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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Sun Abandons Danczuk

The relationship between Rochdale’s no longer even nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk and the tabloid press has been a classic one in showing just who is the dominant partner in these affairs, and despite Spanker Si believing he could play papers like the Mail and Sun off against one another in order to score More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now, he is the one who has been screwed over.
And it’s not just the tabloids that have taken Danczuk for a mug: we now know that the agency that he engaged to provide snappers who just happened to be there to take photos of him and his current partner have also effectively taken him for a ride. Then, to put the lid on it, the Murdoch Sun has now decided not only that he is no longer of any use to them, but also to go public and tell him so in an editorial.

At first, yesterday’s Sun story about Danczuk having a brief relationship with a 22-year-old woman with whom he had sex in his constituency office - paid for by us the taxpayers - seemed to have been a classic Murdoch hit piece. But it now seems that the MP was in on the whole thing: the cat has been let out of the bag by the Daily Mail.
Looking straight at the camera ... shameless

Their latest article on the affair includes a photo of Danczuk and the young woman taken near the Lowry Hotel in central Manchester. Unlike the Sun, the Mail has shown that the copyright for that photo rests with Fame Flynet - that’s the same Fame Flynet that just happened to be outside Rossendale Police Station when he turned up to be quizzed on historic rape allegations, and was on hand the same day to snap second wife Karen.

What is also clear from the photo taken outside the Lowry Hotel is that Danczuk is looking directly into the camera, while trying his best not to show it. He knew the snapper was there. Whether he told the young woman is not known, but it is almost certainly not a coincidence that she is pictured wearing a short and revealing dress - that isn’t for her benefit, as she remains anonymous, but his.
That's how useful he is to the Sun

Some good it all did him: today’s Sun editorial is short and to the point, with the headline “It’s over, ‘czuk” and the stark message “SIMON Danczuk has been a decent enough MP. But his time is surely up … His voters must wonder how he has a spare moment to represent them in between sex romps and sending 6,000 sleazy texts to a lover half his age … His mind seems to be on one thing - and it’s not the needs of his constituents … With one or two exceptions … Sorry Simon. It’s time you stood down”.

It would surprise no-one to see Danczuk getting a payday out of yesterday’s Sun front page splash. But it will have come as an abrupt shock to his system to see the paper turn on him today. And that shows just how little he knows about the nature of the beast. The Sun, the Mail, and indeed Fame Flynet, have all conned Simon Danczuk into thinking that they were doing something for his benefit. But there was always only one beneficiary.

The press has extracted as much mileage as it can out of Rochdale’s MP. So now they have screwed him over and dumped him. He learned his lesson the hard way.


Anonymous said...

I heard from two media sources that after being arrested over tweets to young dominatrix, Danczuk actually 'papped' himself, tipping off a newspaper to which police station and which entrance he would be using when released. Actually taking a fee for the info.

I first became aware of Danczuk after publication of the book he was claiming to have written. Shortly after that when he - and his wife - started appearing in the Sun I tweeted him and told him that they would burn him. - I say that not to pretend to have any great insight on media behaviour, but to emphasize what an utterly clueless man he is.

Nobody so short sighted and interested in immediate personal gratification is fit to represent anyone as an MP

Anonymous said...

"SIMON Danczuk has been a decent enough MP."

Surely an IPSO complaint regarding accuracy is needed?

Anonymous said...

Danczuk is a fool.
The real winners in this sorry saga are the ones who benefited from Cyril Smith's civic largesse and grubby deals. Decades of systematic abuse and corruption was not the work of a lone wolf. Those who stayed silent or turned a blind eye because of a favour or threat from the big man need to hold their heads in shame.
Dancuck helped to expose a monster, but it seems he did it for base reasons - money and fame. An insecure narcissist who failed the ultimate test of good character. He isn't the first politician to crash and burn. He won't be the last. But Rochdale deserved much better than this.