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Thursday 31 December 2015

Simon Danczuk Is Finished

[Update at end of post]

Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk has featured occasionally on Zelo Street: the dirty tricks deployed against former council leader Colin Lambert, Danczuk’s less than ecstatic reception at the recent Oldham West by-election campaign, his attacks on his own party leaders all the way back to Tony Blair, the paydays for all those tabloid articles which he probably didn’t write, his going on the lash rather than attend the Syria debate, and deserting his constituents during the floods, all have been covered.
So have episodes like that of Nasreen Nazir, said by his first wife Sonia to have been “an old flame”, and engaged at the taxpayers’ expense as a Parliamentary assistant, which leads us in to the unwanted exposure given Danczuk by the Super Soaraway Currant Bun this morning - the story has also been lifted by the Mail - of his apparent pursuit by text message of a young woman who was just 17 years old at the time.

Think about that. Danczuk is 49 years old. He campaigns on issues like child abuse. He has a son older than Sophena Houlihan, the subject of his latest attention. He can have no complaints at the Sun’s front page treatment: “Exclusive: Shame Of Labour Child Abuse Campaigner … MP’S SICK SEX TEXTS TO GIRL, 17 … Messages led to Danczuk love split”. Even for the ever-slippery Danczuk, that is a career-ending story.

The headlines make for yet more grim reading - well, grim for Danczuk anyway - with the Sun telling “Want me to spank you? MP Simon Danczuk, 49, sleazy texts to girl, 17 ... EXCLUSIVE: The MP, who had previously campaigned against child abuse, actively bombarded job-seeker Sophena Houlihan with slew of vile sex messages that professed how ‘horny’ he was”. Anyone not totally creeped out yet?

Not to worry, there’s an equally toe-curlingly embarrassing headline in the Mail: “Labour MP Simon Danczuk accused of bombarding a 17-year-old girl with sexual messages telling teenager 'God I'm horny' and asking: 'You want me to spank you?’My information is that the Police interviewed Danczuk after an allegation of grooming was made.

The latest revelation comes after Rochdale Online told readers how Danczuk had taken photos of his now former wife Karen and his last squeeze Claire Hamilton kissing during a night out recently. And to that have to be added claims by both ex-wives and Ms Hamilton that Danczuk has a problem with his drinking that verges on alcoholism. However diligent his work as an MP, Simon Danczuk’s credibility is shot.

It’s interesting to see that Danczuk has one thing in common with his predecessor Cyril Smith: spanking. The only difference is that Smith liked doing it to young men, while Danczuk has expressed a preference for doing it to young women. And what he has now done is to learn, as in the fable of Icarus, of the dangers of getting too close to the Sun.

Simon Danczuk’s demise as MP for Rochdale won’t have anything to do with Jeremy Corbyn or “purges”. He wanted tabloid coverage - and his wish has been granted.

[UPDATE 1300 hours: the Labour Party has decided to investigate the latest allegations against Danczuk, and for the time being has suspended him. This will no doubt be spun by some as an act of revenge by the so-called "Corbynistas", although it is nothing of the sort.
What Rochdale's MP has decided to do, though, is obvious from his recent Twitter excursion: "Today's Sun story, while not entirely accurate, refers to an extremely low point in my life ... My behaviour was inappropriate & I apologise unreservedly to everyone I've let down. I was stupid & there's no fool like an old fool ... I'm more saddened that this episode could overshadow the important work we're doing to help Rochdale & that's where my focus lies".
Freely translated, this means that the Sun story isn't really true (questionable), that he's trying to be honest about his failings (first time for everything), and that he will continue to discharge his duty to his constituents.
Which means he is going to try and tough it out, shameless as ever. Exactly how long that lasts, with the inevitable slew of adverse publicity which will follow with the inevitability of night following day, will be interesting to see]


rob said...

Those who cosy up to The Sun tend to get burnt like Icarus. All grist to Murdoch's bank balance and as Simple Simon should have worked out it's the bottom line that counts!

Anonymous said...

Anyone'd think Danczuk went to public school and messed around with pigs' heads.

Given the sick history of politicians and child abuse, no surprise there, then.

Typical of the Scum and Daily Heil that they give more prominence to the "perpetrator's" political party than care for the victim. But both were happy to promote Danczuk when he attacked politicians they didn't like.

Poor old Simon's in dire danger of being dumped by EVERYBODY. Which can't happen soon enough. Pity everybody doesn't dump the Scum and Daily Heil too.

