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Thursday 17 December 2015

Lucy Allan - 3 Strikes, You’re Out

While the Tory Bullying scandal rumbles on, a sideshow event has been, shall we say, developing for a few days now, as Lucy Allan, who won Telford from Labour in May, has exhibited signs not merely of disintegrating credibility, but equally, disintegrating trust with her local party and those who work for her. The question now has to be asked whether she is really cut out for this sort of role.
The manner of the disintegration is straightforward enough: last week, Ms Allan “revealed” that she had received a death threat, submitting as evidence a message left by another Facebook user which ended with the phrase “unless you die”. But there was, as Captain Blackadder might have observed, only one thing wrong with this idea - it was bollocks. That other user produced his original message. There was no death threat.

So Ms Allan had added those three words to invent a threat that had not been made, which was bad enough. But it soon got worse, as she appeared before the inquisition of the media to tell that yes, she had added the words, but that these came from another message, which did make a real death threat. That message has so far proved elusive.

That was embarrassing enough, but what came next was far worse. Last Sunday, she posted a video to her Facebook page in which she blamed others - activists in her own constituentcy - for her problems. “Weird week: tiny handful of people making disproportionate noise on social media. They are not part of any constructive political process, where we disagree, but always put people first” she told.

Alas, such was her confidence in this missive that it was soon deleted. But sadly for Ms Allan, it was not deleted soon enough, and as the excellent Pride’s Purge blog has pointed out, it can still be viewed in all its toe-curling nastiness. In the video, she tells that those who object to her stance “do not represent Telford. They are not Telford”. Zelo Street understands that Ms Allan lives in Wandsworth, so it seems neither is she.

Could it get any worse? You betcha, says Sarah: the Evening Standard has obtained a number of voicemail messages, which, for Tory Party supporters, do not make for easy listening. “A new bullying row hit the Conservative Party today after one of its MPs was accused of ‘vicious’ verbal abuse against members of her own staff”, they tell.

It gets worse: “In phone calls heard by the Standard, Lucy Allan rants at a female staffer on sick leave - describing her absence as ‘pathetic’, telling her she ‘pissed around on my life’ and accusing her of having an ‘alcohol problem’”. The staffer says she does not drink. And it gets yet worse: “The MP for Telford threatens to sack the young woman if she takes four weeks off, as advised by her doctor”. Oh dear!

Were I one of Ms Allan’s constituents, the thought of her being in post for another four and a half years would impress me not one bit. Her continued presence will only damage the Tories and make it more and more certain that she will be rejected by her electorate at the next General Election. So how about it, Dave? Show some backbone and bin her.

And someone in the Tory Party might explain why so many of these problem characters come out of just two areas in London - Wandsworth and Hammersmith & Fulham.


Andy McDonald said...

Cobbling together two messages from different people to make one death threat? Oh dear. It's a bit like a section in a Dilbert book where the author points out that any bog-standard message can have words and letters removed until all that's left is 'I kill nurses'. Well, technically you wrote all those letters down but...

Now to 'do a Lucy Allan' on the above message...

Co me p r a I s e h i t le rs re i ch. There. It's true. I obviously typed it.

Arnold said...

The Mail has the story now.

Andrew_S_Hatton said...

The bigger issue is not merely the Tel ford Conservative's inability to select a candidate capable of sustaining the job of an MP but the fact that Cameron, before he was initially appointed PM said that he would introduce a recall system - that clearly is what is needed here - let the constituents decide whether enough of them think she should be dismissed as a representative and then there can be a by-election if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Fulham.......

Says it all really, don't you think?

There are only three worse shitholes on the face of this planet: Highbury, Tottenham and Croydon.

That cold, polluted ghetto inside the M25 produces the worst Nastzis in the country. Allan's just the latest version. There'll be more, especially while the Bullingdon hoods are leading the mafia. Bullying is the least - and most predictable - of their twisted DNA.

A Kelly said...

And I thought we were hard done by in Mid Beds...

Anonymous said...

Poor old Cameron.

I bet his successor - likely Bullingdon Georgy Gideon - doesn't make the same "mistake" and haul the Murdochs and Dacre to public accountability.

Cameron's the REAL target now and everyone knows it, including himself.

Meanwhile, Dacre's toe rags and Murdoch's boot boys will do exactly what they're told to do......keep at him, even at the expense of ignoring Corbyn for the moment. That's what trained dogs are for.

It's what the News of the Screws was for before it was put to sleep.

Professor Plum said...

'Cameron's the REAL target now and everyone knows it, including himself'

What are the police waiting for?

Still watching them all?

This is too big for the police. It is more for intelligence HQ.

Police shouldn't investigate politicians solely.

That is why the current mess exists.