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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Don’t Menshn You’re A Liar

As it becomes clear that she refuses to cease her obsessive attacks on anyone who posts a dissenting view on the Tim Hunt saga, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch has continued to accuse those dissenters not merely of being wrong, but of being liars. Connie St Louis, David Colquhoun, Dan Waddell, Deborah Blum, Sue Nelson and many others have been loudly and unreservedly accused using the L-Word.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

What those thus accused may not know is that lying is something Ms Mensch not only likes to talk about, but practices herself, not that she is about to admit it. Moreover, her tendency to lying has in the recent past veered over the defamation line on at least two occasions, with her saviour being the unfeasibly large pile of money upon which she is perched in her reassuringly upmarket Manhattan exile.
On top of that, Ms Mensch likes to threaten others, but as with so many of the overmonied right, is of less than perfect courage when it comes to following the hot air with any substance. So it was that in December last year she declared that she was going to sue journalist and playwright Peter Jukes over his forthrightly expressed opinion that she had misused her position as an MP. No legal action was forthcoming.
This was as I said at the time (Ms Mensch also declared that she would be including my name on “the suit”, and that never came to pass either). Now, with a year passed, her bluster is out of time. She is a busted flush. But the worst example of her tendency to defamatory dishonesty came when she accused two individuals of hacking. Her claims were a pack of lies from start to finish. But she still made them.
The lesser of the accusations - although it was, and remains, deeply defamatory - was made against the Press Gang Twitter feed, believed to be controlled by Paddy French. He has asked Ms Mensch for the address of her lawyer; she became, for once, silent. Meanwhile, she accused the man otherwise known as Joe Public of rather worse: “Jpublik is a hacker who hacked the security cameras of my home … to stalk me”.
There was more, as she told James Doleman “He hacked the security camera system on my family home, James, and posted a photo of me on my steps … be REALLY interesting if you know this man's real name … I'm quite serious. He hacked the security cameras on my family home do you know who he is”. He did no such thing; when challenged to put the Police report online, Ms Mensch once more became silent.
So Connie St Louis, David Colquhoun, Dan Waddell, Deborah Blum, Sue Nelson and all the others whom Ms Mensch has castigated as liars should not worry about her comments doing them any significant damage, not when the author of those comments is prone to the most egregious lies herself, along with an inability to ‘fess up and withdraw when she gets it wrong. Louise Mensch has no room to call liar on anyone else. Ever.

And remember folks, they allowed her to become an MP. That’s the scariest part.


Anonymous said...

I won't comment on Mensch because I don't know but I do agree that there are people getting in to positions that they SHOULDN'T.

Until it is recognised and something is done, it will NEVER change.

If they want to remove the thorns in their sides like Guido, they know what they MUST do.
Besides people like Guido, those in power have a DUTY to address it and make sure it isn't possible in the future.

One more tip - Whilst those in positions of authority use tactics to discredit people who call you out, you need to remember, you need to convince more than just them.

People take shit for simply expressing concern. We all do. What victims shouldnt endure is anonymous sniping from people who have no guts. Not only that but they could get it very wrong. I suppose their anonymity will protect them?

Why should it?

You are no better than those who issue death threats then call foul when it happens to them.

This is another problem that will keep happening unless something is done.

Anonymous said...

Funny, that.

I recall when Piers Moron called HER out to repeat her lies outside parliamentary privilege......she, er, "fell silent."

Which makes her not just a liar, but a coward too.

Her behaviour is yet more evidence that neocons are getting worse and more desperate.

Sooner or later they all trip over the truth. Ask Letwin and Jonathan Aitken.

Anonymous said...

The same Piers Morgan who may believe British intelligence bump off royal princes Mother?


More like convenient look over here tactics.

Piers said something along these lines... "Whats the point of intelligence if they don't kill people?"
He actually "Laughed out Loud".


Anonymous said...

Hackers should receive same treatment as terrorists.
Very lengthy jail sentences.

Recently read a story of a terrorist who only plotted and got 'life' in jail.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about "British intelligence"? It's an oxymoron anyway. That gang at Vauxhall Cross are the same knob heads who infiltrated environmental groups and other harmless protesting democrats.

Morgan and UnterMensch deserve each other. But that isn't the point.

The point is the hypocritical lies on display. In Mensch's case it's standard issue. Which is why Tim Fenton posted this blog.

Prince Philip said...

Tim, the stuff you publish is consistently interesting, relevant, rational and to the point. The comments on here, however, seem always to be led by one contributor who displays none of these qualities. It devalues your own efforts and makes it easier for your targets to discount them.

Prince Harry said...

Piss off, Granddad.

Anonymous said...

Who elected "Prince" Philip and "Prince" Harry?

Who pays them?

What do they DO for a living?

How can we get rid of them?

Anonymous said...

I give a shit about intelligence.

They can stop all of the evil that has dominated societies for long enough.

Those who joined them deserve all they get.
Quite sad to see people loathing media, yet, expect them to be their salvation.

No doubt they are looking in here, good. We want them to.

I don't give a 'shit' what games or schemes they have because I know there is a bigger one that they can't do anything about!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 16:19.

Given who runs and thieves off our society, "British intelligence"* hasn't exactly done a bang up job with "the evil that has dominated societies" has it?

On the other hand it HAS done a bang up job for those same people.

*That is, the "British intelligence services" who have helped bring about the near-disintegration of democracy and who helped instigate illegal wars and mass murders, hand in glove with the CIA loonies. And no doubt have files on anybody who opposes them and their paymasters. The Spies Who Can't Come In From The Cold Because They Need It To Exist. Seedy spooks the lot of them - guilty until proved innocent.