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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Simon Danczuk Bangladesh Hypocrisy

Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk gives every appearance of being on a mission to alienate anybody and everybody right now. At the weekend, with much of his constituency hit by the worst flooding in living memory, he absented himself for a date night with new girlfriend Claire Hamilton. The next day, she announced that she had dumped him, as well as spilling the beans on his alleged shortcomings.
Now, as the press homes in on the question of flood defences, and how they are paid for, Danczuk has decided to alienate yet more people - arguably, the ones who put him in power in the first place, then made sure he remained there after May’s General Election.
He has openly questioned the UK’s foreign aid budget, which, by the most fortunate of coincidences, chimes with the editorial stances of both the Sun and Daily Mail. Both titles have suggested that there is some kind of binary choice between aid to the developing world, and flood prevention, which there is not. Danczuk, ever keen to get his name in the papers, has obediently gone along with the idea.
There is, however, one potentially serious problem for Rochdale’s MP here: the only country he mentioned as an aid recipient was Bangladesh (although in 2014 that country was not even in the top five recipients), and it is the local Bangladeshi community that he has been so assiduous in courting in the recent past, to the extent that he spoke to a male-only meeting under the auspices of the Bangladesh National Party (BNP).
Danczuk has also met Khaleda Zia, the leader of the BNP, even thoughThe party has also been accused of turning a blind eye to the growth of militant Islamic extremism in the country and for allying itself with Islamic fundamentalist parties, such as the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, which had also opposed the independence of Bangladesh”. Khaleda Zia’s son has featured on an Interpol “red corner” notice: he is wanted by the authorities in Bangladesh on terrorism charges.
So for Simon Danczuk to speak at one of their meetings could be seen as both brave and controversial: from this it can be concluded that he set great store by securing the backing of the BNP, and much of the Bangladeshi community. But now he has told the Manchester Evening NewsDivert foreign aid cash to boost flood defences, Rochdale MP demands”, and gone rather further with free sheet Metro: “Why do we spend money in Bangladesh when it needs spending in UK”.
Why? Perhaps some of those who got him that increased majority last May will remember this most recent outburst and let him know exactly why at the next General Election. Last time round, Bangladesh was a top priority for Danczuk. He wanted everyone to know how much he cared about the country, its people, and its workers. Now, he wants to know why the Government, er, cares about Bangladesh, its people, and its workers.

With friends like Simon Danczuk, Rochdale’s Bangladeshi community needs no enemies.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was a Bangladeshi curry that Simon was so visibly enjoying on social media while his constituency was underwater?

Anonymous said...

We expect Dacre's and Murdoch's cowards to act the way they do. That is, attack the most vulnerable and easy target by spreading lies and far right propaganda.

But in a democracy an MP is supposed to be above all that.

Instead, Danczuk is below it. And by some distance.

Brian Higgy said...

This shitbag is quoted in the Guardian today criticizing Philip Dilley for being away in the Barbados during the floods. There's no mention of his night out in the article.

Anonymous said...

The well publicised spats with former Councillor Farooq Ahmed shed some light on Simon's political dealings with those with Bangladeshi heritage. The fissures caused by the infighting together with the back room dealing for votes and power could be very enlightening. There are some very shady characters involved in Rochdale politics. Simon's recent foot in mouth blunders could reveal more.

Anonymous said...

And still Simon Danczuk is Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bangladesh. I assume there is some monetary gain for this?

Anonymous said...

In addition to bobbing on his own electoral doorstep with a significant section of Rochdale voters of Bangladeshi heritage, Mr Danczuk's outburst about foreign aid suggests more than just a booze addled brain. Bangladesh hasn't been a major recipient of UK aid, especially for flood relief despite the major problems this low lying, delta dominated nation has to climate change.

But that is perhaps part of the reason why this shallow media obsessed chap gave such a ready Pavlovian response to the Murdoch and Daily Heil dog whistles. Euroscepticism and climate change denial go hand in hand. Mr Murdoch has been playing interesting power politics in the Indian subcontinent. Bangladesh may be a target of ire for the dirty digger and his minions.

Step forward a tired and emotional, attention seeking politician who who rather be quoted in the high circulation nationals and fawn for embarrassing selfies than actually get his feet wet with his flooded constituents.

Simon, here is some friendly advice - book yourself into the Priory for a selfie and booze detox. Treat yourself to a colonic irrigation to purge yourself of right wing media dependency whilst your at it. You are starting to look foolish pal. Go on the doorstep and ask he public if you doubt this.

Pull yourself together and start doing the job you were voted in for.

Glenghis said...

Time for Simon to resign. It's not as if he hasn't been working on alternative modes of employment since the summer, anyway.