Brian Higgy said...

"However diligent his work as an MP, Simon Danczuk’s credibility is shot."

His trouble was that he wasn't very diligent in his work as an MP. His main focus seemed to be on filling his pockets. I mailed him recently about my concerns on his praise of Kelvin McFilth and wasn't given the courtesy of a reply. Hopefully we can now have a socialist to replace him.

Stephen said...

This isn't a thing to get him on, though. She's not a child, and the rest of it - spanking fantasies - is not illegal or even very unusual.

Shawlrat said...


Anonymous said...

Kismet, Hardy......kismet.

Paul said...

No wonder Danczuk ignored me when I told him Rochdale Council's investigation into child sexual exploitation had been less than thorough

Dot Cotton said...

I'm afraid I'm not 17 but Sexy Simon can spank me any time he wants.

Anonymous said...

"This isn't a thing to get him on, though. She's not a child, and the rest of it - spanking fantasies - is not illegal or even very unusual."

Nobody is saying he has done anything illegal, but he's clearly acting incredibly inappropriately. Sending sexually explicit texts to a girl who is younger than your own children - even if she is technically an "adult" - is sleazy. Doubly so when you've feathered your own next by grandstanding against child abuse. And that's without the nature of their relationship. She's seeking employment, he's a Member of Parliament offering that employment. For all her amateurish flirting, he is CLEARLY the one abusing his position of power.

Anonymous said...

Illegal or not, the girl applied for a job and some time later was receiving lurid texts from a 49yr old child abuse campaigner MP . Morally indefensible. And were these texts on an MP expensed phone paid by tax payers? Was it the same phone that "accidentally" liked porn?

Anonymous said...

Now that he's been suspended (preferably by the ankles or some other vulnerable part of his anatomy) it would be easy to laugh hysterically at his fate. Certainly his past behaviour more than warrants such a reaction. But it would be a trivial waste of humour. What matters is getting him bang to rights for the damage he's done.

Fate never fails to intervene sooner or later for people like Danczuk. You'd think he would've learned from the experience of other reactionary big mouths like Brooks Newmark, Seesil Parkinson and Paddy Ashdown. But it seems like an immutable part of their nature that such tedious old goats can't stop until they butt themselves unconscious.

Meanwhile, I bet the New Labour gobshites are less than pleased he's on their side. The sooner he and they have vanished from the scene the better for the political health of this country.

Sam Best said...

This is certainly something to finish his ghastly career. We have an MP with power and a job seeker. It may be legal but it's similar to a teacher doing likewise with a legal aged student even if the student willingly participated. If people cannot understand the intricacies of those with power and those without with a sexual element introduced then they fail to comprehend the whole sad history of teens being exploited. For Danczuk who has labelled himself an abuse campaigner this is unforgivable and wrong on so many levels. Good riddance and Happy New Year.

Crispin Fisher said...

Sending sexual explicit images to someone under the age of 18 is actually illegal and so is encouraging someone under the age of 18 to send such images could also lead to police action.

i notice that Sky News are still pushing the line that Danczuk exposed Cyril Smith, in reality all that Danczuk did was steal the glory for all the work done by others.

Anonymous said...

With the celebrity lifestyle you yearned for comes the celebrity pitfalls. Great paper the Scum eh Si? JFT96

Bob said...

I understand these texts are a few months old. Could they have been stored in the 7 foot high 'blackmail' safe in the S*n offices just waiting for the time when Danczuk had served his usefulness. Just another expendable idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wrong in law. Anyone under 18 is still legally defined as 'a child' both in UK law & the UN Convention (to which the UK is party). This doesn't impact directly on the age of consent (16) but recognises that young people under 18 May require additional legal protections and safeguards.

Those under 18 are specifically protected in law against exploitation by adults in certain positions of responsibility (eg teachers, guardians). It could be argued that both as her constituency MP, and as a potential employer, Simon Danczuk groomed and attempted to exploit a child of 17 who was still in school. One of the key issues might be whether there is a case to answer relating to misconduct in a public office, a serious criminal offence under common law that carries a potential maximum sentence of life imprisonment. While such a prosecution might be unlikely, it cannot yet be determined whether a criminal offence might have been committed. In any case, I suspect this will prove to be a career-ending scandal for Mr Danczuk.

asquith said...

