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Sunday 7 August 2016

Simon Danczuk - Taking The Piss

Another Sunday, another opportunity for Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk to prostrate himself before the salivating ranks of tabloid hacks  in order to shamelessly trouser More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now. There is no limit to the shame which Spanker Si is prepared to inflict upon himself, and by inference his two ex-wives, four children, and anyone else in the vicinity.
We know this from one look at today’s account of his sordid and sleazy behaviour, as so often splashed across the pages of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, which has told readers'I NEED A SHRINK' Sleazy MP Simon Danczuk claims he needs sex addiction counselling after latest sordid scandal … Sexting politician admits he needs 'professional help' in interview with The Sun after spanking session with young girl”.

So what’s new? Danczuk “has now said he wants to see a psychologist to help him stop getting caught up in scandals … The dad of four, who exchanged 6,000 messages with the 22-year-old bookies worker, said: ‘I’ve been immature, kamikaze and irresponsible when it comes to sex’ … And he said: ‘I’m going to see a professional about sex addiction and my problems with relationships’”. Does this sound familiar? It should do.

That’s because Spanker Si has spun this particular sob story before, and so has second wife Karen. The MP last yearadmitted he had turned to alcohol after interviewing abuse victims … He said he was struggling to sleep and would often wake up in a bad mood … Parliament, he added, offered a regular ‘MOT’ with a doctor, who referred him to a psychiatrist who had given him ‘permission’ to step back from campaigning”.

And there was more: Kazza appeared on ITV’s Loose Women early this year, with the Telegraph observing “Karen Danczuk has vowed to ‘take complete control’ of the life of her scandal-hit former husband … Mrs Danczuk vowed to stand by him despite their marriage collapsing last year …[she said] He needs help and I'm going to help him. I couldn't look my two boys in the eye and just say 'I'm leaving your dad out to hang’”. Yes, well.

So now the Sun is recycling the same sob story, just so Danczuk can score another payday. This includes letting everyone know “he said he feels crippled with guilt after romping on a sofa at his ex-wife’s home while their young children slept nearby” (that means another quick shag) and the mirth inducing “Danczuk said: ‘I had been so good, going to church, doing meditation’”. And to that I call bullshit.

Also in the bullshit category is Kazza telling that Si “had sex on my lovely corner sofa … It’s only a few weeks old and I can’t sit on it now. I’m going to have to throw it out … If there is one more seedy situation, I’m off”. And who is going to pony up the dosh for a new sofa, and make the repayments on that white Range Rover? As with her ex-husband, this is all about who’s paying, and how they can both score a bit more of it.

Simon Danczuk is now just taking the piss. The Labour Party should hurry up and expel him - then tell him to call a by-election and stand for re-election as an Independent.


Anonymous said...

Dear old Simon is the perfect New Labour MP: "Win" an election and screw everything else.

So what's the problem?

Man From Atlan said...

The problem, Anonymous 7 August 2016 at 14:19 is that Labour will not expel him and AFAIK no one's started the process to deselect him quite yet

Anonymous said...

@Man From Atlan.

But that's the usual corruption, immorality and hypocrisy of New Labour. It's entirely consistent with the majority New Labour MPs, but not the leadership.

That that he should be keel hauled through a Party meeting and shot the next morning is irrelevant.

It's what New Labour MPs want. Party members are of no account, according to them.

Hence the survival of you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

The sofa was bought cheaply from Sofaworks last December, so another lie she only had it a few weeks. Six grand? No way. The despicable Mrs Danczuk was today naming & shaming the young woman named in the recent press stories as 'Alice', posting on Twitter her photo, vile comments about her, saying where she lives & works. If your sofa now smells like Bury Fish Marker Kazza, as you claim, try not sitting on it in your cheap scanties while taking selfies for your sad fans to *cough* leer at. Classy? No Karen is nothing like classy.

Seems it was fine when she was entertaining her 'personal trainer' in the family home.

Karen is braying about protecting her kids. Perhaps she shouldn't bugger off to London every week chasing z list status (and not forgetting Bear Gryll's Island) while leaving them with a man she knows is a drunk with a penchant for young women and sex?

Perhaps Karen can expand on where she had unprotected sex with Simon (she got pregnant) when he was a married man with two children?

Karen has previous for maliciously tweeting about Spanker Danczuk's ex partners. One of them went to police about the harassment. It didn't go well for Kazza. Another reported Simon for alleged rape.

Pair of them are past shame, they just cannot live without being in the media and making cash out of it.

No doubt next week there will be a round of media appearances, Karen has already got her fake boobs (bought by Simon) in the papers today, in a too small white bikini, pouting and posing & generally looking ridiculous, while enjoying yet another holiday on the family apartment in Alicante.

It's all about the money. Yes, pair of them are just taking the piss.

Poor kids. Imagine having those two as parents.

Anonymous said...

The pair of them are a disgrace, Danczyk is nothing short of a predator.