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Thursday 10 December 2015

The Sun Says Look Over There

[Update at end of post]

As investigations into the Tory Party’s bullying scandal have revealed that several of those potentially involved have been seriously economical with the actualité, along with the news of Grant “Spiv” Shapps’ leadership ambitions, more evidence of entryism at work behind the scenes, and the presence of a Freemasons’ Lodge for good measure, some news sources have decided that their readers should instead “look over there”.
The Most Worshipful Master Harry Cole: an utter and total shit

And where they should look is to Tory Party chairman Andrew Feldman, as today’s Sun has decreed. If only Young Dave were to sack Feldman, with whom he goes back rather a long way, all would be well. This, needless to say, is not merely simplistic: it is total and utter bullshit. Worse, the urging is coming from those who need to explain their own roles in the scandal, and whose interests they are serving.

The Sun’s article, “CAM TOLD: SACK TORY BOSS CHUM”, is another freshly steaming pile of bovine by-product from its alleged “Westminster Correspondent” Harry Cole, longstanding friend of Mark Clarke, who, despite his robust denials of wrongdoing, remains at the centre of the bullying saga. Cole claims he fell out with Clarke in July last year, but the following month they were pictured, all smiles, at a cricket match together.
Cole's latest effort at deflection

Moreover, Cole’s recent revelations have included items of Clarke’s personal correspondence, which can only have come from the recipient. On top of that, Cole has been identified as a Freeemason, and member of Phoenix Lodge No 173, the same Lodge as Clarke and Young Britons’ Foundation head man Donal Blaney. None of this has been disclosed to Sun readers. Nor have a number of other facts.

While Cole cites a shadow cabinet member approvingly - a sure sign of desperation on his part - and attempts to suggest that his campaign has the backing of Elliott Johnson’s father Ray, he does not let readers know that he dedicated his Dolphin Award from the YBF to Clarke. He does not let readers know that he was not just a personal friend of Clarke, but a family friend as well, nor that he was a cheerleader for Clarke at the Guido Fawkes blog.
Harry Cole (front centre) and Mark Clarke (front right) a month after they "fell out". Go figure

On top of the non-disclosure - that means the flagrant conning of Sun readers - Cole does not tell that disposing of Feldman would take the heat off his pals, and rather a lot of those pals are feeling that heat right now. Apart from Blaney, whose interview on LBC with his old friend Iain Dale was a masterpiece in blame shifting, there is Paul Abbott, Shapps’ former chief of staff. And Cole’s pals at the Fawkes blog. And Emma Pidding.

There is no mention of Clarke’s hatchet man André Walker, whom Elliott Johnson felt had betrayed him. No mention of all the other acolytes revealed by investigations by the Mail On Sunday, Independent, Guardian, and Byline Media. No, for the Most Worshipful Master Cole, it is all about Andrew Feldman. But the swamp that urgently needs draining is elsewhere. Which suggests Cole is being less than totally honest.

But then, Harry Cole and honesty never did get on too well. So no change there, then.

[UPDATE 1300 hours: Cole's campaign to "Get Feldman" has become noticeably more shameless during the morning, as a perusal of his Twitter feed demonstrates.
"Quite extraordinary intervention from Boles here as part of No10's #SaveFeldman operation. All big bad BBC. Pah ... Close Cameron ally has cheek to call holding the Tory party to account an 'injustice'" he moaned plaintively.
"No 10 insiders have accused the media and Tory activists of a 'get Feldman' mentality [!] ... PM orders all round defence of his close political ally and tennis partner" whined Mark Clarke's long time friend and fellow member of the Funny Handshake Brigade (tm).
"Tories start war with BBC to #SaveFeldman. Really sub par dead cat strategy" bleated the clown who reveres Lynton Crosby, before having to resort to quoting a Labour MP: "Lab's @JonAshworth: 'Rather than plotting co ordinated save Feldman operation - snr Cons would be better forcing him to answer serious Qs'".

Master Cole, rather than banging on about Feldman when the Tories are not listening, would be better advised not to bring too much attention on his shameless spinning. But good of him to tell anyone who does not yet know just whose corner he is in]


Anonymous said...

"... the flagrant conning of Sun readers..."

That'll be the usual function of Scum propaganda clerks. Problem is, both they and their "readers" believe all that shite. The gullible dopes.

Wouldn't it be great if - just for once - the clerks could find the balls to pursue the Freemasonry connections to their very roots. The same applies to the fascists in Opus Dei and any other far right loony secret society.

It'd be great too if one of the Scum journos managed to find enough guts to blow a whistle or two.

With all the bullshit, lies and cowardice flying around it's easy to forget a young man is dead because of the disgusting culture these people have created. Instead, the perpetrators are engaged in hysterical finger pointing at each other, while the propaganda clerks gloat over who gets the "exclusive." Actually, it's merely par for the usual course of corruption and degeneracy.

It'll go on and get worse until someone finds the courage to break the vicious circle. But the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn shows how hard that's going to be at all levels of what passes for our far right "culture."

So get ready for yet more hypocrisy and lies all the way up to Downing Street, Parliament, then down to "news"papers and broadcast news. It isn't as though there hasn't been enough warnings over the years. And our own breed of gutless liars have the cheek to talk of "democracy" to other nations.

Pass the sick bag, Alice, as someone once said.

Anonymous said...

Feldman knows all about Cole. Lawyers from other firms have briefed him.

Anonymous said...

Going up in the world. How's Cole's suet pudding Mephedrone spiker pal?