Do you remember in Life of Brian where that bloke keeps being crucified and rescued every week?

Fat Centurion: Get a move on, there!
Wiseguy: Or what?
Fat Centurion: Or you'll be in trouble!
Wiseguy: Oh, dear. You mean I won't have to give up being
crucified in the afternoons?
Fat Centurion: Shut up!
Wiseguy: That would be a blow, wouldn't it? I wouldn't have
nothing to do!

Well, after Danksuck's downfall, are you left without nothing to do? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how we larfed.

And larfed.

And larfed.

And larfed.....

Arnold said...

"I was stupid & there's no fool like an old fool". Middle aged fool surely? He's only 49.

pete c. said...

I love his comment re the Sun piece:-

"not entirely accurate"

which can only mean that it is mostly accurate - otherwise different words certainly would have been used.

At the day's end, it is yet another sad echo of the decline of the public. And it is no good bleating on about nazis, fascists, neo-cons, whatever. Yes, there are a few of them around.

Most of these people though, don't have the where-with-all to be in those categories. They are closer to fraudsters and dilettante chancers who insist on proving the Peter Principle ad infinitum. But boy, do we suffer for it.

Ethel said...

He wouldn't even consider your flirtations when he sees my Willy.

AndyC said...

Is there anything of a private, or otherwise, sexual nature that the S*n doesnt find 'sick'?

Perspective said...

Page 3.

Why are MP's investigating or dealing with child abuse cases?

MP's are allowed to get involved in anything criminal case wise.

My own MP's assistant told me that.

Yet, I've seen others do it.

Not being disrespectful but with the amount of accusations levelled at some in politics, NONE of them should be investigating ANYTHING of the sort.

Neither should journalists.

Perspective said...


MP's 'are not' allowed to get involved in anything criminal case wise.

J said...

Some of the reports suggest that the S*n had this information for a few months... quietly waiting to release it when, I suggest, it would hide or deflect from other stories, and obviously damage both Danczuk (who cares, good riddance) and Jeremy Corbyn and Labour by implication.

Strange this now comes out when the report into the bankers bad behaviour has been shelved, Letwin is being berated for being a racist prick, Giddiot has again missed his targets and fucking things up worse than ever, and cronyisum is in the headlines (again!). Who knows what other stories have been pushed of the pages.

A very typical sting by the S*n and an important question is raised... did the S*n already have this information when the were allowing Danczuk to attack Jeremy Corbyn and deliberately withheld it to allow his articles to be published?

Glenghis said...

Don't be daft. The reason this has come out is because his ex-girlfriend went to the press when she found the texts on his phone. Which is why she is now his ex-girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Bloody idiot.
Even by Rochdale political standards this is bad.
The real disaster is that many of those who abused children in Rochdale and those who condoned or benefited from the child rapes have got the chance avoiding the heat by pointing to foolish Danczuk. They know who they are and will be toasting The Sun tonight. The rabid attempts of bitter failed businesmen, Militant members of the local Green party and Peace-niks headed by an aggressive cult leader have been attacking Danczuk for years but made little impact. In fact collectively they probably helped increase his majority at this year's general election.

Instead it was the Sun that did it. Oh the irony.

Perverts and their friends around Rochdale can breathe easy again.
Can certain priests and their friends hide behind the smokesceen?
Will certain freemasons and rotarians will be raising a glass?
Can certain businessmen keep on bunging.
Will certain former social workers who were caught out, years ago, screwing their vulnerable charges get away with it?
Will certain people who abused children from Knowl View school in Smith Street toilets be smiling tonight?

You couldn't make this up. Even certain amateur glamour photographers with a conservative bent but who secretly joined the Labour party are trying to have the moral high ground over Dirty Danczuk.

Anonymous said...

The "spanker" baton has been passed to yet another perverted Rochdale MP.
The town deserves much better than this

Anonymous said...

Who handed the texts over?
Those texts were private and only the two people involved had the rights to those texts.

He's not stupid and by the looks of the girls partaking, she has hung herself if she handed them over.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 31st December 21:42.


It wasn't the gobshite Scum. They jumped on the bandwagon.

Others like Tim Fenton had been drawing attention to Danczuk for years.

The Scum only got involved over this single incident. Even then, only because of the sex angle. Take a look at today's reproduced front page to see what a hypocritical mob of shitehawks own, write and edit that rag.

The Murdochs of this world produce nothing. They take.