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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Toby Young Islamophobia Busted

To no surprise at all, Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, far from being downcast over the backlash from the exposure of the Muslim-bashing agenda in articles such as1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ Sympathy For Jihadis”, and “6 days to terror”, have just carried on going after followers of The Prophet. The only difference with Yesterday’s effort was that they enlisted the services of the loathsome Toby Young.
More grown-up comment from the loathsome Tobes

Perhaps they thought that roping in Tobes would afford them a veneer of respectability, as he has been bunged an eight-figure sum of taxpayers’ money to set up and run his West London Free School. They thought wrong: the resultant article, “If you don’t like Britain being Christian ... leave” is as cheap and nasty as the rest of the Sun’s drivel.

Tobes begins by diverting his readers’ attention: “ACCORDING to a new report, the time has come for us to abandon Christianity as the official religion of the United Kingdom … The authors - High Court judges, professors of theology, a retired BBC executive and the general secretary of the Muslim Council of Great Britain - argue Britain has become such a pluralist, multi-faith society in the past 30 years it no longer makes sense for us to define ourselves as a Christian nation”. Then he slips in the M-word.

The fact that Britain contains fewer practising Christians than it did ten years ago … is not a good reason to abandon our Christian heritage … If you compare the 2012 Census to the 2001 Census, it’s true that the number of English and Welsh citizens describing themselves as Muslims has increased and the number of Christians has declined”. Why start banging on about Muslims? Who suggested that as an alternative to Christianity?

Well, Tobes did: “But Muslims comprise only five per cent of the population and Christians make up 59 per cent — still the majority … Even if non-Christians outnumbered Christians, as they may before long, that wouldn’t be a good reason for the State to sever all links with the church”. Ah, the Scary Muslims (tm) are coming to get us.

If Britain was to abandon its Christian heritage, it would be chalked up as a victory by … fanatics”. Nobody is suggesting any part of Britain’s heritage be abandoned. This may be because what has been inherited cannot merely be abandoned. One might have expected someone who runs his own Free School to understand this concept.

What Tobes certainly does understand is how to inject a little paranoia into proceedings: “The authors of the report want to stamp out Christianity in Britain’s schools, outlawing faith-based admissions policies”. Removing a faith-based admissions policy does not “stamp out” Christianity, or indeed any other religion. And then comes the real nastiness.

It is inevitable some of the values we already think of as British, such as Parliamentary democracy, religious tolerance and equality before the law, will be rejected by some religious groups … 27 per cent of British Muslims said they had some sympathy for the terrorists who murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and 80 per cent said they find it deeply offensive when images depicting the Prophet are published

That is a blatant false equivalence. And Tobes then doubles down: “How can we defend principles such as freedom of expression if all minorities, however out of step with the mainstream, are given a right of veto when it comes to defining British values?” Nobody is suggesting anyone be given a “right of veto”, certainly not on the questions of “Parliamentary democracy, religious tolerance and equality before the law”, all of which, far from being part of a centuries-old “heritage”, are comparatively recent concepts.

Toby Young is either stupid - the possibility exists, but in this case I doubt it - or he is writing to order, punctuating his gentle examination of suggestions that the link between Church and State should no longer hold with occasional shouts of “IF THIS GOES AHEAD, IT MEANS MUSLIMS IN CONTROL OF US ALL”.

In the 47 years since Enoch Powell gave his infamous speech talking of “The black man having the whip hand over the white man”, it seems that, for some pundits, little has changed. Except that Powell, however warped his worldview, was a genuine and learned intellectual. And Toby Young, sad to say, is not.

If Tobes is so desperate for money, that is his problem. It should not be allowed to become everyone else’s. If he doesn’t like that, of course, he could always just leave.


rob said...

"a right of veto when it comes to defining British values"

Surely the only veto to define British values are held by those foreign, or non dom, owners of newspapers and their non tax paying corporate buddies?

Anonymous said...

Tobes is also full of shit when he describes the UK as somehow being "Christian", just because that's what mostly non-religious Brits tick when asked on a census.

If the ever-more-empty pews and 100s of churches converted into flats are not evidence enough, when actually asked the question "are you a believer / religious", fully 2/3rds of those "Christians" vanish into the atheist ether.

What does the Bible say about lying, again?

Anonymous said...

Well, I "...don't like Britain being Christian..." for the same reason I don't like the notion of it being Islamic or Jewish. I'm an atheist.

But if people find some private comfort in the superstitious claptrap then democracy quite rightly assumes they have a right to do so - as long as they don't force their nonsensical "beliefs" down anybody else's throat.

Christianity is evolving out in this country (and many others) for the very good reason that an increasing number of people - perhaps a majority - regard it as irrelevant and ultimately dangerous twaddle. History shows why. The same thing will eventually apply to all religion, though we have a long way to go before we reach that stage.

Quite unconsciously, TobyJug demonstrates precisely why. The man is a cynical fool, a sociopath like all his type. The sooner he and they evolve out with religion the better. It can't come soon enough.

Of course as an alternative he can always emigrate to the Dixie Bible Belt......I'll even pay his bus fare.......

AndyC said...

'..Perhaps they thought that roping in Tobes would afford them a veneer of respectability...'

Surely even the S*n couldnt be that stupid? Then again.

Andy McDonald said...

He uses 'Cultural Christianity' as a positive thing, suggesting it means we (White British) people are all followers of Jesus but in a laid back way. Not realising that it's a derogatory term used by both the genuinely religious and the committed atheists to describe those who think they know the first verse to All Things Bright and Beautiful, attend church for weddings and funerals, and worship at the shrine of B&Q every Sunday.

He's an utter moron.

SteveHolmes11 said...

He may write a load of incoherent crap, but he's pulling down multiple paycheques on the wingnut welfare circuit.