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Thursday 18 August 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos - Still A Crook

Both Breitbart, that convocation of the irredeemably batshit, and the Murdoch-bankrolled Heat Street have given rapturous coverage to a London appearance by pro-am Man-Baby and occasional squeeze merchant Milo Yiannopoulos, who has addressed the initial gathering of the Young British Heritage Society, whose members really believe that Conservatives are an endangered species and political correctness is A Bad Thing.
The real Milo Yiannopoulos - just a creep

For such people, GamerGate is not just about slagging off women who are reluctant to know their place. Universities and other seats of learning are stigmatising conservatives, and their freedom is being eroded by the march of the “regressive left”, but not because of nerdy inadequates wanking themselves senseless on soft porn flicks.

Heat Street enthusedThe gathering - mainly students at university, or even still in school - seemed to bear out his hypothesis that his ideas have an audience in Britain comparable to those which have seen his well-attended and controversial talks make the headlines in the United States”, and Breitbart told that Yiannopoulos “arrived on stage to roaring cheers from the crowd … wasted no time in ripping into campus PC culture”.

Sam Kriss of Vice News, though, was less impressed. After noting that the audience “was full of young men with pinched faces and gawky enthusiasm, displaying a full gamut of unfortunate sartorial choices … the Young British Heritage Society is the latest half-formed thing to rise out of our increasingly stupid free speech wars … The anti-PC brigade aren't angry that they can't say what they want; they're angry that when they do say what they want, other people sometimes disagree with them”.

But Kriss reserved his harshest words for Yiannopoulos: “For his fans, Milo Yiannopoulos isn't just a washed-up journalist with a head like a broom and a knack for annoying overly serious students; he's a living god and an object of desperate, panting desire … Milo is the king of the dweebs, but it's hard to see why. He is, in the end, a deeply boring man”.

All pretend style and no substance, and not for the first time. Indeed, Breitbart makes great play of telling readers “Milo wore white Moto jeans from True Religion, $299. Trail tank by Daniel Patrick, $80. Skomer cardigan in oyster white by All Saints, £95. Daniel mid-top sneaker by Giuseppe Zanotti, $795. Diamond crucifix, $6,500. Pearls, $12,500. Hair by Smooth You in Dalston”. Yes, he’s a cult. A total and absolute cult.

And what Breitbart are not telling about their erstwhile Tech Editor is the accusation that  Yiannopoulos, who “registered the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant in January of 2016 in order to provide grants for underprivileged White Males”, appears to have diverted the money received from donations into his own bank account. Thus far there do not seem to be any lucky recipients of this mythical grant. It would not be his first “money problem”.

His earlier creation The Kernel went bust after Yiannopoulos had to be taken to court by those he owed money - more than one person, and we’re talking five-figure sums. He claimed to have sunk £50,000 into the venture. He also left the Telegraph to pick up a five-figure bill for another aborted project. And now he looks to have been on the con again.

You want to know how a “deeply boring man” gets to parade the thick end of $20,000 in baubles to his adoring public? Follow the money. And fear The Curse Of Zelo.

1 comment:

Pete Hitchens said...

As much as I'd like to see him do time for fraud, it's hard to muster any sympathy for people who gave money to an obvious conman and his "Privilige Grant" fund.

Why not give the money to asylum seekers or something that'll really wind up "traditional" sadacts?