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Monday 8 August 2016

Karen Danczuk - Shagging Hypocrisy

[Update at end of post]

After Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk made his latest confession - in exchange for More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now - to the eager hacks at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, telling how he was going to get help for his problems, just like he said he would before, but didn’t, his former wife Karen was out of the traps and milking the whole affair to score some publicity of her own.
Karen Danczuk - far less pleasant than she looks

Kazza may still be heavily dependent on Spanker Si for such trivial items as mortgage payments, payments on that white Range Rover, use of the “Gaff” somewhere to the south of Alicante, and much else, but she is also adept in the art of going after her ex-husband’s partners to the point of harassment, as Claire Hamilton discovered. Ms Hamilton, who dumped Danczuk last December, was forced to contact the Police.
So it was no surprise at all to see Kazza deliberately identify the young woman who her former husband had humped in his taxpayer-funded constituency office, whining about what the pair got up to on “her” sofa, while forgetting that what happened between her and Spanker Si in the first place might have been worse, given he was actually still married to his first wife at the time he got Kazza pregnant.
The Twitter rant was all too predictable. “Alex from Royton has been sneaking into my home & having sex with my ex whilst he had our boys. My home!!” Whose home? Isn’t her ex living there too? “He isn't - it's my home and he was watching our boys whilst I was working away … If Alex didn't sell story about my home I wouldn't  name her. Won't have anyone using my boys for financial gain”. Yeah, right.
It was OK for her to use “her boys” for financial gain, though. And the claim “Oh I have trust me! She sold a story but asked not to be named” doesn’t ring true. It was Fame Flynet who snapped Danczuk and the young woman in Manchester - that’s the same agency who both Si and Kazza use. Others were not impressed.
Melindi Scott observed “Not forgetting Simon was married with a young family when she got pregnant”. Just Jenna added “Was ok for her to soil the furniture with the married PT instructor too”. Sophena Houlihan, whom Spanker Si “sexted”, setting off his suspension from the Labour Party, chipped in with “not even married to the man anymore … desperately hanging onto the surname to seem relevant”.
Ms Scott also put one Kazza fan straight about whose house it was: “it's his house, he lives there & they're in Spain together. She's playing you”. But Kazza was still objecting: “Despite a deep clean, my sofa still smells like Bury fish market”.

Try wearing some knickers occasionally, then.

Whatever will Spanker Si and the pointlessly ambitious Kazza do to keep themselves occupied after the media circus decides they’re no longer worth humiliating? Who knows? And, indeed, who cares? It’s been a long 15 minutes, but it’s almost over.

There will be more on Zelo Street on the grasping Danczuks soon. A lot more.

[UPDATE 1725 hours: Kazza does not, repeat not, repeat NOT lower herself to look in on Zelo Street. So it was a surprise to see her Tweeting about the blog this afternoon, although the dreadful standard of grammar was only to be expected.
She took to Twitter to tell "I remember when Tim Fenton was a regarded journalist. Those same journalist [sic] who are at top of game [sic] now say he's a bitter 'Karen' blogger".

Yes, well, two things here. I don't call myself a journalist, and so have never been a "regarded" one. And Zelo Street has just four posts for 2016 on the subject of Kazza - out of a total of 625.

So maths is not her strong subject, either. Not unless it's got several noughts and a currency symbol, in which case she's up for it immediately.

But good to see she's interrupting her holiday to think of this blog. You know Kazza, the holiday in that "Gaff" south of Alicante. The holiday with the bloke you're supposedly divorced from. The bloke who shagged that 22-year-old on your corner sofa. Yes, that bloke, and that holiday.

Karen Danczuk - who can't even smear a blogger without putting her foot in it]


Anonymous said...

Oh the story is far more complex than even this. My lips are sealed, but suffice to say Mrs Danczuk and the tale of the young woman who briefly dated Spanker Si before she ended it with eyes opened more fully as the true nature of the Danczuks, shows Kazza for what she is.

I'll leave it there for now. Karen need not rant further about flogging stories to the press... and the gutter press has proved again it's aptly named.

The Scum.

How many more young women are going to be sucked in, shafted (literally & metaphorically) by these two before Something Is Done?

PC Plod, over to you.

Anonymous said...

PC Plod would do well to investigate under the Public Order Act. The tweets made by "Madam" Danczuk making public who and where they worked is tantamount to incitement and hate crime. Illegal in this country and putting those so called 'accused' at terrible personal danger from anyone who thinks they could be a white knight and take revenge.

Simon Danczuk is equally as bad in appearing not to make any attempt to get Karen Danczuk to withdraw/delete those tweets - and effectively condoning her actions. Not conduct fitting of an MP who is supposed to work for his constituents.

I feel for her children who have never asked for their parents to behave in such an sleazy embarrassing way. Can you imagine the schoolyard comments and teasing?

Anonymous said...


I think the Danksucks are a pair of sad, sick fucks clearly in need of counselling.

But don't you think you're in danger of badly overstressing their "importance"?

After all, they're nothing more than tiny symptoms of the kind of society we have allowed to grow.

Far better to ask New Labour why they haven't sought the truth of Dansuck's behaviour and motivations rather than their increasingly hysterical efforts to smear Jeremy Corbyn. But I think we know the answer to that already - maybe said Danksucks could really blow the gaff on the New Labour gang. Now that WOULD be interesting. Funny enough, dear Si was one of the first New Labour windbags to have a go at Corbyn......so who were his fellow travellers, as if we didn't know.

Anonymous said...

Now that the press has picked up on Karen's outing of the young woman involved very briefly with Spanker Simon, I hope the young woman concerned will expand on the whole vileness of what really happened. Kazza's playing innocent over the claimed payments from the press to Ms A don't tell how the press got the story and her contact details in the first place... and how she was basically screwed, and not just by Simon.

Given a choice between a rock & a hard place, Ms A had little choice.

Ms A's father is a retired policeman, just saying... and Ms A is a dab hand at keeping evidence...

The Sun remains The Scum, and Kazza and Simon both worked for that rag.

A reminder that being invited in to someone's home for a drink, and then having consensual sex with a man you are in a relationship with is not illegal.

Kazza loves a money & publicity making opportunity though. As indeed does Simon. I see they are on holiday together in Spain again.

yvette99 said...

Why is this man still a MP? The man is a total waste of space I once sent an email for one of his constituents who was had just been released from the hospital, she had serious mental health problems and she was being unfairly harassed by the job centre, the man did not reply!!! The poor woman nearly lost her home, thankfully she got help from the mental health team but nothing from that scum bag...get rid of him!