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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Breitbart Mental Illness Hypocrisy

The batshit collective otherwise known as Breitbart London, domain of such less than totally worthy individuals as James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole and pro-am man-baby Milo Yiannopoulos, is also the spiritual and workday home of the deeply repellant Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, who has, in between cheering for the combover crybaby Donald Trump, been indulging in a little racial incitement.
Behold a weapons grade tosser

There has been an incident on a bus in Brussels in which three people were stabbed. In the past, such news did not merit even a mention outside the city, and certainly not in the UK, but with the right-wing press and other media outlets always on the look-out to blame anything they can on Scary Muslims (tm), and frame any act of alleged criminality as a terrorist incident, these items are lapped up and recycled to frighten the public.
On top of that is the tendency not to trust official news channels, especially if their interpretation of the incident does not match the agenda of those wanting to spread a little racial and religious hatred. So it was that “call me Ray” told his followers “Two people injured on a #Brussels bus after a woman attacked them with a knife. 'Unstable' attacker shot by cops”. Note that “unstable” is in quotes. Because he doesn’t believe it.
Of course they're immediately calling the attacker in #Brussels ‘unbalanced’. Which perhaps tells you everything about her background”. And what, apart from a few nudges and winks, is her background? But he’s off and running, well, somewhere: “All I'm saying is there appear to be a LOT of ‘unbalanced’ people from one area of the world. Weird, right?” There do? Do we get any comparative figures? You jest.
All we get is a Grade A conspiracy theory, and from a master of simultaneously calling others out for peddling conspiracy theories while peddling them shamelessly himself: “Belgian media already going to great lengths to state: ‘The perpetrator of the assault suffers from psychological disorders’ … Public broadcaster RTBF says: ‘According to the first elements of the investigation, it is not an act of terrorism’ despite no info”.
That means it really was an act of terrorism, right? The truth is out there, or in “call me Ray’s” case, so far out there that he lost track of it. But enough: as Sir Sean might have said, I think we got the point. Saying someone is mentally ill is just the authorities covering for something worse, right? So let’s look at how the great Kassam discussed the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June, to see exactly how that works in practice.
Here’s the Breitbart account, which is still live: “Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has slammed anti-Brexit media, politicians and campaigners for ‘politicising’ the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP, and trying to ‘spin this as somehow [as] linked to the Leave campaign’ … [Remain supporters] seized on the murder of a mother by a mental patient to further their political goals”. Suddenly mental illness is a valid excuse!

How “call me Ray” squares that with the subsequent news that Thomas Mair was found fit to plead is not known. Way to go Ray - a rank, stinking hypocrite of the lowest order.

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