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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Heat Street Byron Burger Failure

If anyone needed to see the vacuity of the Murdoch-bankrolled Heat Street website summarised in one lame post, it was duly served up by Kieran Corcoran, presumably one of those 18 full time staff toiling in the service of (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, who has used one of the site’s favourite topics - protest - and tried to make something out of it. The subject of this protest was burgers.
As the BBC reported, “Dozens of workers at burger chain Byron have been arrested in raids by immigration officials … The Home Office said 35 people from Albania, Brazil, Nepal and Egypt were arrested at restaurants across London … A Home Office spokesman dismissed reports that a training event had been set up to lure workers to a location where they would be arrested”. Those reports set off the protests.

And where there are protests, there are what Heat Street and Ms Mensch like to call “SJWs”, or Social Justice Warriors. These are to be demonised at every opportunity. So it was that Corcoran came to cobble together his post “Byron Burger Protest Was Organised By Activist Arrested By Israel Over ‘Terror Links’”. Ah, terrorism as well! So perhaps there were some of those Scary Muslims (tm) to kick, too!

What was the story? “A professional organiser behind the high-profile protest against the Byron burger restaurant chain was arrested by Israeli authorities and accused of having links to terror groups … Eva Jasiewicz, 38, was stopped at the border in Tel Aviv and was subject to a weeks-long criminal probe over alleged links to terrorists in the occupied territories”. Er, there isn’t a border in Tel Aviv.

It gets worse: the subject of this post is Ewa Jasiewicz, NOT Eva. Anyhow, what’s she done wrong? “Jasiewicz, who works for the Unite union and has written for the Guardian, was front and centre in the protest on Monday … She spoke to large crowds, which shut down the restaurant for the evening, through a megaphone, and was quoted extensively in newspaper reports afterwards”. Unite! The Guardian!! A megaphone!!! The horror!!!!

But what of this “border in Tel Aviv”? What Corcoran meant was “Jasiewicz was detained at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport in 2004 while trying to get to the occupied territories”. So she was stopped at immigration control. As are lots of people trying to enter lots of countries. So she was then deported after week’s legal to-ing and fro-ing. Big deal.

What exactly has she done wrong by exercising her right to protest? You’ll love this: “Her opinions on Byron’s co-operation with the Home Office in enforcing immigration laws were carried by outlets from The Independent to The Sun to the Iran’s Press TV”. She has control over all of those? Wow. Do go on. “Columnist Owen Jones cited her separate times in a single outraged column”. Oh, just f*** right off. This is lame.

Heat Street’s obsession with smearing protesters is leading to some truly desperate barrel scraping. Will the Murdochs want to be associated with this drivel for much longer?


Anonymous said...

Be careful, Tim.

You'll be labelled "anti-semitic" at this rate.

Y'know, like Ken Livingstone.

Fishman Dave said...

It surely can't be too long before Heat Street follows Ms Mensch's previous foray into web-based, self-promoting platforms and auto-immolates. I have asked her if the articles come in the form of visions but to date have not had a reply

pete c said...

18 full-time staff plus La Mensch.

Obviously takes a lot of graft and midnight candle-burning to produce crap these days.

Still. keeps them off the streets, eh!