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Monday 21 December 2015

Sun Cocaine Smear Busted

Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have decided that the grassroots group Momentum, which grew out of Jeremy Corbyn’s successful run for the Labour leadership, is A Very Bad Thing. So they dispatched hack Matt Quinton to a Momentum get-together at the Prince of Wales pub in Brixton to find something suitably scandalous, which, by the most fortunate of coincidences, he duly did.
Hard-Left Labour group in drug shame as Sun investigation finds coke in loos at Corbyn bash … EXCLUSIVE: Detection wipes showed tell-tale traces at Momentum Xmas party in Brixtonscreamed the headline. Had the Momentum membership and their hangers-on been lining up with their pal Charlie for a sniff? Well, while the Sun clearly wants its readers to believe that, Quinton’s story swiftly unravels.

TRACES of cocaine were found in toilets where a group of hard-Left Jeremy Corbyn supporters held a private Christmas party … The Sun used specialist detection wipes at the end of the boozy ticket-only pub event for around 100 members of the hardcore Momentum group … The swabs, used by police, came out in blue blotches, which mean the Class A drug was present. They are 95 per cent accurate” tells Quinton.

Do go on. “Only Momentum supporters were allowed into the £6-a-head arts fundraiser at the Prince of Wales in Brixton, South West London, including Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott”. Er, that’s not quite true, is it, Matt? Had that been the case, the Sun’s intrepid reporter would not have been there. Did Quinton turn out his pockets before he entered the bash to show that he himself was not carrying anything snortable?

The Sun might whinge long and loud in righteous protest, but without that proof, the claim in the article would not be admissible as evidence. And it gets worse: if this was an evening bash, how do we know that someone had not taken their stash and rolled-up tenner for a quick score during the lunchtime session? Come to think of it, how many toilets in central London do NOT show traces of cocaine?
Quinton would have to have demonstrated that the areas were free of the drug before the bash began. He didn’t. So he cannot pin his findings on Momentum, of whom the Sun sniffily concludes “Momentum declined to comment on our drug findings”. So what did Quinton do? He went to try and snitch Momentum to the main Labour Party press account (then he deleted the Tweet and thought nobody would notice).

Had Matt Quinton taken his “investigation” to the Met, he would have been laughed out of New Scotland Yard. He has proved no connection between Momentum and coke-sniffing. So there is no “drug shame”, only the shameful and crude smear administered by yet another principle-free taker of the Murdoch shilling. If he was so damn sure Charlie was being used, he should have called the cops and left if to them.

Why he might not have done so is something I will leave to readers to figure out.


rob said...

So Benji the Bin Man has been replaced by Matty the Swab Man? Is he a specialist with swabs in his pocket for every "event" he attends? These journos get around don't they? Does he know Mazar the Fake Sheikh and virtually fake everything else?

Didn't an innocent member of the public get fitted up with a drugs bust by someone from Southern Investigations once upon a time? I wonder which media company used them? No connection of course in this matter. Hmmm.................................

In your face! said...

When the Sun does an investigation what are the chances the result turns out what they expected?

Like they were honest at Leveson?

They didn't have to be 'honest' did they?
They were given a head start by being told they didn't have go reveal sources. (Piers Morgan interview).

See, the trouble is - and still remains, that very stupid (whether intentional or not) are tactics are allowed to go on which assists these idiots to become as 'powerful' as they have.
The police, the courts and intelligence have all sat back and watched a monster grow.

YOU ARE TO BLAME for not intercepting earlier.

You can all take your sniping shots at others for speaking but the fact remains that YOU all had a job to do. You failed but when consequence came knocking you couldn't react quick enough.
Not just in the media Mafia world but its happening on immigration too.

Don't you start complaining about criminal gangs running amok when you've added to the problem by letting more in.

Don't you fuc**** dare!!!

Anonymous said...

There's potential fun to be had in getting some of those cocaine detecting wipes and posting the results. How about testing the boozers around The Baby Shard whilst Sun "journalists" are present?

Anonymous said...

It's a strange line to take (if you'll pardon the pun)in attacking Momentum on these grounds. I wonder if this is some sort of attempt to deflect from the comments reported in the recent Mail on Sunday article that "....Elliott’s father Ray says his son told his parents he saw cocaine being snorted openly at a CWF event."

A bit like all the fuss over "threats" to deselect Labour MPs - the real bullying seems to be solidly Tory based.

Ain't that the truth! said...

Those drug wipes could be useful for testing chilcdcarers in authority.
We can't trust the law to give a shit.

rob said...

@ In your face!

"The police, the courts and intelligence have all sat back and watched a monster grow."

Well I would suggest that the police, the spooks and possibly legislators have all been compromised to a certain extent by information obtained by certain organisations who have used that information to their advantage.

Once corruption is allowed to start it will grow exponentially as greater numbers are caught in the net. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours syndrome kicks in (freemasons or not) as cover up breeds futher cover ups.

That is why Leveson part 2 is vital to restore, if possible, confidence in our institutions, although that will be difficult given our present corporate culture where it is apparent that anything that money and wealth can buy including (non)justice goes.

Anonymous said...

Never mind the boozers, test the bog seats in the employees and exec bogs in the Shard Fuhrer Bunker. Or any of the high rise slums in Canary Wharf.

Specifically, check out the Cole/Blaney/YBF gang. If all of them have steered clear of haha powder I'll eat my hat.

Actually, this is hugely funny because it shows just how desperate Murdoch's boot boys are getting.

But never mind. IPSO and Boot Boy Kavanagh will see justice done. Won't they.........?

Gonzoland said...

These swabs pick up minute traces of illegal drugs. If you've handled used bank notes recently, you'll test positive because most bank notes have been used for snorting or have been accepted by street dealers as payment.

Anonymous said...

I know what has gone on.

Leveson part 2?

What about Leveson part 1 being conducted FULLY.

Where was the Daniel Morgan case or Ji Dando or Diana deaths mentioned.

Fu*" Leveson. It was a very poor attempt to try and skim over what was going on.

It was not a full heartfelt commuted inquiry.

Where is the justice for those 3 high profile cases?

Sti lots of work to do.
Oh, yes. Conspiracy forums won't give people the truth. Just there to muddy the waters and a place for criminals to hide.
Not to mention the bullies who identify themselves as bloody journalists.
The law allows all of this. Then you see cases like Elliot Johnson.
The thinking in the minds of some is f*cked!

Their conclusions are that the royals are paedos and everyone is dead because of them.

These twats are birthing children ffs!
Keep them away from children.

When can we see them arrested for slander and libel?

They've left a long enough trail.

Anonymous said...

The top and tail of it is these idiots think they can dish the dirt on anything that shits, shakes and shines.

Meanwhile, they, take drugs, abuse people in multiple forms and blackmail and manipulate.

They shouldnt be upset when people tell them to FRO.

PS- Any intelligence agency that would even consider employing those losers should fall with them.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a laugh how the Scum uses the term "hard left" for anyone in democratic opposition - but never, ever, "hard right" for neocon ranting righties in the Bullingdon gang.

Now why would that be?

Stumpy said...

Maybe the Sun could try swabbing the bit of the front bench that Osborne sits on during PMQs