Allen was very much in control that sparked the obsession, not that the Murdoch doggies will tell you that.
The real reason for the Sun’s obsession is nothing to do with concerns for Ms Allen’s health, but a straightforward punishment beating meted out as crude and vindictive retaliation for what happened only last month, when she met Don Rupioni at a garden party. She didn’t just meet him, she let the world know about it.
Taking to Twitter, she told her followers “I'm at a garden party. Hope I'm not sitting next to Voldemort or Fromage. I might be sick”. Voldemort was a reference to Murdoch. Fromage was former UKIP leader Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. Creepy Uncle Rupe is clearly not best pleased at being snapped by Ms Allen. He will have been even less happy at her Tweeting a brief video telling “Liam Fox , Murdoch and Farage , breaking bread here”.
This showed the continuing ability of an interfering foreigner to stick his bugle into UK politics - and the willingness of clowns like Fox to indulge him. But it was another short video Ms Allen Tweeted out, showing Murdoch being led away by new wife Jerry Hall, that sealed her fate. It was captioned simply “Nappy change”.

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t do “sense of humour”. Nor does he tolerate mere upstarts suggesting that he might be past his prime. He therefore has to show that he is still strong. Hence the hit pieces in the Sun, with all their voyeurism and obsession.

That’s what happens when you cross Rupert Murdoch. No change there, then.


Anonymous said...

"she drank some cider, had a swig or three of JD, and may have smoked a roll-up"

Tim sounds like her publicist - she was a drunken wreck.

It was obvious from the second she sent those tweets that Murdoch would hit back. She knew it, we all knew it, and she went and made it easy for him.

She'll be the new Winehouse by the end of the month.

Gweedo Fawkes said...

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Drink some more yay.

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Drink some more yay!

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Drink some more yay.

When you sway
Through the rooms and your breath smells of fumes

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When your wife kicks you out on the grounds you're a lout

Drink some more yay.

As I roam and I burn and like some never learn

Thats a moron yay!!

rob said...

Irony from the same media orgsanisation that employed Sean Hoare to "party" with the "celebs"?

Do as we preach don't do what we do? Just more hypocritical journos being above the law.

No change there then from Murdoch's Mindless Minions.

LiamKav said...

"It was obvious from the second she sent those tweets that Murdoch would hit back. She knew it, we all knew it, and she went and made it easy for him.

Wait, are you saying that she was "asking for it?" That because she made some jokes to her twitter followers, she should expect relation and concern-trolling from the biggest selling newspaper in the country?

But yeah, she was certainly the only drunk person at the Notting Hill Festival. It's certainly worth the articles in the Sun (and Mail, who have helpfully provided 38 photos of her drinking and being carried). Women: know your place.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the "onlooker" is obviously the photographer. He or she is the person selling the photos, and part of his/her job is to say what happened.

You make some good points, Tim, but this one about press photographers and how they are quoted is pretty basic.

Methersgate. said...

Lily Allen has done a favour to the cause of representative democracy in Britain.